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Lynn Schreiber
Optimist. Pollyanna Feminist. Harmonie-süchtig.
Optimist. Pollyanna Feminist. Harmonie-süchtig.

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I leave the vlogging to my daughter. She is 12 years old, and like most tweens, adores YouTube. After many months of discussions, I set up a YouTube channel and post her updates on it. Doing it this way means that I have the control over what she posts, and can make sure she isn't sharing anything she shouldn't.
She does all the filming and editing of her videos herself, and I don't interfere with her art. To be honest, she's much better at it than I am, so its better for everyone!
She also vlogs for Jump! Mag, doing a great series of basic cooking lessons for kids. Not recipes, but teaching skills that enable kids to use the kitchen safely, and with delicious results.
Her current specialty is pancakes, but this weekend she made spaghetti ice, a special favour for us, since we miss this German treat.

You can read the story behind Spaghetti Ice on Jump! Mag. This is how to make it!

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Calling all STAR WARS FANS

A MUST see if fabulous star wars crafts (30 and no less!). I simple ADORE the milk carton storm troopers.. too cool!
Tag your Star Wars mad friends and spread the word!!
Pin for later:

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Some good safety tips here! 
Did you get a new phone or tablet for Christmas?

Make sure your device is secure by following our new safety tips →

#GoogleTips #Google


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This is a brilliant blog, not just cause she praises my daughter. 

Promoting girls and women online is the best way to make them feel more secure. Sharing images of children embarrassing themselves may bring the likes of Buzzfeed clicks, but it does so at the expense of the fragile egos of young people. We have to start calling it for what it is - online bullying 
This post comes under the heading of ‘nepotism-by-proxy’ since these particular blogger happens to be the daughter of a friend. HotCrossBrezel is run by Cat who is active across various social media platforms, including instagram, where she shares her…

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In which I discuss the issues I have with the #ShareAware  campaign launched by NSPCC and Mumsnet. 

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New on my blog - a guest post from Millie. What happens when a make up refusenik puts on a face for the day 

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Have you caught the Bookmash buzz? Submit a photo with your poem to our competition and win a fab addition to your bookshelf

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Good overview on business page vs personal profile on Google + 

I certainly find that it helps to have a business page linked to website, as it increases search hits to site. What do you think? 

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Competitive? Get this quiz revision book and wipe the floor with your opponents! 
Hello Google Plussers. I've published an interactive quiz book that would sit perfectly on your Kindle (or Kindle app).
And just in time for those office/family Christmas parties too. 

The "look inside" facility on Amazon doesn't give anything away apart from the type of questions that have been compiled.  

It's cheaper than a cup of coffee from your local well-known branded outlet so give it a try!!

You can buy it from here 
You can read more about it here

#selfpublishing   #fridaytwiz  

#quiz   #quizoftheday   #puzzles  
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