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Fair Seas and Following Wind John McCain

Keating Five

William K. Black

It was Black who accused then-house speaker Jim Wright and five US Senators, including John Glenn and John McCain, of doing favors for the S&L's in exchange for contributions and other perks. The senators got off with a slap on the wrist, but so enraged was one of those bankers, Charles Keating -- after whom the senate's so-called "Keating Five" were named -- he sent a memo that read, in part, 'get Black -- kill him dead.' Metaphorically, of course. Of course."

... snip ...

note also: VP and former CIA director repeatedly claims no knowledge of
because he was fulltime administration point person deregulating financial industry ... creating S&L crisis
along with other members of his family
and another

This century, another family member then presides over the economic mess 70 times larger than the S&L crises. S&L crisis had 1000 criminal convictions with jailtime, proportionally the economic mess should have 70,000.
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What Lies Beyond Capitalism And Socialism?
from intro of the 1908 edition ... loc394-95: As long as the Socialists only threatened capital they were not seriously interfered with, for the Government knew quite well that the undisputed sway of the employer was not for the ultimate good of the State.

the government needed general population standard of living sufficient that soldiers were willing to fight to preserve their way of life. Capitalists tendency was to reduce worker standard of living to the lowest possible ... below what the government needed for soldier motivation ... and therefor needed socialists as counterbalance to the capitalists in raising the general population standard of living.

5000 industrialists from across the US had conference at NYC Waldorf-Astoria and in part because they had gotten such bad reputation for the depression and supporting Nazi Germany, they approved a major propaganda campaign to equate capitalism with Christianity, including in the early 50s it leads to adding "In God We Trust" on money and "under God" in the allegiance.

The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future pg35/loc1169-73: In business school we teach students how to recognize, and create, barriers to competition -- including barriers to entry -- that help ensure that profits won't be eroded. Indeed, as we shall shortly see, some of the most important innovations in business in the last three decades have centered not on making the economy more efficient but on how better to ensure monopoly power or how better to circumvent government regulations intended to align social returns and private rewards

Economists and the Powerful: Convenient Theories, Distorted Facts, Ample Rewards (ebook/URL suspended?) loc1200-1206: There are plenty of examples from other countries to copy: the US individual retirement account system is based on the Chilean pension reform of 1980/81 that in turn was based heavily on proposals made in the book Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman. In response to the Chilean system facing a likely collapse in a few decades time, it was substantially overhauled in 2008 to require mandatory participation of all citizens in exchange for universal pension coverage.
loc72-74: "Only through having been caught so blatantly with their noses in the troughs (e.g. the 2011 Academy Award -- winning documentary Inside Job) has the American Economic Association finally been forced to adopt an ethical code, and that code is weak and incomplete compared with other disciplines."

"Inside Job" references how leading economists were captured similar to the capture of the regulatory agencies.

"The Undoing Project" goes into some detail how Kahneman and Tversky disproved economists' assumption that people make rational decisions loc1155-59: He had listened to an American economist talk about how so-and-so was stupid and so-and-so was a fool, then said, "All your economic models are premised on people being smart and rational, and yet all the people you know are idiots."

The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

Age of Greed: The Triumph of Finance and the Decline of America, 1970 to the Present, pg199/loc3909-13: GE Capital also enabled GE to manage its quarterly earnings, engaging in the last couple of weeks of every calendar quarter in various trades that could push earnings up on the last day or two before the quarter's end. It was an open secret on Wall Street that this was how Welch consistently kept quarterly earnings rising for years at a time. "Though earnings management is a no-no among good governance types," wrote two CNNMoney financial editors, "the company has never denied doing it, and GE Capital is the perfect mechanism."
pg200/loc3925-30: The CNNMoney writers got it slightly wrong. GE was not exactly like the American economy. It was even more dependent on financial services. In the early 2000s, GE was again riding a financial wave, the subprime mortgage lending boom; it had even bought a subprime mortgage broker. GE borrowed still more against equity to exploit the remarkable opportunities, its triple-A rating giving it a major competitive advantage. By 2008, the central weakness of the Welch business strategy, its dependence on financial overspeculation, became ominously clear. GE's profits plunged during the credit crisis and its stock price fell by 60 percent. GE Capital, the main source of its success for twenty-five years, now reported enormous losses
pg200/pg3935-41: He mostly stopped trying to create great new products, hence the reduction in R&D. He took the heart out of his businesses, he did not put it in, as he had always hoped to do. What made his strategy possible, and fully shaped it, was the rising stock market--and the new ideology that praised free markets even as they failed.

