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Avoid these 7 Deadly Home Selling Sins

+Ferris Property Group has pinpointed these home selling sins very accurately in their informative, must read article for anyone trying to get a home sold or worse yet, if you're home isn't selling, this article will likely be very precise in zeroing in on the reasons why you haven't sold it yet.  Take my advice and read this article so you can be redeemed and get your home sold!

+Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +HouseHunt +Anita Clark +Paul Sian +Jeff Knox and myself were also included in the article to help elaborate on +Ferris Property Group's message.
7 Deadly Home Seller Sins
Want to sell your home? Don't commit these sins!

So you’ve listed your home for sale, you’ve had a showing or two but now there’s no interest from anyone. You’re in home seller’s hell! Here are the 7 deadly home seller sins. Chances are, it’s one of these 7 sins that are preventing the sale of your home. The good news? They’re not too hard to correct.

This article contains resources from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +HouseHunt, +Lynn Pineda, +Anita Clark, +Paul Sian, and +Jeff Knox. 

Selling your home? Avoid these 7 deadly sins which will land you in home seller hell!
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+Ferris Property Group you're welcome!
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Lynn Pineda

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Don't be at the receiving end of having your Realtor fire you

Here in +Debbie Drummond's very thorough article on what home Buyers and home Sellers need to do in order to avoid being fired by their Realtor, she provides great advice in avoiding becoming such a statistic.  

Professional, well-skilled Realtors know their jobs and will advise their customers on how best to succeed in their Real Estate transaction and if you as a customer, routinely avoid their suggestions, miss deadlines, don't communicate and simply wreck havoc on the whole Real Estate experience don't be surprised when your Realtor says;

You are Fired !

Debbie has also included other related, helpful articles from Real Estate Pros +Jeff Knox +Paul Sian +Karen Highland +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock  +Anita Clark +Andrew Fortune +Ryan Fitzgerald +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison and myself.
How to Avoid Hearing "You're Fired!" From Your Realtor
Getting the best deal when buying or selling your home is more likely if you work with an experienced Realtor.  Even the best Realtors find the occasional client that simply doesn't follow through or listen to their best advice.  If you want to get the best possible deal, this article will help.

It includes links to great resources from +Jeff Knox +Paul Sian +Lynn Pineda +Ryan Fitzgerald +Anita Clark +Kyle Hiscock +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison +Karen Highland +Bill Gassett and +Andrew Fortune 

If you feel this article is useful, please consider sharing it.

#RealEstate   #HomeBuying   #HomeSelling  
Working with an experienced Realtor is one of the best ways to succeed when buying or selling your home. In this article, we give some examples of things you should avoid if you want to succeed in buying and selling your home.
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Awh, you did well +Debbie Drummond, but if you're ever stuck just let me know and I'll put on my creative thinking cap for you! LOL :)
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Lynn Pineda

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10 Must Know Guidelines to the FHA Mortgage

+Luke Skar of +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison has created a really good FHA guideline that will prove to be very valuable when you're considering an FHA mortgage.  This will be a must read for any home Buyer or for anyone working in the Real Estate Industry wanting to learn more to better understand FHA Mortgages.

Luke also included supportive articles from +Bill Gassett +Brad Yzermans +Karen Highland +Barbara Bottitta +Tom Horn +Mike Chamberlain +Tim Lucas +Tina Israelson and +Anita Clark 

Considering an FHA Mortgage? Know These 10 guidelines!
Prospective buyers need to keep these FHA guidelines in mind when shopping for their home.

The Federal Housing Authority, aka FHA, offers a great way for people to afford a home. However, there are a few rules governing who is eligible and how the loan works. Being familiar with the majority of the guidelines will help you understand the home buying process and put you at ease with your new FHA loan.

Related links via +Bill Gassett +Brad Yzermans  +Karen Highland  +Barbara Bottitta  +Tom Horn  +Mike Chamberlain  +Tim Lucas  +Tina Israelson and +Anita Clark

#RealEstate   #MortgageUpdated   #FHA  
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I'm happy to share +Luke Skar! =)
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Lynn Pineda

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Staging Advice when Selling a Home

Preparing a home before it hits the market is critical to selling a home fast and for the most amount of money.  +David R. Millar has come up with a great list of staging articles to help get homes sold. Pick up on some valuable staging advice here.

