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THAT A GIRL!!!!!! That's a Jersey Girl for sure!
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cute baby····~~~~~^ ^
Adorable. I wonder how much off camera coaching is going on. +Jason Lutes might enjoy this video.
Ha-ha! I love it! One of my favorite songs/videos as well.
being a jersey girl myself... she´s got jersey girl written all over
Awesome! My kids all really liked Bon Jovi when there were tiny too.
Lol..this girl knows well who can actually sing
sorry miley, ur own generation hates u.... toddler's like the next einstein XD
Baby is very smart she know the value of parents who cares her n at this age u have to spare more time with her besides ur daily routined works.
omg this is great - I literally watched this 5 times
yes i love to see ur comments really hahahahahaha
Awesome! Her total disgust at the beginning is great.
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