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Six Reasons We Use Social Media from +Marcy Massura

I think there should be 7 - narcissism
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ha ha ha. Oh yeah #7. Hey wait- what are you trying to say Ms. Young? :)
Love the lazy part, saved the best for last ;)
Rj Zain
I think communication wise there is a lot more we do.

When it comes to news and information. While she does mention publishing it is far more than just books we can put out or blogs. These days, we not only have the ability to read the news in near real time but we can write it or share what we see.

There are also sites that are designed around collaborative work and development in various different fields. With these types of sites groups of people can work on the same project, be it software or something else.

We also use it for education in a way. It wouldn't surprise me if in the next decade the primary form of education moves to the internet. It could cut the primary cost of education to a small fraction of what it currently is and improve the over all quality.
Narcissists of the World... UNITE! Wait, let me check to see how awesome I am first though... ;)
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