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Real Estate Promises Delivered
Real Estate Promises Delivered


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What is the NFIP and what do they do?

Unfortunately, with the recent flood disasters experienced by many homeowners, it brings up the perfect timing of +Keith Lawrence's article describing what the National Flood Insurance Program is and what they're all about in lending a helping hand, as Keith describes.

You'll also find more helpful articles with his great article that come from +Anita Clark +Bill Gassett and +Wendy Weir
If you own a home or thinking about buying a home in one of the specially designated flood zones areas, this article is for you. The National Flood Insurance Program can save you money and assist you in flood recovery.

Special thanks to +Fred Franks Jr for posting his article on Selling And Buying A Home After A Hurricane.

Additional credit +Anita Clark +Bill Gassett +Wendy Weir and +Lynn Pineda on their post related to Flood Insurance and Recovery.

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6 Common Home Seller Mistakes to Avoid

especially if you're looking for top dollar

+Maria Mastrolonardo has revealed 6 of the most common home Seller mistakes to avoid - you'll want to read what she has to say...really solid advice.

Particularly important is the all too commonly used technique of setting an unrealistic price to list your home for sale. Don't make that huge mistake as you plan to leave room to negotiate the price.

And, Marie shares 5 more mistakes...keep reading to discover them along with additional resources she included that come from other Real Estate professionals +Bill Gassett +Anita Clark +Wendy Weir and +Paul Sian
The 6 Most Common Home Seller Mistakes to Avoid
Selling your Home can be both exciting and emotional

It pays to do your homework upfront in order to avoid the most common seller mistakes, that can save you thousands of dollars.

Think carefully about each of these potential mistakes to avoid frustration for you and your family.

In my article at West Chicagoland Home Finder, I share the 6 Most Common Home Seller Mistakes and how to Avoid them.

Be sure to check out the additional resources from: +Bill Gassett, +Lynn Pineda, +Anita Clark, +Wendy Weir and +Paul Sian

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#realestate #homesales

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What a Real Estate Agent wants from a Home Inspector

In fact, Home Buyers and Home Sellers should too!

+Bill Gassett has written an excellent Real Estate article that focuses on the home inspection.

What I picked out from Bill's article and what is so true is that the true value of a home inspection is in how the home Inspector delivers his findings. By delivery I mean the way in which the home Inspector expresses his findings. Don't be an alarmist when the findings really aren't that all alarming.

You'll also find additional helpful resources from American Society of Home Inspectors, +Kyle Hiscock +Kevin Vitali and more.

Spread the news that Bill has shared - it's important for everyone to be in the know.

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How to Properly Screen New Tenants for a Rental Property

Get it right for long term success.

+Dan Barcelon - Long Beach Homes and Real Estate has just written another really helpful article for Landlords seeking to find a just right Tenant. The success of any Landlord/Tenant relationship begins with determining the likelihood that the Tenant will be a quality Tenant.

Follow some of the really good tips from Dan and you'll be well on your way to less gray hairs with any investment property you own.

Dan also included, within his article, a few other helpful investment articles from Real Estate Pros +Anita Clark +Teresa Cowart and others.

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The Real Estate Professionals Behind Every Real Estate Transaction

With so many moving parts to a Real Estate transaction it's often unclear as to what comes next and who's involved. Here +Dan Barcelon - Long Beach Homes and Real Estate clears up any uncertainty of just who does what!

In Dan's article, you'll get to know what each professional does to keep your Real Estate transaction moving towards a successful closing and he also includes more helpful articles from +Luke Skar and +Kyle Hiscock

Enjoy the read!
The Usual Suspects: The Real Estate Professionals Involved Behind Every Deal: Understanding the roles of the many people involved in a real estate transaction can make the process a bit smoother, whether you are a buyer or a seller. More than 100 people with various skills and expertise come together to make the sale of a home proceed as planned, although many of these real estate professionals work behind the scenes and do not interact with the buyer or seller. The following are the key real estate professionals involved in your transaction with whom you will likely interact.

You will also find additional resources from other top real estate professionals: +Kyle Hiscock, +Lynn Pineda, and +Luke Skar

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#realestate #homes #longbeach

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How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Money Pit

Love can make us do all kinds of crazy things!

