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Proud Google+ Fangirl

I call bullshit on this guy +Sujan Patel. If he truly had an ounce of creditability as a SEO "expert" he would be chocking on his words and writhing in the corner with a blue face pissing his pants. Ever hear of rel=author? Probably not.

He has called Google+ the 'short bus' of social networking. Which, I might add, is a horribly bigoted thing to say.

PS - Get out of Google+ if it's too much pressure or work for you.
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After Reading this ridiculous article (link below) written by this supposed SEO expert this morning where he calls everyone on Google+ "Geeks" and "Google Fanboys", I figured.... if lovin' Google+ is wrong, I don't wanna be right... I'm a proud G+ Geek!

I also figured in the spirit of fun, "why don't we show this jerk how powerful Google+ is!..." IF this guy is an SEO expert, he'll likely be checking on his backlinks that his article on Search Engine Journal received.

*So, Share this Post with your circles, each one of your shares are a backlinks to this his post. Maybe after he sees 100's if not 1000's of backlinks from Google+ in his analytics he'll quit being an idiot! Maybe, just maybe ;-) lol!
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I'm one of the biggest technological inepts I know, and I still manage to navigate G+ just FINE thank you! Reminds me of a line from a song: " We don't like what we cant understand, in fact it scares us, and this creature is mysterious at least..."
*truth, the other as face and tweet have become networks to ignorant and perverted, I'm bored of a platform so engrossed with google + I can communicate with people who do know the world and not idiots who ask the last of pitbull (although I accept that their videos are quality) but the hell with that. X0
*la verdad, los demas como face y twitt se han vuelto redes para ignorantes y pervertidos, estoy aburrido de una plataforma tan enfrascada, con google+ puedo comunicarme con gente que SI SABE del mundo y no con idiotas que preguntan lo ultimo de pitbull (aunque debo aceptar que sus videos son calidad) pero al carajo con esos. BO
Sensationalism at its best...

#googlepluspride !
I'll have +Sujan Patel know, I'm not a fanboy, I'm a fangirl!!! ;)

Seriously though, these comparisons of facebook/twitter/g+ always seem artificially constrained -- as though use of each is mutually exclusive. Personally, I find much more engagement and real conversation taking place on g+, which makes my time here much more rewarding than twitter or FB. That doesn't mean I'm abandoning all other platforms though! Each has its time, place and function.

Personally I would rather invest the time to try out a new social platform if I am not finding fulfillment in the status quo options -- and I really don't think I'm that much of an outlier!
I am officially ignoring the ignorant. I think most of these are written as linkbait anyway. If you link to them, you're just giving them what they wanted. 
To each his own...
I have a Facebook account that I don't maintain anymore. My only "friends" are family. I only keep in touch with family through the separate Messenger app.
The overwhelming theme, if I may say, that is written on the Google+ profile pages of most everyone I have ever seen is "Meet new people." This Google+ thing is set up where you can really meet new people--same likes, differing likes, etc.--but new people nonetheless. I guess one could argue that one can meet new people on Facebook too, but the way it implemented is very different than how G+ does it (and G+ does it better).
I don't think I want to provide the man with the links tbh!
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