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Lynn, what a bummer about your car. Those kinds of things drive me a little crazy - especially since I always feel so pressed for time. Having to take time out for something like that is stressful. 

We had a great Thanksgiving. I made Cornish game hen this year instead of turkey - though I did cook up a large turkey breast. All in all, the cooking day-of was much easier.

Getting back into the swing of things has been hard! But I'm thinking on what I'd like to do in my business next year. 
wow - tell us what happens with the car Lynn!
Here's the update: :-)

I know what you mean about getting back in the swing of things, Tiffiney - same here, lol. Especially after taking the entire week off! I'm really excited to be back to work though, and inspired to work on my 2013 goals!
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