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Anyone know what the color blocks on the left are for in the iOS version of Google+? They blink also.... Cute but it doesn't seem to do anything. (Hopes it's some super secret hidden feature, but not likely...)
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Oh see I tried that (PUSH ALL THE BUTTONS!!) and nothing happened.
I'll just keep quiet as I don't know much, nor care much about IOS :-)
I thought that was just the "syncing with new messages" animation
+Niclas Hallgren I just did an upgrade yesterday on apps. I update IOS this weekend. I just logged in and nope, I don't get those colors.
Oh wait a minute. When I swipe the screen it does have the bars but they aren't pastel color. They are primary colors. Go figure. * shrugs *
Are they the same colors as your calendar events?
They are jus like a rubber band in google colours. Try to drag more and they will just stretch. That's it.
The 4 stripes are just a fancy way to say google+ is loading new posts.
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I think it's just decoration
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