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I had to share this. My friend +Evo Terra is spending the month eating nothing but sausage and drinking nothing (not even water??!!) but beer. Insane. Yes. But that goes with the territory with him! 

I wonder if I start a similar diet of cheese and wine if it would work the same for me??
Losing weight with 31 days of beer & sausage.
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There's actually a whole lot of history behind the idea of drinking beer instead of water.

It probably kept humanity from being wiped out by plagues when agriculture was first developed.

And as for sausage... well... because sausage!
Water is OK. As are a variety of other liquids, like coffee, tea, yerba mate...

But my calories come from beer and sausage. And it's fun!
... goes off to Google yerba mate ...
And yes, wine and cheese would work for you. You need a protein source (my doc recommended at least 30 gram per day so my system didn't start consuming muscle tissue) and less calories than your body burns. 

Mine churns through ~2000 calories a day just doing my normal thing. So if I consume less than that... math says I'll lose weight. And reality proves (again) that math is right!
It'll need to be a fairly high-protein cheese; there's a lot of fat in there, even compared to sausage.
Aww SWWEEEEET I need to make a wine and cheese diet! 
Thanks for sharing, +Lynette Young!
Finally a diet that makes sense.  If we drink enough beer/wine, we won't know or care what the diet is doing.  Wishing all of us a FUN weekend!  :-)
I think short term should be ok. In the longer term, if you don't consume sufficient solutes/electrolytes or have a balanced nutritional intake, you would need to watch out for what they call "beer drinker's potomania".
This is (and was last year) fully physician-supervised, +Johnathan Chung. While we've not yet done the science on a longer-than-a-month, this one seems pretty solid. But another year of gathering evidence is OK with me.
Eating only one of anything will eventually cause either massive or slow weight loss, depending on condition of patient.  all of these protein heavy diets lead to acidosis, which leads to weight loss as well as loss of muscle mass and development of blood ketones.

Anyone interested should look up childhood diabetes prior to invention of injectable insulin.  NOT a pretty disease or situation!
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