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You and me both Firmato, Just wait until the market is saturated with them. Prices will come down.
we have one white and one black one too :)
I'm very close to buying mine. Extra items (covers and such), buy at Apple or through other businesses?
we bought our covers via amazon I think
Sounds like Fun... I am almost ready to move from my Ipad2 over to 3 have you seen much difference other than the screen?
I bought a new iPad for my wife this past holiday season and I was just eying the website last night trying to justify buying a new iMac mini to be my new database server for my photo collection (since my old iMac is starting to become very unreliable).
Its damn hard to keep my Apple purchases under 2k a year. I am torn between buying a bunch of stock and buying a new Mac or tower of Power... its not like I don't have two backups for my current server.
His and Hers colors! Great idea and Thanks!!
Just saying for that much price you could have had a quad core tablet (Transformer Prime) which is much better than an ios device. You can do so much more like seriously..
I have an iPad 1 and husband has a rooted Nook. Since we develop apps for them it made sense to upgrade. ;)
At last count we had 7 Mac computers too. We are geeks / programmers / architects for a living. 
Congrats! I own both an iPad (white) and a Transformer Prime. The Prime has superior hardware, but the iPad just kills it and every Android device in terms of the sheer amount and quality of apps. There's also that Retina Display. :)
man i've been craving for one of those transformer primes ... love my iPad .. but would just like to switch it up sometimes ;)
I will wait for the next generation...
In my opinion the resolution on this new retina display is just amazing. But I am still not going to "invest" in apple's products because they're highly overpriced. So there goes the investment.
+Firmato Rodriguez Thats the problem with Technology and especially gadgets...not always in the price bracket of every possible customer.
The Husband here. A couple of notes: the iPad 2 is only available in the 16GB model. The retina display was not enough for me to get the newer models. But as someone who develops for the iOS platform, I needed the larger storage, so I went with the iPad 3.

As for the increase in cost, it was either the 64GB iPad for $700 or the Asus Transformer Prime, which came out to about the same amount for the same configuration with BT keyboard. Yes, the android tablets support SD cards, but 64GB is more than enough for my needs. And since my clients use the iOS devices (as well as Android), I need one anyway.

FWIW and to not sound like a complete Apple fan boy :) I also own a Color Nook, which I rooted and run Cyanogen on, and have an Android phone (HTC Evo), also rooted.

tl;dr - we all have different needs
+John Sullivan I agree about not being able to tell the difference between the screens. Prior to purchase, we ran our v1 iPad next to a v3 playing the same HD vid and the difference was negligible. Big reason, the rez of the iPad 1/2 is already 1080p so, yeah, retina is not much of a compelling reason to upgrade. 
With respect to the Transformer Prime, I was given a demo of the new model which runs on the Tegra 3 processor. It's a quad-core CPU which, honestly, is overkill and under-utilized on a tablet.

What's really compelling about the Tegra 3, tho, is that it's actually a "quad+1" processor. In addition to the quad core, it has a fifth, lower-powered processor that requires less battery to run. For less demanding apps (e.g. email), the 5th core can be used, greatly extending battery life. As the developer of that app, I can specify which profile to use.

What I cannot do, unfortunately, is write a standard app and indicate which CPU cores to run which processes. That's a limitation of the Java language used to develop apps for the platform. Multi-threaded apps are very easy to write but you can't control processor affinity.

So, there you have it, folks. Your daily recommended allowance of tech geek.
But, woof, is the Prime a sexy beast. If I didn't have a specific need for the iPad, I would be all over the Prime and have, in fact, already guided three other people to buy one.
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