Poisoning the Well

I've seen it brought up by more than a dozen people over the past week... Does the community within Google+ seem to be swinging from the intelligent, conversational interactions from the beginning to just another snark-and-troll-fest? My own content aside, I've seen the number of thoughtful and insightful comments on posts in here deteriorate into soapboxes, judging and preaching. It was said 'in the beginning' that letting in a flood of new people that are not vested in the health and vitality of the community here will poison the well.

I am of the thought that if you don't agree with what someone posts on their own content stream that you are under no obligation to follow, comment or participate. You get your own content stream to do that with. While I welcome intelligent banter and debate, so many posts I read - so many people I value in here - have gotten dragged down into the pit with the crazies. Conversations get derailed by people that want to go off-topic or hijack the thread for themselves, or 'steal' eyeballs of someone with highly-engaged followers.

It just feels different in here lately. Maybe it's the usual summer doldrums digital publishing goes through.

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