Included in David's list are articles from +Erika Lewis, REALTOR® and Atlanta Real Estate Professional +Jenna Thuening +Tina Israelson and myself 

Top 5 Staging Blogs
Homes that are staged in my area tend to sell better than the ones that are simply listed without being staged
 If you are on the fence about getting your home staged, here are some great blogs on staging to help you make the decision to stage your home when you put it on the market!

A special thank you to +Lynn Pineda +Erika Lewis +Jenna Thuening +Tina Israelson 
Homes that are staged in my area tend to sell better than the ones that are simply listed without being staged. If you are on the fence about getting your home staged, here are some great blogs on staging to help you make the decision to stage your home when you put it on the market! | Stage like a Pro: 3 Ways to set your home up to sell, Seller Guide: 10 Hardcore Staging Tactics, Home Destination, Staging Your Home For Sale; It's Important, But ...
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Lynn Pineda

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A wonderful way to show our Military our appreciation of all of their sacrifices - Pass this along today so Veterans can enjoy a free meal.

h/t +Karen Highland +Anita Clark
Veterans Day Discounts for Military
Thanks to for sharing this wonderful article that highlights numerous places where our military members can get free or discounted items...including plenty of great meal options.

Thanks to all our past, present, and future military members for all the sacrifices you have made, are making, and will make to ensure we remain a free nation. God Bless!

Hug a vet today!
#military   #veterans   #veteransday  
Businesses are saluting Veterans Day with a host of discounts and freebies for veterans, service members and their families.
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Agreed +Lynn Pineda. I hope veterans all across the U.S. take advantage of the savings today.
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Lynn Pineda

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Have your precious treasures from years past making it difficult to get your home in tip top shape for selling?

Take in +Ferris Property Group's great advice on exactly what you should do when it's time to sell your home and to be able to keep your house clean when a Buyer wants to take a closer look.

More help comes from +Debbie Drummond +Teresa Cowart +June Seebohm and +Kyle Hiscock in their supportive articles included by +Ferris Property Group .
How to Keep a House Clean for Showings

Stop scrambling to clean up when your Realtor calls you about a showing! These 6 cleaning tips will help you keep your home clean for scheduled and unexpected showings. Download our Free Cleaning Checklist to help keep every inch of your house clean—even those spots that are easy to forget about. 

Also included are resources from +Lynn Pineda, +Debbie Drummond, +Teresa Cowart, +June Seebohm, and +Kyle Hiscock.      
Tips to help you keep your house clean for showings. Download our FREE Home Showing Cleaning Checklist.
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Thanks for including me +Lynn Pineda!
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Lynn Pineda

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Blood runs thicker than water, but beware as it doesn't guarantee Real Estate know how and confidentiality within!

In +Andrew Fortune's excellent article, he let's you know the importance of understanding that just because someone is related to you, it won't necessarily mean that the person is well qualified to represent you in the complexities of a Real Estate transaction.  And this also applies to any friends that may be Real Estate Agents.

Think twice and be sure to read Andrew's article where he explains why this really matters.

Also included are helpful articles from +Ryan Fitzgerald +Jeff Knox +Bill Gassett and myself.
Don't Hire a Realtor Simply Out of Obligation to a Friend or Family Member

There are many reasons to choose a Realtor, but choosing one out of obligation can lead to a bad experience. This article discusses 3 sacrifices that people need to know to about to avoid hiring a Realtor out of obligation to a friend or family member.

Included in the article are additional resources from +Ryan Fitzgerald, +Lynn Pineda, +Jeff Knox, and +Bill Gassett. 
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Thanks a lot +Ryan Fitzgerald !
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Lynn Pineda

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Nothing like delivering a useful list right to your doorstep about Home Buying

Useful for First Time Home Buyers and all Home Buyers, in fact!

+Ferris Property Group has made it easy for you by putting together a super, helpful list of home buying articles that will certainly guide the First-Time Home Buyer and will even help the repeat home Buyer.  

