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Real Estate Promises Delivered
Real Estate Promises Delivered


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How to Avoid the Horror When Selling a Home

You listed your home for sale and it seems as one thing after another led to resulting horror - what happened?! What could you do, if you're reading this, to avoid such horror?

Read this homeowner's story revealing their steps along the way to learn what transpired over the course of their home selling process; you'll be glad you did, especially if selling a home is in your future.

The story doesn't end without also providing more helpful resources from +Joy Bender +John Cunningham +Bill Gassett +Paul Sian +Sharon Paxson +Karen Highland +Xavier De Buck +Kevin Vitali and +Michelle Gibson

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What are 5 Reasons an Open House Can Hurt the Sale of Your Home?

The need for open houses has changed with the advent of the internet. Buyers can search for homes to buy online and they do in incredible numbers. They do not need to visit an open house to find a home to buy.

Are you sure the risk of an open house is worth it?

Here +Sharon Paxson goes over 5 reasons how an open house can actually hurt a home sale. If you're selling your home and considering an open house, be sure to read Sharon's very good read first.

She also includes more articles that you'll find full of good advice too that come from +Bill Gassett +Kevin Vitali +Debbie Drummond and +Michelle Gibson
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Tips for a timely closing when selling a home

Don't let your closing get delayed because you weren't prepared for what happens at closing. It really is quite easy to miss items that you need to check off your list. However, you're in luck as +Michelle Gibson has written a great article letting you know exactly what you should anticipate.

Michelle also include helpful resources from +Maria Mastrolonardo +Sharon Paxson +Paul Sian +Bill Gassett and +Kyle Hiscock
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Why Do Homes Return Back To The Market After Offer Acceptance

It's always good to know ahead of time what are some of the common reasons why a home would go back to the market for sale.

Know that just because you have an executed contract doesn't mean that all is guaranteed to go perfectly. Things can go wrong that often could have been avoided by either the Seller or Buyer.

+Paul Sian has written a very helpful article to fill you in on just what could happen. Plus, he's included related articles from +Sharon Paxson +Jeff Nelson
and +Bill Gassett
Why Do Some Homes Come Back For Sale After Receiving An Offer

This article explores some of the common reasons why a home offer will get cancelled and what homebuyers can expect when looking at that home. Not every home that returns to market will have issues but it pays to ask questions when a home does return to market.

Included in the article are excellent resources from +Bill Gassett, +Sharon Paxson, +Jeff Nelson, +Lynn Pineda and more.

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So why isn't your home getting any showings?

What could it be?!

Here +Kevin Vitali details 6 reasons why your home isn't getting the traffic you had hoped for when you set out to sell your home.

Kevin discusses your home's presentation, your home's price, lack of access for Buyers and more. If you get a good grip of these reasons, you'll be well on your way to getting your home sold.

You'll also find more related articles for home selling from +Xavier De Buck +Joe Boylan +Bill Gassett and +Kyle Hiscock
Hot or Not? Why isn't your home getting showings?

This seller's market is certainly bringing out a lot of confidence in home sellers. But not every home always flies off the market. There are the ones that expire unsold.... or the ones that take months to sell after price reduction after price reduction.

So why is your home getting very little showing activity? Time is your enemy when selling a home, so you need to assess quickly what is going on.

The first place to look is at your online presentation. What impression are your homes photos leaving buyers with?

Here are 6 common reasons your home is receiving little or no showings.

Ither home selling resources from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Lynn Pineda, +Joe Boylan and +Xavier De Buck

#homeselling #homepricing
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Why do home Sellers overprice their home?

And, what happens when they do? Here +Kevin Vitali zeroes in on the harmful results when Sellers overprice their home. You need to read Kevin’s super article to really understand the effects of an overpriced home. Get it right and you’ll sell your home for the most money, instead of having to chase your local Real Estate market.

Kevin also includes some good articles written by +Karen Highland +Jeff Nelson +Bill Gassett and +Kyle Hiscock

Get educated on setting a home selling price!
9 Reasons Why Home Sellers Overprice Their House But Shouldn't

When selling a home, pricing it properly is the most critical piece of the sale. But often when sellers choose a listing price they run on emotion.

Emotions can cloud your judgement and forces you to make bad decisions.

Here are 9 reasons why home sellers overprice their home.

Other home selling resources from +Bill Gassett, +Jeff Nelson, +Kyle Hiscock, +Lynn Pineda and +Karen Highland


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Learn the Steps to Buying a House

+Joe Boylan has put together a really helpful 8 Step Guide to buying a house.

You'll find really informative advice from Joe that includes the following steps and what they mean:

- How Much Home Can You Afford?
- Your Needs and Wants
- Tour Homes & Neighborhoods
- Make an Offer on a Home
- Processing the Loan
- Home Inspection and Appraisal
- Title Processing
- Closing on Your Home

Do not start the home buying process until you read Joe's article and you'll even discover more helpful resources that are included from top Real Estate Agents and bloggers: +Anita Clark +Kevin Vitali +Jeff Nelson +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +Xavier De Buck +Ellen Pitts +Paul Sian +Karen Highland and +Debbie Drummond

Enjoy the article!
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13 Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacation Rental Property

The thought of owning your own vacation property has been on your “must have” list forever. Now you’re ready. What do you need to consider to make sure you don’t make any mistakes? +Joy Bender has written an excellent article that covers just what you need to plan for when buying a vacation rental property.

It’s exciting, I know, having a spot for you and your family to be able to jet off to when a vacation is needed. Just make sure you read Joy’s article first. You’ll be glad you did.

She also includes helpful resources from +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock and +Sharon Paxson
Aumann Bender & Associates
Aumann Bender & Associates
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10 Steps to Buying a Home

Follow these home buying steps presented quite well from +Sharon Paxson, then you'll be well on your way to homeownership - how exciting!

Without a plan and without knowing what to anticipate, you'll likely get yourself in a situation that you'll sure wish you hadn't. She answers questions, such as, whether or not you should buy that new car now or wait until after closing.

Sharon also includes additional resources from +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +Petra Norris +Michelle Gibson +Paul Sian and +Debbie Drummond

Enjoy Sharon's article.
Considering moving, then check out my most recent article 10 Steps to Buying a Home. You will find information about establishing a budget, meeting with a lender, ensuring you do not make any large capital purchases and more.

Find references and contributions from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Petra Norris, +Michelle Gibson, +Paul Sian, +Debbie Drummond and +Lynn Pineda

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Advice for New Real Estate Bloggers from the Experts

Do you want to blog to grow your Real Estate business? Does it work? Where do you begin? What do you do?

Here in +Conor MacEvilly’s just released article today, you’ll find the guidance you were looking for to get on track to becoming an expert Real Estate blogger.

Tips coming from +Luke Skar +Kevin Vitali +Bill Gassett +Xavier De Buck +Kyle Hiscock and me too!
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