Do you have a signature sense of style? Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Are you obsessed with architecture? Indeed, does one of your shots typify a certain photographic style?

Announcing a new daily photographic theme on G+: #SAturdayStyle (#SAS) brought to you by +lynn langmade and +lane langmade . The theme is simple: Share a photo that represents your idea of style—in fashion, design/décor, architecture, or art.

But what is style? Technically, style is a distinctive or characteristic mode of expression or creation. The particular way something is done, expressed or performed. Sure style has to do with fashion and form, but there is a lot more to it. According to renowned scholar, Cornel West:

"[S]tyle has to do with the ways in which you’re able to orient your critical intelligence, your spirituality, and your sense of character. I think style is inseparable from voice . . . if you have a voice, that’s style. You only find your voice by coming to terms with who you are. You have to muster the courage to be. . . Find your voice, then you got your style."

To share your sense of “style,” post a photo representing any of the following topics—fashion, design/décor, architecture, or art. Individuals can post a shot that represents their own individual style or a trend or one that epitomizes a certain style from a different era, like flat graphic or blobitecture.

What’s awesome about this theme? Well, quite frankly, almost any subject is fair game. Whether it’s a catwalk shot, an interior design shot, graphic design, street fashion shot, or even a shot of an architectural landmark, so long as it represents a particular style, we’d love to see it. It can be a self-portrait, a shot of a fashionista/o friend whom you admire, or a stranger on the street. Furthermore,macro, landscape, portrait, long exposure or other genres are also welcome. That means you don’t have to do anything special to participate in the theme. In other words: it’s easy! :D

Whad’ya say? Isn’t it time you shared your personal sense of style? We think it is, so why not join myself and my co-curator and other awesome G+ photogs and celebrate what makes your sense of style unique.

Simple Rules:

1) Must be your own photo
2) Post only shots that are legitimately expressing a certain form of style in a particular genre- fashion,design, décor, architecture, art
3) Must include a brief description of why you think this particular photo embodies style.

Simple Steps:
1) Upload one photo to your G+ albums anytime on Saturday andno other day
2) Tag your post with #SaturdayStyle and/or #SAS
3) Follow your work being shared with other awesome G+ photographers
4) Search for the same tag by clicking it and then enjoy other entries
5) Oh yes, and have fun and network with other photographers

*Note:You can also + any of the curators to make sure that we won't miss your contribution.

If you’re new and would like to learn about more Google+ Daily Photography Themes go to:

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Thanks and have a wonderful #SaturdayStyle :D
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