There are 14 articles so you won't likely read in one sitting, so you'll certainly want to bookmark or save to your reading library, as it's a great resource.

+Ferris Property Group has included Real Estate bloggers +Ryan Fitzgerald +Kyle Hiscock +Bill Gassett +Anita Clark +Teresa Cowart +Andrew Fortune +Karen Highland +Xavier De Buck +Luke Skar  and myself, +Lynn Pineda  

Happy reading!

Must-Read Articles for First-Time Home Buyers

Are you ready to take the leap into homeownership? Becoming a homeowner is exciting but it’s also scary. There are a lot of mistakes that first-time home buyers can easily make if not cautious. The home buying process is much less scary if you go into it informed and knowledgeable. Be a wise first-time home buyer with help from these articles.

Articles from +Ryan Fitzgerald, +Kyle Hiscock, +Bill Gassett, +Lynn Pineda, +Anita Clark, +Teresa Cowart, +Andrew Fortune, +Karen Highland, +Xavier De Buck, and +Luke Skar.

Are you ready to become a homeowner? Read these articles and be a wise first-time home buyer.
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Solid advice +Lynn Pineda. +Ferris Property Group put together a wonderful resource for first time home buyers. It's definitely worth bookmarking for future reference!
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Lynn Pineda

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Shoulda Coulda if Only

How many times have we heard that?! We should have done this or that, we could have done this and if only we did it!  It happens, but +Ryan Fitzgerald thought he'd gather up some stellar advice from Real Estate Agents who have been there and done that, so those who are just getting started in Real Estate can find out early on what they should be doing.

Ryan reached out to +Bill Gassett +Andrew Fortune +Kyle Hiscock +Lynn Pineda (that's me) +Debbie Drummond +Paul Sian +Nc HomeBuyers +Anita Clark +Jeff Knox +Tyler Zey +Angela Duong +Wendy Weir +Debbie Gartner +Karen Highland +Chris Highland +Xavier De Buck and of course himself from +Raleigh Realty and put together some really good tips to get you selling homes.

This will be a definite article to bookmark or save to your online library.
If you could go back in time what advice would you give yourself getting started in your Real Estate career?

17 Realtors® go back in time to give themselves advice as First Year Real Estate Agents!

If you're looking for information, or want to know what veteran Agents would do if they could back to their first year, here it is!

Contributions from:
+Anita Clark +Joe Samson +Andrew Fortune +Tyler Zey +Bill Gassett +Debbie Drummond +Lynn Pineda +Xavier De Buck +Angela Duong +Jeff Knox +Nc HomeBuyers +Debbie Gartner +Chris Highland +Paul Sian +Kyle Hiscock +Wendy Weir and myself via +Raleigh Realty 

#realestate   #realestateagent   #realtortips   #realestateadvice  

If you find this article would be beneficial to those just starting in real estate please consider sharing socially!
17 Realtors® go back in time to share advice with themselves as FIRST YEAR REAL ESTATE AGENTS!
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Cheers for sharing +Lynn Pineda !
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Lynn Pineda

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Do you have to get your home sold fast?

Find out how you can do it and how your decision to sell it in it's current, non-prepped condition affects how much you'll pocket.

+Paul Sian shares the differences between selling a home in its current "As Is" condition compared to preparing your home before putting it on the market to sell.

Additional articles from +Anita Clark +Lynn Pineda (myself) +Deb Rhodes +Bill Gassett and +Kyle Hiscock
Need to sell your home fast?  There are two ways of selling your home fast and the differences in what you take from the sale can be big.  In my latest blog post How To Sell Your Home Fast! I discuss the options of selling your home As-Is or preparing it in order to sell your home quick.

This post also includes some great resources from +Anita Clark , +Lynn Pineda , +Deb Rhodes , +Bill Gassett and +Kyle Hiscock .

Please consider sharing socially if you find this article to be useful to you.

