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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

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did you see this +Chris Hughes ?
Pre-I/O Glass Hackathon

A few us in the Bay Area are organizing a Google Glass hackathon for the weekend before Google I/O (6/20-21 or 22). We're still working on nailing down the space and details, but I can say it's going to be a ton of fun! If you're traveling to SF for I/O, and you're a Glass Explorer who likes to hack on things, you might want to come a few days early for this. I'll be getting a website up for details in the next week or so.

Edit: #io14  
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watching great talk  +Michael Feathers on programming languages and the maturity of our industry  #HintItsNotRuby  RUBY ARRAYS ON STEROIDS - Michael Feathers
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launched - new +YouTube channel to help you teach your kids to code in Java using TKP (free) courseware -- 
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math before sleep #dreams
Waking up to math #Monday
Here's a list of Maths Equations that changed the World!
A brilliant treat for all Maths lovers! :)
Image source: Business Insider
#mathsforlife #mathematics
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Have her in circles
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evening math
Math concepts which are easy to explain visually:

- why circles and right-angle triangles and angles are all related
- why sine is opposite over hypotenuse and so on
- why cosine is simply sine but offset by pi/2 radians .

source: #ScienceIsBeauty  

#Geek   #Math   #MathConcept   #VisualExplanation   #Mathematics  

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hey +David Haley have you tried this yet? :)
"#Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival." - C. S. Lewis

I am so grateful, this #Easter morning, for #friendship. There have been times that people have helped me out of just about any bad thing I have wandered into. It's amazing how we are there to help each other. The whole world revolves around this, right?

Today we are driving a couple of hours to meet with close friends, share some calories, fat, and protein, and fill our respective tanks with fuel for the work of the coming weeks and months. I will have the chance to pull out a #guitar and play a tune or two, and we will watch the #sheep and #donkey while we sing to the budding fields.

Have a #beautiful day, friend, and thanks for stopping by here to see this #gif of two cats having fun with a laser - life is a beautiful #illusion just like that one, isn't it?

#lol #humor #lolz #funny #caturday #caturdayeveryday #awesome #amazing #cat #cats #animal #loop #laser #quote
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Haha! I've never gotten them to play pong, but they do go bananas with laser pointers, and reflected lights in general. They make these funny chirpy noises when hunting the laser...

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Women Techmakers: Make your passion.

Last month 11,000 technical women attended 125 events across 52 countries to build greater visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

Today we're excited to debut a video featuring innovative women leaders who share their personal stories, solutions, and impact on the technology industry.  Shout outs to Googlers +Kelly Ellis +Jay Wong +Brynn Evans +Megan Smith +Mary Lou Jepsen +Joanna Smith!

Learn more about the Women Techmakers program at and join our Google+ community at

#wtm   #developers   #womentechmakers  
Last week I wrote about some characteristics of Gifted children. I shared the Neihart and Betts information.  One aspect of that is starting to become more and more evident in one of my classes. Th...
Have her in circles
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