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Check out this really useful mag with many great insightful articles to read and gain some valuable advice from.

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We Need Your Vote for our Aviva Community Project Fund!

We have had a project approved to help provide our programme with the aim to deliver more services to members. We want to enhance the learning of our members by providing some 1-2-1 personal coaching to help focus and set the goals, whilst benefiting from the main programme.

However, to win this donation, we need to win votes to make this happen.

Voting is open as of 1 May and you can vote here:

The more support our project gets, the better our chances are of securing funding and note that everyone you tell can cast 10 votes!

So do please take a look at the site, vote and tell someone else about it and ask them to vote 10 times :-)

Please share this via Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ or other social media channels or of course please share it via the website links in an email.

We have circa 40 people attend our sessions each week and we know that with greater confidence, clarity of mind and focus on their goals, more people can secure work more quickly.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Very interesting article and one that I can relate to as we are a business-focused organisation and keen to engage with the business for mutual benefit.

We often receive feedback from our members about how much better our service is to traditional "outplacement" that to me is outdated and needs reform to meet changing business needs.

However, many organisations seem to be set in, this is the way to do business but when you factor this thinking with the results of Ford and Deloitte you may want to consider the wider commercial and employee benefits.

"At the offices of Deloitte, who serves you coffee? Who provides the quality, recycled paper? The answer: outsourced social enterprises, businesses with a social purpose, brought in deliberately to promote broader values through procurement. About six per cent of the procurement budget is earmarked for this. I don’t know the size of their CSR spending, but I bet it’s less than six per cent of procurement!"

Providing 'job transition services' is something we'd be very interested in talking to businesses about and I'm sure a number of social enterprise 'competitors' would too!

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Today, we celebrate our 4th year in service! I recall the day when all
the pieces came together:

• some coaches to help run a programme
• development of a quarterly programme
• somewhere to run the sessions 

Eventually, to gain the confirmation that we had been provided our first location at the Innovation Centre in Basing View, which had to be signed up on 1 April 2011.

My initial thoughts were, it was 1 April offering a free community service with expert coaches, no one would believe it!

We launched to our first group of 4 people and a wide group of our very first supporters, coaches and presenters with representatives from Basingstoke Council.

Moving on 4 years, we are quite a different position:

• became a registered charity on 2 April 2014
• have supported over 330 people back to work
• 21 people have secured work this year so far
• circa 40 attendees at our sessions each week
• since Jan 15, we have had 464 members attend our sessions
• we have also seen 50 new people join the M3 Job Club
• have circa 1000 people on our system
• moved location in April 2014
• people attend from circa 50 mile radius
• won the first ever Community Project Award 2014 at the Place To Be Proud of Awards last year

All of this was without any funding or grants but there is so much more to do and due to demand we have upped our focus on securing the future of the M3 Job Club as a key service to the community.

We have received some donations from key organisations such as De La Rue and Basingstoke council amongst donations from former members and through other fundraising activities. 

We are keen to engage with more local businesses to seek sponsorship but also work together to support the local economy through seeking local people for employment. 

We are pleased to say, we have just been awarded a grant from the council that will help towards paying for our location over the next 3 years, which in turn supports another charitable organisation.

We are humbled and grateful to our members for their wonderful comments during their amazing journeys of how much the M3 Job Cub means to them and has played a part in their journeys back to work.

It just leaves me to thank all our brilliant trustees past and present, our invaluable partners, supporters and wonderful volunteers for their commitment and passion, helping to make this an enjoyable and invaluable community service.

Thank You

Happy New Year to One and All

May I take this opportunity to wish all our alumni, current members, coaches, presenters, local businesses and all those who have helped make the M3 Job Club such a great success, a Very Happy New Year.

The passion and commitment shown by those who have consistently helped to deliver our programme has been phenominal so thank you all so much for your kind donation of your time.

Our new year programme starts off with job strategy so a great time after the Festive break to get the head back into a serious plan for achieving your main objective, a job!

We look forward to working with many other businesses in the community and supporting yet more people back into work into 2015.

Happy New Year

Yesterday, we acheived a significant milestone, helping support 300 people back to work.

We're delighted that many people have acheived success & we've had the pleasure of giving hope, build confidence & enable people to realise their potential.

For the many we've met & those we've yet to meet, the journey of being out of work can be an opportunity & daunting but by enabling people to come together, network & share experiences, makes you realise you're not alone!

With encouragement to learn tools & techniques in a coaching-led environment, can help open the doors of opportunity of your choice!

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The video from the Place to be Proud of Awards 2014 is now available to the see the many great people of the area who have contributed to making where we live that bit better for the community.

We were indeed proud to have been selected n a new category for the awards, Community Project, and thank those involved to helping us to be recognised for supporting those people who need the support on their journey back to work.

See more here: 

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Our thanks to the De La Rue Charitable Trust for recognising the value we offer to the community and deciding to support us to help secure our future and continue to help more people. 

