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M2SYS Technology
Multi-modal biometric identification management technology for integration and enterprise applications.
Multi-modal biometric identification management technology for integration and enterprise applications.

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Biometric cash cow

Last week, I found an interesting company: Aware inc. It’s a $100 million market cap company. via +ValueWalk

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Biometrics and Privacy in 2015

As the adoption rate is increasing worldwide, biometrics and privacy concerns are maintaining a delicate balance with each other.

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Biometrics and Automobiles: Looking to the Future

How soon can we expect to see biometrics as a mainstream identification and security solution for automobiles?

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Fingerprint scanning is coming to Chromebooks

Speculate no more. Google is actively working on a fingerprint unlock feature for Chrome OS. via +PCWorld

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Calling All Guest Bloggers - Submit Your Article on Biometric Technology

M2SYS Technology is seeking quality guest blog posts on biometric technology. Please contact us if you are interested!

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Biometrics and Access Control on the Move: A New Era

The biometric identification management technology is evolving to allow access control on the fly.

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Biometric Time Clock for Accountability and Productivity

A biometric time clock allows your business to increase employee accountability and productivity, save payroll expenses, and improve profitability.

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High-Speed Biometric Matching and De-Duplication

Bio-Hyperserver™ is a high-performance, multi-biometric matching system that is designed for fast 1:N biometric identification of large databases.

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Biometric Technology in Cars: An Introduction to the Future

The development of technology in cars has been growing at an exponential rate in the last decade, millions of cars already have some form of biometric technology installed.

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Partnership Brings Biometrics to Patient Matching System

RightPatient's biometric patient identification technology is being integrated into Verato's patient matching solution. via +FindBiometrics
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