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Lynette Young

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Me. Today. All day. This week. This month. When all your hard work & backside-bustin' pays off...
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I will help if you ever need it? Lol.
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Lynette Young

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Waiting at the doctors office earlier today. There were two other women here - mother and daughter. Mom is in her 90s daughter maybe late 60s. The convo is killing me.

1. They are talking about me as if I cannot hear them. Mom is very worried about my blue polish pedicure. That apparently is why I'm at the doctors. Also, don't touch anything the lady with blue toes touches...

2. Mom is ticked the daughter won't take Monday off work (she already took off today) to take her to the store for milk. Just. Milk. No option of bringing it to her or running errands over the weekend. "I'll just start walking to the grocery store Sunday night to get there Monday morning for milk."

Older folks amuse me much like toddlers do.
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Lynette Young

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For the love of unicorns your company signing a new client is NOT press release or news worthy.
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مساء الحب والجما ل
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Lynette Young

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This article seems to be written specifically for ME. Not only am I working (and FIGHTING) for women younger than me to move ahead in the workplace, I am still fighting for myself.

"If we want the next generation of women to be strong, assertive, and demanding in this environment, we have to give them models that show them how."

-- Women over 40 are dramatically underrepresented in the top tiers of organizations

-- Venture-based start-ups with five or more women onboard are significantly more successful than those without

-- Women who have achieved some level of success by middle age probably already have more experience with what has come to be called the “gig” economy than mid-career men who've been slogging it out in the same company for a decade or more

-- [Women] are also far likelier than their male peers to say they are “underemployed” — stuck in jobs where their abilities aren't recognized, where they aren't getting promoted, where they aren’t working up to their highest level
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their expierence 
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Lynette Young

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Say what you want... I still <3 Rick Astley. I'm an 80s gal after all!

#UptownFunk #NeverGonnaGiveYouUp
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+Lynette Young Rick Astley, Hall and Oates, and The Beegees. All bae
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Lynette Young

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#mustread social media privacy "The Very Public Side of Private Instagram Accounts" via +Lisa Frame
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Lynette Young

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I for one am eternally grateful for all immigrants and refugees courageous and desperate enough to face death just to provide the hope of a better opportunity to their families.

My grandmother escaped the Holocaust. Her bravery is the ONLY reason I'm alive and that I and my children EXIST on this planet. It's a sad state of affairs that can't remember its roots just two generations ago about how most of us came to be in this country and on the planet.

Even though my grandmother is no longer with us, her struggles and steadfast resolve to suffer for the sake of her children - and grand- / great-grandchildren she could never even dream of is appreciated DAILY.
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good,  I share  your opinion.
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Lynette Young

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Fresh off the press and full of amazing commentary and insight. Go grab a download now! Thank again to +Shel Holtz for the panel invite as well as +Doug Haslam and +Mitchell Levy for the smart thoughts!
Welcome to episode #4 of For Immediate Release. This week’s panel includes Think AHA Chief Instigator Mitchell Levy (who is also the host of Thought Leader Life on the FIR Podcast Network), Stone Temple Consulting senior consultant Doug Haslam, and ClaimWizard co-founder and marketing director Lynette Young. Topics covered include a questionable PR pitch, the launch of Twitter Moments, the return of Justine Sacco, and much more.Continue Reading →
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Thanks sweetie
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Lynette Young

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I'm totally head-down for the next two weeks as I / we relaunch my agency & showcase some amazing client work. Office is (fingers crossed) getting renovated and expanded this fall. Staff is expanding rapidly (just brought on a national sales manager!!)

If there is anything I've learned in recent years it is that working for someone else always has undesirable baggage. The inability to be paid what your experience is worth is soul-crushing. It is difficult working on other people's agendas that are nearly never for the good of the staff or clients.

