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In my latest blog I discuss the viral-video by Prof Richard Wolff about why the middle class lost ground... since wages were decoupled from rising productivity in the 1970s. Watch it! Also, get your SCUDDER IN 2012bumper sticker! Probably the most efficient political statement you could make.Tasty, ironic, thought-provoking... and science-fictional!
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... and from recent post in linkedin mainframe discussion Has anyone successfully migrated off mainframes?

technical debt can also be taken as infrastructure maintenance (or lack there of) ... corporate america has developed a long tradition of deferring maintenance and using funds to boost executive compensation.

quote attributable to Volker from Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President pg290

Well, I said, 'The trouble with the United States recently is we spent several decades not producing many civil engineers and producing a huge number of financial engineers. And the result is s**tty bridges and a s**tty financial system!'

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the discussion sort of started out chicken&egg ... no infrastructure projects results in not hiring civil engineers which contributes to disappearing civil engineering programs
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