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Day 3 post surgery. I was triple booked tonight for a talk, a coaching session & an event with my daughter. Had to postpone the first two and have my husband drive me to the third. Besides not typing well, the not driving for weeks will kill me. I'm down to only three speaking / travel events for May. Totally unlike me to have to ramp down work. It does not suit my work ethic <grin>!
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What are these "bookings" of which you speak?
i am so sorry about your arm
Uh oh - hope you start feeling better and mend quickly!
Whoa!?!? I'm lost! What happened?

And I hope it heals soon...I hate being sick or injured for that matter :-)
La blessure qui est l'obstacle,mais ça passe
I'm glad I'm not in your position,
but there's such good words from your physician,
and you stand good chance for full remission
from your ulnar nerve intramuscular transposition.
thank u for Gad to your safety
Tu,du,tu,dutudutudu,always look on a bride side of life,tudutudutudutudu...........
hope you feel better very soon
Hope you get well soon. Work will be there. Have to be alive to do it. lol
+Lynette Young hope you recover soon. Please just focus all your efforts on making sure you recover properly. Better to be down for just a little while than for a long while. A long illness really does havoc to the business, but a little one is manageable.
Hope you are better soon. The work can wait. You want to make sure there are no long term effects, so STOP and take care of you. Smile
hope u get better afew day later.!
wishing u quick recovery and better arm
Hope you heal well and can get back to it soon.
Feel better, Sweet Lady!! XOXO
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