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Choosing good always wins

h/t +Briarwood RE

Sending some good, loving thoughts your way ... hope it cheers up your day!

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6 Reasons your Home is not Selling

Don't let it happen to you.

Nothing is worse than putting your home on the market for sale and no offers come. Why is that, you wonder?

Here in +Shannon Holmes's recent article she goes into detail as to what may be stopping you from putting that sold sign up in your front yard. There are many things that can be done to avoid the dreaded, lingering "no sell" syndrome.

Be sure to read Shannon's very good advice to get you off to a great start selling your home fast and for top dollar.

She also includes more helpful advice from Real Estate pro's +Debbie Drummond +Paul Sian +Xavier De Buck and more!

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Best of Google+ Real Estate Articles for June 2017

Get your summer Real Estate reading off to a great start with +Xavier De Buck's latest Real Estate collection of articles highlighting some amazing content from Google+ featured on +Bill Gassett's Mass Real Estate News site that features killer content each and every month.

Xavier had his job cut out for him in trying to discover some really good reads from all that is pumped out each month and he highlighted the articles so very well.

In case you've been too busy until now and are now searching for some super Real Estate content, you'll love Xavier's choices. Enjoy them, featuring +Luke Skar +Conor MacEvilly +Joe Boylan +Anita Clark +Kyle Hiscock +Bill Gassett +Paul Sian +Kevin Vitali and me too.
The Best of Real Estate on Google+ June 2017
It is that time of the month again where we showcase the best real estate articles found within communities on Google Plus.

This months honor of putting the round-up together went to +Xavier De Buck who did a magnificent job hand selecting these share worthy posts.

Featured real estate experts include +Luke Skar, +Conor MacEvilly, +Lynn Pineda, +Kyle Hiscock, +Kevin Vitali, +Paul Sian, +Joe Boylan and +Anita Clark.

Each of these articles help buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike.

If you enjoy the article, give it a share.


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Get the Facts to Home Buying with this Home Buying Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Avoiding mistakes to get the home you want.

+Luke Skar has presented some stellar advice to ensure you're closer to getting that new home you've dreamt about. Don't lose the opportunity to own your own home, by making mistakes that will cost you the home you've chosen.

Luke provides advice you'll want to read, so your move in day doesn't go up in smoke!

He refers to changing jobs, paying down credit and more!

And, he doesn't stop there with his advice, but includes more helpful articles from other Real Estate pros +Wendy Weir +Bill Gassett +Kevin Vitali +Shannon Holmes +Tom Horn +Kyle Hiscock +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments and more!
13 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid
A comprehensive guide to avoiding first time home buyer mistakes!

Due to the complexity of a mortgage loan, it is easy for anybody to make a mistake. Everyone involved, including the loan officer, the underwriter, the appraiser and even the closing attorney can make an error.

Normally, those errors can be easily fixed. However, in the case of the home buyer, a mistake can result in disaster. Here are some common mistakes made by first time home buyers and how you can avoid them.

Additional first time home buyer resources throughout the article by +Kyle Hiscock +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments +Bill Gassett +Kiplinger +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor +Wendy Weir +Shannon Holmes +Tom Horn and +Kevin Vitali!

Read the full article here ->

#RealEstate #MortgageUpdated #FirstTimeHomeBuyer

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How valuable is your home or not?

Sometimes you just can't put a price tag on it.

+Conor MacEvilly will get you thinking here where he discusses the home viewed as an asset or liability. He discusses ideal profits we all hope to achieve when we own a home and even discusses those times when the profits aren't looking so rosey.

Our homes are more times than not, viewed as much more than an investment, they are where we are secure, at peace and full of joy and there will never be a price tag that you can place on that.

Be sure to read Conor's great article so you know what is at stake when home ownership is in your future or if you're already a homeowner, his article can help you in making wise choices as a home owner in hopes of keeping your home an asset.

He also has included other helpful Real Estate articles written by +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments +Debbie Drummond +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +Kevin Vitali and more.
Your home might be less of an asset that you're led to believe.

Buying a home is often touted as a great investment by the real estate industry. You bought a home for $400,000 and 10 years later it’s now worth $550,000. Sweet! However, if you do the math and subtract all of those mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance costs etc how much of a profit did you really make, if any? Also, many homeowners self-sabotage by squandering any equity they have in their homes and quickly turn a potential asset into a liability.