Major person helping rebuild Germany economy and military from the 20s through the early 40s was John Foster Dulles. loc865-68: In mid-1931 a consortium of American banks, eager to safeguard their investments in Germany, persuaded the German government to accept a loan of nearly $500 million to prevent default. Foster was their agent. His ties to the German government tightened after Hitler took power at the beginning of 1933 and appointed Foster's old friend Hjalmar Schacht as minister of economics.
loc905-7: Foster was stunned by his brother's suggestion that Sullivan & Cromwell quit Germany. Many of his clients with interests there, including not just banks but corporations like Standard Oil and General Electric, wished Sullivan & Cromwell to remain active regardless of political conditions.
loc938-40: At least one other senior partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, Eustace Seligman, was equally disturbed. In October 1939, six weeks after the Nazi invasion of Poland, he took the extraordinary step of sending Foster a formal memorandum disavowing what his old friend was saying about Nazism

June1940, Germany had a victory celebration at the NYC Waldorf-Astoria with major industrialists. Lots of them were there to hear how to do business with the Nazis (and circumvent the neutrality laws) loc1925-29: One prominent figure at the German victory celebration was Torkild Rieber, of Texaco, whose tankers eluded the British blockade. The company had already been warned, at Roosevelt's instigation, about violations of the Neutrality Law. But Rieber had set up an elaborate scheme for shipping oil and petroleum products through neutral ports in South America. With the Germans now preparing to turn the English Channel into what Churchill thought would become "a river of blood," other industrialists were eager to learn from Texaco how to do more business with Hitler.

from the law of unintended consequences, when the 1943 US Strategic Bombing program needed industrial and military targets and coordinates in Germany, they got the information from wallstreet.

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The Downside of Being Competent

there is frequent computer corollary ... if you finish project ahead of time and with no problems, there can be an assumption that it was an easy task .... it is only the screwups that appear to get attention that they are working on difficult problems.

... and then there is the rapidly spreading "Success of Failure" culture

Thomas Drake

we were tangentially involved ... although we didn't know it at the time. There was unclassified BAA from IC-ARDA (now IARPA) that basically said that nothing they had did the job ... and we got a call just before it closed, asking if we could get a response in (nobody else had responded). We got a response in, had a couple of meetings summer 2002 (little strange since we don't have clearances), showing we could do what was needed, and then nothing. It wasn't until we saw the "success of failure" article, that we began to suspect what went on.


All 50 states now have data breach notification laws

almost 20yrs ago we were brought in to help wordsmith some Cal. state legislation. At the time they were working on electronic signature, data breach notification and opt-in personal information sharing legislation. Several of the participants were heavily into privacy issues and had done indepth, detailed public surveys. The #1 problem was identity theft involving fraudulent financial transactions, frequently involving information obtain from breaches. At the time there was little or nothing being done and it was hoped that the publicity from notifications might prompt corrective action. The issue is that entities will take security measures in self-protection ... however in these breaches, the institutions weren't at risk, it was the public.
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25 years ago today, the web opened up and the world changed

first webserver in US was on (CERN sister site) SLAC's VM370 system

trivia: GML was invented at the cambridge science center in 1969 (G, M, & L, are first letters of inventor's last name). A decade later GML morphs into ISO standard SGML, and after another decade morphs into HTML at CERN:
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Why we should bulldoze the business school

These are not complaints from professors of sociology, state policymakers or even outraged anti-capitalist activists. These are views in books written by insiders, by employees of business schools who themselves feel some sense of disquiet or even disgust at what they are getting up to. Of course, these dissenting views are still those of a minority. Most work within business schools is blithely unconcerned with any expression of doubt, participants being too busy oiling the wheels to worry about where the engine is going. Still, this internal criticism is loud and significant.

for instance ...

The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future (Joseph E. Stiglitz) pg35/loc1169-73: In business school we teach students how to recognize, and create, barriers to competition -- including barriers to entry -- that help ensure that profits won't be eroded. Indeed, as we shall shortly see, some of the most important innovations in business in the last three decades have centered not on making the economy more efficient but on how better to ensure monopoly power or how better to circumvent government regulations intended to align social returns and private rewards
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The Democrats Are the Party of Fiscal Responsibility

In 2002, congress let the fiscal responsibility act lapse (spending couldn't exceed tax revenue, on its way to eliminating all Federal debt). 2010 CBO report that 2003-2009, tax revenue was cut $6T and spending increased $6T for $12T budget gap compared to fiscal responsible budget (first time taxes were cut to not pay for two wars, completely different republican congress than the one that had originally passed the act). Also report that of the increase in DOD spending, there was over one trillion that they couldn't find anything to show for (this is totally different than things like the $60B in pallets of shrink wrapped $100 bills airlifted to Iraq ... and disappears after arriving).

