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Leave it to Microsoft to be 20 almost 30 years out of date with a punchline. "Moonlighting"... really? How about focusing on the value of the product instead of bashing another? (Does anyone except people over the age of 35 in the US know what this is even parodying?)

Besides, if M$ wasn't feeling the pinch of Google Apps why bother with the negative ad?
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Good lord, I can't even remember what Cybill Sheperd looked like; I'm supposed to chuckle at this 80s reference?
trying to view the video in IE 6...
Pathetic is the word that comes to mind seeing this... And embarrassing perhaps...

Microsoft always let their customers beta test it's products so throwing this at someone else just seems kinda... Ah, well never mind...

I think Microsoft just went from being frustrated to being desperate... If you ask me is devastated the next phase and it is about time as well...
+Cory Lewis OMG that is hysterical, it never even dawned on me Microsoft is using a Google product to bash Google.
The ad is hilarious and points out major flaws in Google.
The ad is great but it does not portray Microsoft in good light. Funny but utterly ineffective.
The Forever changing gears of Google. Man your Station! Funny. Thanks, Lynette for this delightful fun share. Group Hug!
MICROSOFT SUCKXXX ! No innovation at all, this is disgusting!!! world will soon see Microsoft ship will drown into the bottom of the ocean......And it's is shameless to use Youtube for it!!
Well now i officially feel old, thanks!!
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