The home that you live in not the same as an investment property. An investment property has tenants occupying the property, covering all of the owner’s expenses and generating a positive monthly cash flow. Buyers should first and foremost look at their homes as just that, a HOME, a place to live that they have control over. And if it does make an actual (real) profit when you sell it, then all the better, but don’t assume that will be the case. Having said that, there are still lots of positives to owning your own home.

Post contains great additional resources from other agents including +Lynn Pineda +Bill Gassett, +Debbie Drummond, +Kyle Hiscock, +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments and +Kevin Vitali

While this post will probably go down like a lead balloon with some readers, please share if you found it at least engaging ;0).

#realestate #homes #investments

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Living Large in Less Space

Do we ever have enough space?

It always seems we're trying to squeeze out more space than is what before us in our homes and depending upon where you live you're squeezing more than others may be.

Here in her latest article +Ruthmarie Hicks has written a great article on trying to figure out how to accommodate your smaller living space. What's great too, is that her article includes some of her Pinterest Boards that provide all kinds of space saver ideas for you to try.

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What is your Local Real Estate Market Doing?

"Local" is key, as markets can vary greatly.

+Kevin Vitali digs into understanding Real Estate markets and what it means to you when you're in the Real Estate market; explaining a Seller's, Balanced/Neutral, and Buyer's Market.

Be sure to read Kevin's excellent article so you're best equipped to handle the market your city and/or neighborhood is experiencing.

He also includes more helpful market articles from +NerdWallet +Xavier De Buck +Teresa Cowart +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock and more!

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Why isn't your Home Selling?

Your home is lovely, so why wouldn't any Buyer love it?!

As +Bill Gassett so expertly illustrates in his recent article, there can be a number of reasons why your home hasn't sold yet.

For example, take a look at your photos (you have seen the photos of your home after it was listed, right?) Are they just right in your mind or do they seem to focus in on your furniture? Wait a minute, you aren't selling your furniture are you? I can't tell you the number of times that I've been searching for homes for Buyers and run across listing photos where the photos are highlighting a piece of furniture, yet revealing nothing about the room where the furniture is placed! This will not help to sell a home.

Or as Bill recommends, have you employed the "the sniff test?" We all get used to our own home's smell, yet it may not be ideal for any prospective Buyers.

These are just a few of Bill's really good points as to why your home isn't selling. Keep reading to find out the other reasons so you can get your home sold.

You'll also find the Bill has included more helpful articles about home selling from +Anita Clark +Kyle Hiscock +Point2 and more!

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How to Make Sure the Home is the Right Home for You

while avoiding the desperation to own a new home.

+Anita Clark has highlighted some critically important tips that can guide any home Buyer toward choosing well when it comes to buying a home.

Have you viewed the home only once and think you're ready to buy? How about taking a second look as Anita recommends. Again, as mentioned above don't be desperate only to later regret your decision.

Keep reading to find out what else Anita recommends as you'll be glad you did.

Plus, Anita has included other helpful articles within her article that can aid during the home buying process; these come from +Teresa Cowart +Tina Israelson +Paul Sian
+Just Close and others.

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Learn these 4 Secrets to Boost your Home's Value

A home’s value is what a Buyer perceives the value to be and is the price they’re willing to pay for a home when it met or exceeded its expectations.

It's not always the typical well-known updates that can improve on a home's value. Find out what those are here, such as, Making a home appear larger

Additional helpful resources are included from +Karen Highland +Anita Clark +Bill Gassett +Paul Sian +Tina Gleisner with +HomeTips4Women
Learn These 4 Secrets To Boost Your Home’s Value

"When it comes time to sell a home, most home Sellers will have top of mind that they want to reel in the most money that they can for the home that they’re trying to sell. Of course...who wouldn’t?! We all want the most money and then some. As a homeowner, one of your first questions is “What can I do to boost my home’s value?”

Are you looking for non-traditional ways to boost your home's value? The home boosting secrets that I reveal here are sure to go a long way in moving your home's value in the right direction - up!

There can never be too many articles to learn from when it comes to wanting to increase your home's value, so I included more Real Estate articles for your reading from Real Estate professionals who know their stuff, that includes; +Tina Gleisner with +HomeTips4Women +Karen Highland +Bill Gassett +Paul Sian and +Anita Clark

If you find that my article will help home Sellers interested in boosting their home's value, please share my article across the oh so many social media platforms - I'd appreciate it, if you do!

#homeselling #homesellingtips

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