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Lynn, What one or two things, can you see now, from the start of your internet marketing career (not your offline business) would you do differently or address sooner?
More tightly niched - for sure. Having a unique angle makes a big difference. That and planning for growth and making things easier when it's time to expand - those were huge hurdles for me, though not all the resources were in place back when I started (such as "the cloud" for example).

My turn: What's the one thing you reach for in your purse the most often? :-)
That's so easy - my Bloggie. I'm always seeing something I want to capture and since it's so easy to use, it resides in my purse in a little shammie case I made for it. I do need to get better at sharing that stuff though!
Ooh - what's a Bloggie?? I'm off to Google that one now... :D
Cool! Thanks for the link :)
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