It's on like Donkey Kong suckas.
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Lynette Young

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I'm a Wawa fan! Do you have convenience stores near you? What's your fav?
The Media, Pa.-based chain edges out an Oklahoma-based convenience store chain that took the top spot last year.
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Lynette Young

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Ever hear of +Poachable? Looks like an undercover job search tool!
List your private requirements for changing jobs. Privately browse curated matches and get notified when an employer shows interest in your anonymous profile.
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Lynette Young

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Oh my geek heart... a LEGO game.  I'm also insanely jealous of all my friends at SDCC right now!
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Have her in circles
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Director of Marketing Technologies
  • ClaimWizard
    Mistress of Marketing, 2012 - present
    Lynette Young works as a marketing technology specialist and a business strategist with focus on digital publishing and implementation services. She is an outspoken advocate of digital social communications and sees it as a vital piece for business on the web today. Lynette is currently co-founder and Director of Marketing at ClaimWizard. Lynette’s 18+ years of expertise as a digital media strategist and marketing technology subject matter expert positions her as a "full stack marketer"​ giving her a distinct advantage in today's fast paced business and environment. Her specialties include social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ as well as blogging, online community engagement, SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, analytics and business development. Lynette Young founded her firm Purple Stripe Productions in 2006 to work with agencies, in-house staff and career-minded professionals to develop and effectively deploy strategic and tactical initiatives to gain exposure, attract talent, grow business and reach new customers using the social web. At this time Purple Stripe is the property for Lynette's professional speaking, mastermind mentoring groups and podcast consulting services.
  • Mingl Marketing
    Director of Marketing Technologies, 2015 - 2015
    Lynette is acting as the Director of Marketing Technologies at Mingl Marketing Group. Mingl is a Philadelphia PA area marketing consultancy focused on integrating inbound marketing, social media and email campaigns into traditional marketing strategies across a broad range of B2C and B2B industries. Our signature client offering is a Marketing as a Service (MaaS) product and combines marketing automation software with content creation and campaign management into an integrated lead generation program.
  • AWeber Communications
    Content Marketing Manager, 2014 - 2015
    My passion is working to help business owners learn about and use AWeber’s email marketing solution in a productive and profitable way to grow their own business. I strive to develop quality content with the goal of helping business owners become better email marketers themselves.
  • Purple Stripe Productions
    Owner, 2006 - 2014
    Social Technology Strategist & Women SMB Entrepreneur :
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Lynette Young : Where Creativity Meets Technology

Digital Media & Marketing • Published Author • Professional Keynote Speaker • Google+ Trainer • Geek • Doctor Who Fan

Lynette Young has been helping professionals and companies thrive on social media platforms and digital publishing since 2006 when she founded her company Purple Stripe ProductionsHer goal is to make the technology invisible to both her clients and their customers, instead focusing on an immersive brand and storytelling experience that moves the needle forward.

With a expert-level understanding of the popular networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, Lynette makes a point to keep her clients from becoming stale and out of date by constantly creating and curating content on fringe and niche networks. Platforms such as Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, iTunes Podcasts, Kickstarter, Vemio, Instagram, and SlideShare help her clients reach where others don’t. Multimedia content is of top importance and Lynette is highly proficient with all aspects of social media technology and rich online media such as podcasts, streaming video, and blogging, multi-screen content (mobile, desktop, tablet) as well as cross channel marketing and publishing.

She is comfortable heading up an in-house team or working with agency and client staff to build the best possible solution for her clients to meet goals. Equally effective with both executives and developers, Lynette builds connections and breaks down walls between staff, departments, clients, and vendors. She enhances and augments the participation and involvement of executive, public relations, marketing, advertising, legal, human resources, product development, customer service, and executive in all social media endeavors she champions. She has worked with clients ranging from family owned local retail businesses to Fortune 500 firms directly.

Lynette’s expertise gives her a distinct advantage as an engaging and informative speaker and corporate trainer. Her specialties include social media, online community engagement, and digital communication trends.




Key Articles / Videos:


Most of the content I publish on Google+ is related to my business and work I do with professionals, brands and companies to help them bridge digital communications & business bottom-line results.


Lynette's new book Google+ for Small Business (Que Press) is available for now.


Never let your best be your only. - Lynette Young

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Ex-roller skating queen. 44 years young raising two kids & keeper of one husband.
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