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What I really wanted tonight was the smell of salt air and the sound of the surf...
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Ooooooooh!!! that put me there.....Wow colors and shadows!!!
"What I really wanted tonight was the smell of salt air and the sound of the surf..."
No alcohol?
And you painted a seascape sunset over our sleepy eyes.
Perfect image to take into my dreams tonight. :)
You've captured that intangible beach feel. Wow, Lynne. We can touch it...
Oh! And - just because I'm really proud of having gotten up early that day - this is the moment right before sunrise... Seriously, the next shot has the sun peeking over the horizon. I'm a night owl, but early morning light is incredible.
Oh my, this is wonderful. I want to hear and smell it, too :)
Oh yes. I feel this way often. There is just something about the sea. :)
Reminds me of the beach cities in L.A. One of my past Heavens.
You did good.
looks like my place in Cebu, Philippines,
its defently not margate
+Rose Brownadut ~ Thank you!
+Pankaj Bhatnagar ~ Thanks. It's a lovely place.
+Robert Smith ~ There's nothing like the beach, is there? City or no. This is a quiet beach in Eastern NC. You can watch the sunrise and set over the water there b/c the shoreline runs almost east/west.
Lynne Goodwin, Don't forget post any the new one.I 'll be seeing . Awesome!
take it you live by the sea so do i
fantastic so warm and dreamy...
Really Beautiful No word To Explin
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