#realestate   #homesellingtips   #sellingyourhome  
Tips on how to sell your home fast. You may find yourself in the situation where you have to sell your home fast. This articles explores the options.
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You are welcome +Paul Sian !
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Before Selling a Home Consider these Tips

+Wendy Weir provides you with some valuable tips that you'll want to consider before embarking on the sale of a home. Wendy also included additional articles with advice from +Joe Manausa +Bill Gassett and myself. (Thanks Wendy)
Selling a Home is a Very Emotional Time in your life - I found some great articles which really inspired this Article - Thank You for Your contributions +Joe Manausa +Bill Gassett +Lynn Pineda they really made the difference !!!
When it comes to its value, the one equivalent in currency but also the sentimental one that an owner and seller attributes to it, a home is really in a league of its own. Regardless of size and amenities, a...
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You're welcome +Wendy Weir ! 
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Lynn Pineda

Real Estate  - 
Homes Selling in Coral Springs

Check out the most recent report of home sales in Coral Springs Florida

Coral Springs Real Estate Report for Sept 2015. What are the home prices in Coral Springs? Check out Coral Springs' Real Estate statistics here.
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Real Estate Promises Delivered
As a trusted Coral Springs FL Realtor in Southeast Florida, you'll find me selling homes within Broward county to include Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, Parkland, Miramar, Sunrise, Tamarac, Ft Lauderdale and other surrounding cities. In Palm Beach county, you'll find me selling homes in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and other surrounding cities.  As a REALTOR® in Coral Springs and South Florida, I've been blessed to have much success. 

I make sure that South Florida Real Estate sharing runs rampant along with a lot of life events too!  Learning, discovering and engaging with others here in my neck of the woods and from across the mountains and seas, brings a lot to love about Google+. You'll be amazed by what so many of us have in common; whether it's my business of Real Estate or the other simple joys of life, that should never be taken for granted.  Looking forward to running into you!

You can contact me here: Contact Lynn Pineda

Active as a full time, Coral Springs Keller Williams South Florida Real Estate Agent, I couldn't think of doing anything else! I love selling homes!  I represent homeowners to get their homes sold, whether or not you're a traditional home Seller or a distressed home Seller.  If you're a distressed Seller needing to sell your home as a  South Florida Short Sales, as a Short Sale Specialist, I can help you too! 
Real Estate Promises delivered.
Are you Selling a home in Coral Springs or anywhere in South Florida? I'll work hard for you, putting my proven Real Estate expertise and top notch marketing skills to work, to get your home sold. Just ask my customers . Let's list your home for sale.
Or perhaps you're looking to buy a Coral Springs or South Florida home; if so, I'd  love to help you find your perfect place to call home.

Do you have any Real Estate questions? Here I answer many of the common Real Estate Questions.
You can Email me at: or call me now at 954-464-1100.  Looking forward to hearing from you! Call now as the South  Florida Real Estate Market is very exciting!

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Fred Hagey and Aries Home Inspections offer Home Buyers very valuable inspection services. Home inspections are critical when buying a property to make sure you know the condition of the home you're buying. You'll always want a skilled Inspector on your side. Fred Hagey has inspected many of my customers, home Buyers, homes that they're buying and provides a bang up job! I'd recommend Aries Home Inspections Services, again and again as a Southeast Florida Realtor. Call them now for your next inspection.
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If you're looking to buy a home in the Colorado Springs CO area or sell a home in the area, Andrew Fortune would be the best Real Estate Agent to have representing you. As a Real Estate Agent myself, I know what skills and traits are important in an Agent, and Andrew fits the bill. His Real Estate knowledge, honesty, and the fact that he works very hard for his customers, leave his customers with knowing they chose right. You can't go wrong with Andrew on your side!
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If I was in need of a top notch Real Estate Agent in the city of Hopkinton, MA and all surrounding cities, I would know exactly who to call; Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure. I have known Bill to be a true Real Estate professional whose vast knowledge is a real benefit to those that he services with their Real Estate needs. You can rest assure that you're in good hands when you call Bill to get your home sold or to help you to buy a home. I can't imagine any local Realtor who'd work harder for you. Bill is the Realtor you want on your side.
• • •
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5 reviews
One of the best Whole Foods Market in South Florida. Great staff; friendly, courteous and very helpful!
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Integrity and local Real Estate know how, what more could you ask for from a Real Estate Agent that you choose to hire. Connor T. MacIVOR and The Paris911 Team will make your Real Estate transaction smooth sailing!
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