We'd love to work with more businesses and am more than happy to arrange a time for you to attend to experience it for yourself!

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Basingstoke, Friday 22 August 2014: The M3 Job Club received a donation of £1,000 from the De La Rue Charitable Trust, which will help towards securing the future of the M3 Job Club and continue to support the wider community.

The aim of the De La Rue Charitable Trust is to provide financial support in the form of small donations to help address issues such as relief of suffering, educational support and development and self-sufficiency promotion. Although resources are limited the Trust tries to assist a range of charities. 

Amanda Wiltshire, trustee said: “The De La Rue Charitable Trust chose to make a donation to the M3 Job Club in recognition of the valuable local support it provides to help unemployed adults help themselves to get back to work. It relies heavily on the goodwill of volunteers and supporting companies and we feel that the money donated by De La Rue can make a real difference to the charity”.

The M3 Job Club takes a business-led, coaching approach to guide members, who already have enough people telling them what to do, to help them retake control of their employment situation. It supports professionals in the North Hampshire, and surrounding regions, who are going through redundancy, or similar transition, as they source their next role. The aim is to equip members with the confidence and skills to secure their next role and for the Job Club to be a recognised talent pool of choice for local businesses so that it promotes employment opportunities and connects members to businesses.

Richard Thayer, Chairman and Founder of the M3 Job Club said: “We are extremely grateful to the De La Rue Charitable Trust for this donation in recognition of the work from many local volunteers and businesses that have helped make this programme a success. Due to this success, we are in need of, for the first time, funding to ensure the longer term future of the Job Club, starting with securing our location. With a conversion rate of ~1.6 people back to work each week, we would love to be able to implement our plans to see this increase.

To do that we will work more closely with local businesses providing the opportunity to spot experienced, skilled local talent right on their doorstep and drawn in from neighbouring Counties. We are working to secure donations and sponsorship so that we have a win-win-win outcome for businesses, the Job Club and ultimately for those seeking their next role”.

For further information:

Rob Hutchison
Group Director of Communications, De La Rue
Tel: +44 (0) 1256 605018

Richard Thayer
Chairman & Founder, M3 Job Club
Tel: 0844 8027562

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Another great insight from the perspective of a member. Picking up on the point about the abundance of knowledge, there is a great opportunity to learn more, for free by attending this event, "Business information opportunities: making a real difference and impact -
Know Your Excellence as You Ride the Waves of Change by Helen Cresswell, 8 Aug 2014.  Session appreciation by James Wong.
Major life changes may fall upon anyone at anytime during one's life-time.  Bereavement, employer company changes, job loss, loss of identity, etc.  Waves of change was a metaphor which may be visualised as a roller coaster wave of changes crashing on with major upheavals. 
Helen described the various human reactions and emotional states of mind, from the initial impact, over a period of time, to later conclusion.  This was shown on the Kubler Ross transition curve of self-esteem over time.  Audience members recognised the emotional states and reactions as Helen described the change of states along the transition curve.
Helen also highlighted the impact of major uncontrolled changes and how these related to biological emotive feelings.  Emotions were real and powerful.  Being alert and astute to the state of mind could make the difference of well being or otherwise. 
Helen broached this with the theme of mindfulness.  Here is how I viewed the subject.  Members are most welcome to add their views on this discussion thread.
One needs to re-visit the roots from our early days when we were taught and programmed with ideals, attitude and beliefs.  These had strongly influenced our character, strengths and traits.  However overly strong features may be overturned to weaknesses, leading to the shadow side.
De-cluttering and clearing off old and irrelevant thoughts is a start.  A clear and free mindset is better equipped to face the immediate situation.   Hence the saying - manage the echoes, the inner voice which creeps up now and then to hold us back. 
Life changes and challenges are upon us constantly, like it or not.  Technology, knowledge and education are abundantly around us. We are more knowledgeable than our predecessors.  It leaves one to make best use on what we know, what we learn or re-learn, and adapt to immediate environment.
What can be used to get into the swing of mindfulness?  One may explore further here, as this ranged from exercises and practices, touching on meditation, yoga, breathing, shut off from the mindless thoughts with activities, slowing down and clearing the mind.     
What benefits may be derived with mindfulness?  Better focus and attention to the present and not bogged down by baggage from the past.  This allows one to focus, to know our excellence, and build resilience by setting our minds free to explore productively. 
Mindfulness may prepare one to be more readily onto the starting blocks of familiar ground.  In the maze looking for cheese, how to prepare and present oneself in difficult interview situations, to love an interview situation, or to meet, introduce and get known by networking, in real life or with social media (LinkedIn) online....... 
There was a lot more that could be discussed and learnt.   Time constraint restricted the event session to a whizz tour.   
The presentation concluded with the following Einstein quotations:
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
The presentation was cheerfully and enthusiastically delivered.  Fully received and appreciated by the audience.
Thanks Helen.
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