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Whoa. Jobs would have never done this (remember antennagate?) Good on them! Now where is my Google Maps App? Honestly I only use Maps (Google or now Apple) on my phone for city walking directions. For driving I'm a rabid fan of +Waze.
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waze is good if you live in an area where people enjoy providing crowd sourced data.  where i live in BFE?  not so much.  :/
Can't use Waze. As much as I love it, it reboots my phone :o(
+Matt Keithley true, I'm in the middle of NYC & Philly so there are a LOT of drivers. I first loved it for the turn by turn directions which iOS devices don't have, now I'm a fan of the cop spotters ;)
There will be more public apologies to follow.......stick a fork in Apple, they're done......since, Jobs died , its been a bad imitation of old Microsoft at Apples core....
+Lynette Young I think Jobs owned up too ... when he really messed up.  Didn't half the team get fired over antennagate, and the public got free cases?!

I don't know where they tested the maps, but they are really terrible in Canada.  The thing I miss most is that Google maps would show you where the traffic is snarled.

+Angus Young  Yup, thinking of switching to a Galaxy...
Best be careful when you play follow the leader.
The Ouija boards are going to be buzzing tonight!

(Is there an App for that?)
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