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Being sick and not able to get online much gave me the chance to catch up on Doctor Who episodes on Netflix. I'm all caught up just in time for tomorrow night's brand new Doctor Who season. I rarely watch television - Game of Thrones being my last splurge. I'm not sure I'm going to like watching television with actual commercials in them!
Doctor Who will return in the UK, US and Canada on 1st September with Asylum of the Daleks! 

UK – 7.20pm on BBC One
US – 9.00pm ET on BBC America 
Canada – 9.00pm ET on Space

Add it to your diaries!
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I know what you mean.  I cannot stand watching TV with actual, live commercial in the shows.  I started only watching shows through a Roku over a year ago, and before that we had a DVR and recorded everything.  
aaaah! I'm probably an entire season behind at this point. Not sure I can start the new season with the rest of civilized society. T_T However maybe the lack of commercials when I do catch up will make it okay? :) enjoy! 
I am all set - have my UK VPN ready for watching BBC One live at 2: 20 eastern...a full 6 hours and 40 mins before USA!!
Cannot wait to see the new season. Btw get better
I am so ridiculously excited for the new season of Doctor Who. I hope you feel better soon, +Lynette Young 
THAT was an epic episode. I loved next week's trailer too - TWO Harry Potter actors!
It was indeed epic. Loved it. Next week can't come sooner
yes I hate regular TV ...I have Apple TV
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