This was possibly confluence of Federal Reserve and wallstreet wanting huge deficit, DOD wanting huge spending increase, and special interests wanting huge tax cuts. W/o the huge federal debt, the "too big to fail" wouldn't be able to use trillions in Federal Reserve ZIRP funds to buy trillions in treasuries (making something like $300B/annum on the spread).

First major bill after 2002 was Medicare part-d in 2003. CBS 60mins had expose where the 18 republicans responsible for getting the bill passed made a one line change just before the final vote and prevents CBO from distributing description of the change. Within six months of the bill passing, all 18 have resigned and are on drug industry payroll. At least by 2005, US Comptroller General is including in speeches that nobody in congress was capable of middle school arithmetic (for how badly they were savaging the budget) and that Medicare Part-D comes to be a long term $40T item, swamping all other budget items.
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America's War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History loc109-12: The history that follows, an account of U.S. military efforts to determine the fate and future of the Greater Middle East, is itself a preliminary walk around, or through, a comparably large subject. If nothing else, Americas War for the Greater Middle East seeks to reveal how remarkably far we have to go to understand what those efforts have produced and what they have cost.

Last night rewatched first episode of Reilly, Ace of Spies on netflix,_Ace_of_Spies

1901, he has stolen Russia oil surveys and brought them back England ... the Navy was really interested in the middle east oil.

The World Crisis, Vol. 1, Churchill explains the mess in middle east started before WW1, in 1910 with move from 13.5in to 15in guns (which requires moving from coal to oil), loc2012-14: From the beginning there appeared a ship carrying ten 15-inch guns, and therefore at least 600 feet long with room inside her for engines which would drive her 21 knots and capacity to carry armour which on the armoured belt, the turrets and the conning tower would reach the thickness unprecedented in the British Service of 13 inches.
loc2087-89: To build any large additional number of oil-burning ships meant basing our naval supremacy upon oil. But oil was not found in appreciable quantities in our islands. If we required it, we must carry it by sea in peace or war from distant countries.
loc2151-56: This led to enormous expense and to tremendous opposition on the Naval Estimates. Yet it was absolutely impossible to turn back. We could only fight our way forward, and finally we found our way to the Anglo-Persian Oil agreement and contract, which for an initial investment of two millions of public money (subsequently increased to five millions) has not only secured to the Navy a very substantial proportion of its oil supply, but has led to the acquisition by the Government of a controlling share in oil properties and interests which are at present valued at scores of millions sterling, and also to very considerable economies, which are still continuing, in the purchase price of Admiralty oil.

Iran elected leader was going to review the Anglo-Persian contracts ... CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup
and to help keep the shah in power, US (including Norman Schwarzkopf senior) trained
Savak Agent Describes How He Tortured Hundreds

CIA director Colby refuses to approve "Team B" analysis claiming huge Russian military capability, justifying huge US military spending increase.
White House Chief of Staff Rumsfeld replaces Colby with somebody (Bush1) that will agree with "Team B" analysis. Rumsfeld then resigns to become SECDEF (and is replaced by his assistant Cheney). In the 80s, Bush1 is VP and Rumsfeld is involved in supporting Iraq.
including WMDs (note picture of Rumsfeld with Saddam)

In the early 90s, Bush1 is president and Cheney is SECDEF. Sat. photo recon analyst told white house that Saddam was marshaling forces to invade Kuwait. White house said that Saddam would do no such thing and proceeded to discredit the analyst. Later the analyst informed the white house that Saddam was marshaling forces to invade Saudi Arabia, now the white house has to choose between Saddam and the Saudis.

This century, Bush2 is president, Cheney is VP, Rumsfeld is SECDEF and one of the "Team B" members is deputy SECDEF (and major architect of Iraq policy).

