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I have been facinated with the 'behind the scenes' of Disney for some time now and would love to get a tour of Club 33 and the Cinderella Suite in the castle in WDW!

So +Marcy Massura & +Lou Mongello are you one of the 500? <grin>
It won't be signed Willy Wonka, but there's a new golden ticket going around.
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Club 33 is utterly gorgeous, and the food is spectacular. (I went once, when my boss's wife's boss's wife's mother was able to get us in for my boss's birthday.) I'm tempted to get on the waiting list now that it's open again. Maybe by the time our names come up, we'll be able to afford it.
LMAO boss's wife's boss's wife's mother
The Husband is looking in this actually- so we might be members soon ;) And it is lovely inside!
I've been fortunate enough to visit Club 33... but not quite at the point where I can swing the $25k fee and $10k/year in dues. :)

That being said, it's an amazing experience, because of the food, but more importantly, because of where you are, the connection to Walt, etc.

Next time you come down to WDW, Lynette, let me know. If you're interested, maybe we can do a tour of the Magic Kingdom
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