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Les photos de Skarra Mucci par On The Roots sont disponibles sur notre site internet :

#SkarraMucci #HalleW #OnTheRoots

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Remember ! If you didn't listen to the Freaks Mixtape Vol.4 is your time now ! This mixtape is all about all urban dancehall/trap music.

#freaks   #mixtape   #dancehall   #electro   #trap   #futuredancehall   #soundcloud   #mix   #free  
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Souvient toi ! La nouvelle mixtape de l'artiste dancehall King Youth est toujours disponible en libre téléchargement sur notre soundcloud. 

La première mixtape "Evolution" réunit tout les plus gros hits de l'artiste au cours des dernières années !

#kingyouth   #kingyuth   #evolution   #mixtape   #dancehall   #soca   #reggae  

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Remember, the new mixtape of the Swiss artist, King Youth is still avalaible on free download !

More on :

#dancehall   #kingyouth   #kingyuth   #gcsound   #soundcloud  

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The new videoclip from Cali P is now out ! It was shoot and recorded in Jamaica.

#calip   #unitedwestand   #hemphigher   #youtube  

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The last video of the famous dancehall gear aka Yard Gear is now out ! Take a seat and enjoys that recap of the Summerjam 2015 in Cologne - Germany.

#yardgear   #summerjam   #yardcrew   #youtube   #clothes  

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Check the latest hit comedy from Jamaica - Spartacus (Yaadicus)

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G.C Sound is proud to presents the brand new mixtape from King Youth - Evolution Mixtape.

Sponsored by Yard Gear :

Tracklist :

1 | Intro - King Youth
2 | Tell Me How You Like It - King Youth (Prod by Hemp Higher)
3 | Till A Mawning - King Youth - (Prod by Deekah)
4 | Slow Wine - King Youth - (Prod by Y-Not)
5 | Hot Guiness - King Youth (Prod by Dezod)
6 | Styles Nuff - King Youth (Prod by Deekah)
7 | Go Tell Em (Remix) - King Youth
8 | Thief Gal - King Youth (Prod by Mafio House)
9 | Fee Fi Fo - King Youth (Prod by Street Team)
10 | Bad So We Grow - King Youth (Prod by Sp Music)
11 | Freestyle (Remix) - King Youth 
12 | African Spice - King Youth (Prod by Y-Not)
13 | Model Pon A Gyal - King Youth (Prod by Y-Not)
14 | Dearstyle - King Youth
15 | Ram It Up (Remix) - King Youth 
16 | Nah Guh Skylark - King Youth (Prod by Y-Not & Lord Crazy)
17 | Gardes Pon Me - King Youth (Prod by Y-Not)
18 | Group Up - King Youth & Raker (Prod by Y-Not)
19 | Shed Champagne - King Youth (Prod by Y-Not & Rumble)
20 | Grab On - King Youth (Prod by Y-Not & Lord Crazy)
21 | Johny (Remix) - King Youth
22 | Revolution - King Youth (Prod by Monkey Freakz)
23 | Cyan Hold Wi Down (Remix) - King Youth
24 | Light It Up (Remix) - King Youth
25 | Road Runner - King Youth (Prod by Badzilla)
26 | Stand Upright - King Youth (Prod by King Youth)
27 | Mama Want - King Youth & Caldhino (Prod by Lyrical War)
28 | Hustling Daily - King Youth (Prod by Dream Maker)
29 | Money Mi Afta - King Youth & Bramma (Prod by Y-Not)

#kingyouth   #artist   #dancehall   #geneva   #switzerland   #deekah   #hemphigher   #ynot   #lyricalwar   #kingyuth  

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Do you know the freaks mix ? It's a concept between Dancehall-Trap and Caribbean Music mixed in a one hour long mix. Check it !

Freaks ->
Freaks 2 ->
Freaks 3 ->
Freaks 4 ->

#mixtape   #freaks   #futurdancehall   #electro   #trap   #gcsound

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