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okay people in my BC Circles...

Did you know that they don't have a return recycle program in Manitoba like ours here in BC?

Yep that is correct! You can't make any money on recycle in Manitoba other then on Beer bottles...

Now that is wrong on so many other leveles...but the one that is bothering me today is that The Forget Me Not Pancreatic Cancer Network is having a bottle drive next week in Winnipeg and all they can get money for is beer bottles...

In BC, we can get coin for almost any thing we drink out of...

So how about we help them out! Looking for a few ideas to organize a bottle drive next weekend...


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Added my profile to the Google+ directory #139819

So Ms +Madison Zyluk had a bit of a cookie here is a recipe to save the day...

Crush up the cookies...
add 1/2 cup icing sugar and 1/2 cup butter...(soft)
mix it up and press into a pie plate
pop it in oven at 350 for about 5 mins

1 tub cool whip
16oz cream cheese (the hard kind)
lemon juice...(1 lemon)
2 tbls icing sugar
mix it all up and add it to the cooled pie crust

so depending on the type of cookies, you can flavor the filling to go with the add chocolate chips if the cookies where chocolate chip...etc

how important is it to have a full profile for all your social media?
1. I don't follow people that don't tell where they are...if you live in "the world" your scope is way to big for me...
2. let me know what you do for a living...give me a better idea what to talk to you about...
3. if this was not virtual, and we met at a networking meeting...and I asked you what you did and where you lived...would you say to me "Guess?"?

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Win An Angry Birds Plushy!

We're giving a super cute Angry Birds Plushy to someone who has us in a circle on G+. Winning is easy.


#1 Reply to this Post or Comment on this image (The Orginal, not a shared post) with the words "The Future Is Plushy" and the first place you'd visit if you could time travel.

#2 Add me "Podsmiths Network" to one of your circles

#3 Share This Post To A Circle & The Public

We'll announce the winner at the beginning of our Paradox Today ( podcast this Monday. You have until Sunday (2pm EST). Good Luck!

I am not saying you have to add me to your would be nice, but like twitter...don't ask me to follow you...if you are not going to bother following me back

got my first spam "add me" this morning

+Scott Dawson so this is like a mention

So this is my first "Public" post...this is going to take me a bit of getting used to when it comes to setting the "limits" of who I post to...
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