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Google+ to Wordpress Publishing

Okay, this by far is on my list of must-have Wordpress plugins. +Daniel Treadwell is a genius in my opinion for creating a way to automatically pull in public Google+ post and publish them on your Wordpress blog. Every single class, seminar, talk, or conference I have spoken at since finding this plugin I have raved about it! It is well worth the $10 for the paid version (he does have a free version if you want to try it out first). 

I have my Google+Blog plugin configured to only pull #blog  hashtags from my personal account (this one) into my blog, but I do use it for other blogs and for numerous clients. Daniel has included so many configuration options, and API integration so you can't pull in Google+ content that you don't own. There is no way other than +HootSuite to push outside content into Google+, and even then it's only from HootSuite TO a Google+ page.

Enjoy and leave a comment if you use it & your blog link!
Google+Blog for WordPress 1.2

Google+Blog for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import your Google+ Public posts (and their comments) as blog posts into your WordPress setup. There is a free version and a paid version ($10), both of which can be found at

Paid users, please update by going to to download. Where 'YourTransactionId' is the number emailed to you.

Update Details

- Avatars are now displayed against user comments
- Google API changes related to images are handled
- Problems with embedded links not displaying thumbnails fixed
- Youtube videos are now embedded, allowing better viewing on mobile devices.
- Reshared posts are again importing after API changes

To update please deactivate and delete the existing plugin prior to installing this one.


Keep your suggestions coming as they are what guides the development of this plugin. Also be sure to log any bugs you have found with me. Updates will start to slow down a little now as the plugin becomes more stable but be sure to check my posts for the latest news regarding the plugin.


There is an explanation of each of the settings for the plugin in a prior post that can be found here: 

If you think you need a little more help with the plugin +Nancy Messieh  of TheNextWeb wrote up a great post detailing the steps to go through to get things up and running. Check it out here:


If you are experiencing problems with the plugin not working at all, there can be conflicts with other plugins and themes, especially in relation to comments. Message me privately with these issues including the settings you are using as well as any errors you may be receiving and I will do my best to help you get it all up and running.

Thanks for the continued support.

Your reshares are appreciated.

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Google+ Blog Concept - Daniel Treadwell. View your Google+ Posts in the form of a clean and simple blog. Also home of the Google+Blog WordPress plugin.
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I'm still trying to sort out the best place for things...twitter, fb, google+, blogs. I think I've come to the conclusion that google+ is more of a mini blog type of place. Google+ is missing 1 key feature and that is the ability to publish your post under a certain topic, so that the circle that you are publishing to, can choose to follow based upon the published topic. Outside of that, I don't really see the need for blogs anymore.... Am I missing something?
+joe conery the NUMBER ONE reason to still have a blog - you own the platform and distribution channel of your own content. For businesses this is non-negotiable in my opinion, but a casual/recreational blogger may not care if Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatnot disappears and takes all their content with it.
+Lynette Young - I'm not sure I agree with that. For businesses, I suppose you're right..However for most people  they use a hosted blog service. If wordpress disappeared, you'd lose all your content.... I suppose you need confidence in your host. Going by your logic, we mind as well get rid of cloud computing for business. Google is barking up the wrong tree with hosted services eg Docs, Drive and apps for business... Or Amazon's web services cloud platform. 
Thanks for the plug +Lynette Young, really happy you are liking the plugin.

I have another project that you may be interested in coming up in the next month or so that will allow cross publishing to other networks (using G+ as the publishing platform).  So stay tuned for that as it will likely help those that aren't using WordPress.
I can't wait to dive into Google+ . I can not rave enough about your presentation and advice at Bloggy Boot Camp. You really did "rock the mic" woman!
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