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Katy Perry vs. Kelly Osbourne: Whose Purple Hair Do You Prefer?

Answer: That's easy - My own purple hair thank-you-very-much! I voted for Kelly's by the way, her purple is more violet, Katy's is more blue. I'll always side with violet (and gingers!)

Thanks to +Valeria Maltoni for sending me the link - she knows how much I love the color!!
Both stars dyed their hair this week -- but who works the look best?...
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Well... it is the best color, after all.
I like Katy's best , but they both look good to me.
They both look rubbish in the supplied images.
Katy looks bad, what's up with her?
I think Kelly's color is more interesting. The pics are terrible, though.

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Who's do I prefer? Yours +Lynette Young !
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