Even when buying a home, we can sometimes gloss over what we really should be looking for, particularly when buying an older home. +Maria Mastrolonardo has provided some outstanding advice in her recent article that will help you to avoid a money pit.

Maria zeroes in on items that you'll most certainly need to budget for in the coming years should you decide to go forward with buying the home. Anticipating your home needs will always benefit you in the long run. Plus she reveals a whole lot more! Don't miss it.

Additional helpful articles come from +Bill Gassett +Wendy Weir and +Kyle Hiscock
How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Money Pit Home
There are many of us who dream of owning an older home

We imagine gorgeous woodwork, wrap-around porches, arched doorways, ornate fireplaces and sweeping carved staircases.

All those dreams can come true, but be careful to evaluate the work and expense that can go along with owning an older home.

In my article at West Chicagoland Home Finder, I share the importance of being aware of potential problems that may come up when purchasing an older home.

Be sure to check out the additional resources from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Wendy Weir and +Lynn Pineda.

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10 Low Costs Way to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Low cost for huge benefits is always a good thing!

Home Sellers frequently want to sell their home fast and for top dollar, yet at the same time they do not want to have to invest a ton of money to get the job done. Here in her excellent article, +Maria Mastrolonardo recommends 10 really good ideas to help you achieve your home selling goals.

Do you know the importance of "Conversation Areas"? Maria highlights that several times in her article and so important.

Keep reading below so you'll uncover all the tips, plus Maria includes helpful articles from +Bill Gassett +Wendy Weir +Andrew Fortune and more!

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Buying Your First Home: How to Get Out of Debt to Buy a House

Have you've been dreaming of buying your home? Where do you begin?!

+Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments has written an excellent article that will get you on the path to homeownership; it begins by getting out of debt. Perhaps you wonder if you ever will get out of debt. If you follow Dan's advice you'll be owning a home before you know it! Just read his article.

Dan has included additional helpful home buying resources from +Bill Gassett and +Teresa Cowart too!
Buying a home may be at the top of your list of goals that you would like to accomplish soon. However, in order to accomplish this goal, you may first need to get out of debt. Debt can make it challenging to qualify for a home loan, and it may have a negative impact on your credit rating. More than that, when you are burdened with high monthly debt payments, you may not be able to manage the mortgage payment on a new house. By taking a few important steps, you can get out of debt faster and start looking for your home.

You will also find additional resource from other top real estate professonals: +Bill Gassett, +Teresa Cowart, +Lynn Pineda.

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4 Things That Can Kill a Home You're Selling

One by one, we seem to check off the steps we must go through to sell our homes. It's as if we're having to walk on eggshells wondering what comes next.

Well, thank goodness for +Paul Sian's most recent article where he discusses how best to prepare for these 4 things that can kill a home sale, so you won't be looking back wishing you had read Paul's most informative article before you listed your home for sale!

Paul has also included additional Real Estate articles to help you further in your home sale that come from +Kyle Hiscock +Xavier De Buck and +Bankrate

4 Things That Can Kill A Home Sale

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home there are a number of common areas that can trip up both buyers and sellers. This article explores those potential pitfall areas and how one can best avoid the problems and keep a home sale on track.

Included in the article are excellent resources from +Kyle Hiscock, +Xavier De Buck, +Lynn Pineda, +Bankrate and more.

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The Non negotiable list for first time home Buyers

Buying a home is so exciting, yet don't let the excitement get in the way of knowing what really does matter when you buy your first home.

Here +Fred Franks Jr with +Local Realty Service: Ocala Real Estate Agents has done a super job in writing about, what he calls, "non-negotiable" items. Be sure to check out his list to make sure you're on the right track towards home ownership.

Fred has also included other helpful articles from +Wendy Weir +Luke Skar +Keith Lawrence of +Keith Lawrence Real Estate Group and more.
If you are a first time home buyer read this article on some of the Non-Negotiable things when it comes to buying a home in your area.

In this article you can find great resources from +Dan Barcelona, +Keith Lawrence Real Estate Group, +Lynn Pineda, +Luke Skar and +Wendy Weir
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