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Chatted last night with Bill & Will from Comcast at a Tweetup in Philly. They got me thinking about upgrading my Comcast residential Internet to a business plan. Didn't know you could do that. The more bandwidth I can get for Hangouts the better!

They completely rock the online support side of their company on Twitter. Since last night I've been thinking about what it would take for a large company to use Google+ in a way that is true to how they operate, but is different than how they use other social channels. I have ideas (duh, I always have ideas, it's my job...) Being that this platform is quite young, thankfully I see companies erring on the side of caution and waiting until they know exactly what they plan on doing in here before yelling CANNONBALL and jumping in.

But I'm watching......
Comcast will deliver a superior experience to our customers every day.
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If you have any questions I was Business Class Tier 2 HSI support for 5 years. I was one of the groups that actually started Business Class. :)
+Christopher Quarry thanks! I really do like Comcast, and love the idea that you can get business class speeds at a home address. Hell, I remember when you could only get on the Internet in New Jersey via Princeton University or Rutgers University!
I haven't worked there in almost a year, however when I was there all you had to do was justify the need for the service. I used to deal with a lot of Customers who ran home based businesses. Or VPN'ed into their office from home.
We were talking about the justification! I think they were rather surprised when I mentioned I probably have 12 computers and a handful of servers in my house. I'm just your normal geek ;)
Sounds like you would be a good candidate for Business Class service.
Lynette- You know where to find me if you need help getting this going :-)
I've been a Comcast customer since they first entered the Atlanta market. I can't say my experience has always been great with them. I don't watch TV much but I stick around for the internet. By far they're the best (in my area) for my needs.
Interesting stuff. We have a bundle now and since I get offers frequently I called and inquired about this but was told you can't have the same level of cable service we currently use. If that wasn't an issue we'd definitely consider upgrading.
+Kelly Whalen This is correct. Cable service is slightly different for business customers. What you could do if interested is separate the bundle. Have just cable service or cable and digital voice service on one package and business class internet and voice or just business class internet on the other.
At my old position in the Comcast Business Class Tier 2 group, I got a chance to deal with a few members of the +Comcastcares team. They were no less than fantastic to work with.
Lynette, you wrote: "Hell, I remember when you could only get on the Internet in New Jersey via Princeton University or Rutgers University!" What year was that, Lynette?
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