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There are benefits to being offline for a few days. For one, I missed this ZOMFG!! event called Super Moon. Earlier in the week no one was talking about it (whatever it is) except astronomy geeks. Thanks to the power of the Interwebs & Instagram the entire world Google+ Facebook is afire with identical pictures of the moon. I get it. You have a cell phone, an app, and neeeeeeed to make your indelible mark on civilized society showing how brilliant and educated you are.

Now stop it.
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S Khan
moon is awesome
lol you forgot the hashtag, +Lynette Young here ya go! #supermoon

Sounds like you were as bummed as I was that we were socked in with clouds here on the East coast last night. O_o
I did not get my butt shaved in time to participate in SUPERMOON, but if I hurry up I can still make bunwars!
That moon was amazing. I get that you were annoyed by so many people taking and sharing pics of it, but to each of them that was a unique and incredible sight. .
It was too cloudy where I am. I waited for a break in the clouds, but fell asleep. Oh well.
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