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HELL YES. Thanks Facebook & team for stepping up to bat.
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that is crazy, I can't imagine any employer demanding my password. would quit on the spot...or just create a dummy account and give to them XD
not only dont i think that employers should be allowed to ask for passwords but i dont think that you should have to friend them.
It's none of their business. If they're that concerned, they can pay for a background check.
+Thom Frost no one is requesting users Google passwords at job interviews. That probably would have changed quickly though had all this nonsense been allowed to slip through the cracks.
+Lynette Young true but still i think google should jump on it.
the other question is what next employers asking for your personal email account password, where will this stop?
Facebook, thinks they are all that and a bag of chips. As far as employers, schools etc, Nobody and I mean NOBODY has a right to invade on ANYONE"S PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been hearing about this issue for some time, and I would have no problem telling them to go f*** their self!!!
BTW, I left FaceBook, because I didn't care for them trying to control my page. I'll never go back!
+David A Cook ya well some people havent been given a option. some people have not been given jobs or promoted because of refusing.
i personally think i was passed over for a job because i said i would not give my password or the url for my profile.
if your boss walked up to you david (and you are the sole bread winner of your house) and said give me your facebook and g+ password or your fired then what?
your stuck in between and rock and a hard place.
and some would give it up instead of giving up their job and companies know that when push comes to shove that you will give it up instead of losing your job.
I can't help but think the only reason Facebook is so against this is because a stranger logging into someone's account will cause ripples in the account holders social DNA which could cause problems for Facebook's ability to sell said account holders data. But then again that could just be my cynical side talking about a company that has no regard for personal information.
Good thing I work for myself.
+Lynette Young Let me know when Facebook really sues someone. It's just PR propaganda. They won't sue anyone. They will just support laws that make it illegal. And they are stating their position that they don't agree with the practice.
Did you read the UPDATE in the post? Lol. It looks like I am good at predictions today.
UPDATE: Facebook has contacted us with an additional statement to clarify that the company has no immediate plans to sue any specific entity. "While we do not have any immediate plans to take legal action against any specific employers, we look forward to engaging with policy makers and other stakeholders, to help better safeguard the privacy of our users," the company said.
Facebook has cut the CIA's budget in half.
LOL Nope! It's against my business policies and procedures.
+David A Cook but if you dont then how will you know about what david is writing about you and the company? i think you should fire his lazy butt just because :P
I think if / when Facebook sues someone over they they should be allowed to take the FB profiles from the company & push them public including all the assine games people play - and the timestamps (during work).
Why is this not just an extension of warrantless search and the Patriot Act? Oh wait, that didn't affect us. Loss of 1st amendment freedoms are a slippery slope and it's grasp is reaching us all.
This sounds like a fabricated media frenzy. Which employers are actually asking for FB passwords? Those companies should be named and shamed, that's the real story. Poor employment practices!
I'm glad FB is taking action against this, but it has nothing to do with FB wanting to be a patron saint for users. FB knows that if this becomes widespread, people will be afraid to use FB because of the threat of an employer snooping on their FB page. Hence, those people will stop using FB... ouch to FB's bottom line.
I think Facebook is making a very clear statement:
Your data is ours and no one else's.

It has more to do with protecting FB and their inalienable right to harvest data, and less to do with protection of their users. FB protects the user base b/c it needs the user base... and b/c the information it collects is proprietary. It's a huge legal risk for them to allow anyone that is not the user contributing the data to see or explore that data. It opens legal doors that could let competitors in to access 'trade secrets'.

It's not about altruism, it's about business. Let's not delude ourselves to the contrary.
But will they change their own security to stop third party apps demanding such personal info .. ?? I bet the answer is NO .. two faced or what ???
"I'm sorry, Interview panel, but my Facebook account contains information about me that you cannot legally ask for, to include my age, my gender (although you have already determined that during the course of this interview), my marital and family status, my religious beliefs, the social clubs I may or may not belong to, my health and physical abilities, where I live (and how far my commute would be), and whether or not I currently have military service obligations.
And now that you've asked for my account information, I believe you have asked me for ALL of those things, and should it come to pass that an offer of employment is not forthcoming, my lawyer will be in touch.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen - have a *wonderful* remainder of your afternoon."
Think asking for employee's social media password is the most stupid thing to surrender to an employer. As an employer, might require employees to sign a code of ethics, but would NEVER ask for passwords. Would nicely say "hell would freeze over" before my employer would get my passwords.
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