Originally the invasion was justified on Iraq supporting Al Qaeda and it would only cost $50B (now heading for 100 times that). That was then changed to WMDs. last decade before invasion, cousin of white house chief of staff Card ... was dealing with the Iraqis at the UN and was given evidence that WMDs (tracing back to US in the Iran/Iraq war) had been decommissioned. the cousin shared it with Card, Powell and others ... then is locked up in military hospital, book was published in 2010 (before decommissioned WMDs were declassified)

NY Times series from 2014, the decommission WMDs (tracing back to US from Iran/Iraq war), had been found early in the invasion, but the information was classified for a decade

reference about supporting petro-dollars and/or wanted the oil
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Prepare for the bankrupt government pension plans!

Oct2008 congressional hearings into the pivotal role that the rating agencies played in the economic mess, had testimony that the rating agencies were selling triple-A ratings on things that they knew weren't worth triple-A. This allowed loan/mortgage originators to no longer care about borrowers qualification or load quality (including doing no-documentation, liar loans) because they could securitize, pay for triple-A and unload into the bond market (including to operations restricted to only dealing in "safe" investments, like the large gov. pension funds, claims that as a result these pension funds took avg. of 30% hit). The triple-A ratings were major factor in over $27T (trillion!) being done 2001-2008.

more trivia: from the law of unintended consequences ... spring 2008, some investors realized that rating agencies were selling triple-A (for things that weren't worth triple-A) and it might not be possible to trust any ratings ... freezing the muni-bond market. Then Warren Buffett steps in and starts offering insurance to unfreeze the market.

other trivia: there is constant, ongoing, non-stop saga how (California) CalPERS invest their funds.
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11 crazy up-close photos of the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet soaring through the air

One could make a case for the F-35 being superior to the F-22, but they are ultimately different kinds of aircraft. The F-35 is more of a bomber and a reconnaissance jet, whereas the F-22 is a stealthier fighter and more maneuverable.

A Second Look - Aviation Week Debate on the F-35
Airpower Analysis Phase II: F-35

DoD watchdog: Air Force failed to effectively manage F-22 modernization

For F-22, military-industrial complex spread development out into every congressional district ... trying to bring all the pieces together resulted in quality collapse.

2016, 100th Boeing celebration produced publication ... one of the articles was that the merger with M/D nearly brought down the company and may yet still. They had claimed that doing standard MIC spreading pieces all over the world would drastically reduce costs and development time .... but it did the exact opposite.

May work for commodity parts where everything is already totally understood. Doing it for brand new innovation and then bringing them together runs into all sorts of gotchas ... whether it is hardware or software.

F-22 constant LO restoration
more problems

F35 was designed as cost reduced bomb truck assuming F22 was flying cover to handle threats. F35 primarily focused on stealth from the front downward angle (i.e. enemy ground radar that was bomb target).

Comparison analysis of F35 with other planes
has analysis of F35 radar signature at different radar frequencies involving different angles and portions of the frame (lots to say about how cost reduced and compromised stealth compared to original design)

this is 2011 tutorial on radar (including military) but says it needs 3tflops for really advanced (like military track/target stealth, which was beyond 2011 processing)

2011 tutorial on DSP, FFT, Radar (part 3)
STAP (part 4)
SAR (part 5)

latest (2016) international IEEE Radar conference, Guangzhou, China, papers

There are claims that processing by latest generation of digital signal processing chips can reduce the number of transmit/receive pairs in APG-77/79/81/83 by nearly two orders magnitude w/o loss of capability

significant advances in digital power and processing spurred by autonomous vehicles, but also useful for military radar (2017 320 t-ops/sec, 100 times 2011 reference).

related computer tech, much of the computers for supercomputers also used for radar, missile guidance, autonomous vehicles

America Just Can't Match China's Exploding Supercomputing Power
TECH SUPERCOMPUTERS; China Now Has More Supercomputers Than Any Other Country
America second? Yes, and China's lead is only growing
China's Tsinghua University dethroned MIT (above) as the top engineering university in the world in 2015

Let's Face It--It's the Cyber Era and We're Cyber Dumb; Got to get educated before we can defeat Internet threats
Report: China gained U.S. weapons secrets using cyberespionage
Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies
REPORT: Chinese Hackers Stole Plans For Dozens Of Critical US Weapons Systems
A list of the U.S. weapons designs and technologies compromised by hackers

they have little or no penalty for the breaches ... and higher threat opponents motivates larger appropriations

China May Have Solved the One Thing That Was Poised to Stop Its Military Rise

Chinese engineering has become so advanced that German jet engines could soon get a major boost from China.

Officials in China have begun talks to sell sophisticated aerospace technology and manufacturing equipment to Germany for the production of high-performance jet engines.
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