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Moms in tech rule! Give this a click & a read.Are you surprised to see how many are moms on the list?? Who would you put on this list from Google+?
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+Cecily Kellogg - did you know that 10 out of 10 people either ARE mothers, or have HAD mothers? ;)
Joanne Lang asks after being asked how she manages with four boys under the age of 8yrs old " “Why doesn’t anyone ever ask men that question?”

I find her question rather stupid. Men are not asked because they are no expected to do it all. They are not doing it all but women are,at least more often than not.

Women are still often the main manager of household so the question is warranted.

I wonder how many of them had nannies,whether they had partner at home or other family members taking over baby sitting roles.

What interests me..are those parents who are "normal" everyday Mums not those privileged women who never had to worry about working and taking care of their children,because they could afford the daycare.
I think Joanne's point may be that the fact that men don't have to be asked this question because it doesn't pertain to them (as you point out) wrong. I don't think she is saying that it isn't a question she struggles with every day, just that on top of that, it is one that men don't have to be asked usually (although that is changing). And no woman - or man- should have to apologize for making enough money to be able to afford day care, work, and bring money home, or for staying home with their children, for that matter. Either is a choice. As for "normal", it is in the eye of the beholder, to me. To each her (or his) own.
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