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As It Happens Review of Google+ Local

I'm poking around the new Google+ Local using a "real-word" case study - ME. So far I give it a 2 out of 10 stars. I can browse, but I want to search & search on specific criteria. 

I need to find a really good restaurant:

1) in Manhattan for Sunday night June 3rd
2) that can accommodate 5-10 people (as I collect them to meet for dinner!)
3) needs to have an atmosphere where we can have conversations (not bar/club levels of noise)
4) NOT Italian food (good heavens I have too much of that in NJ!)
5) I would like to see real-time reservation status (or hours, or inventory, or whatever is applicable to the venue I'm searching for)
6) with positive reviews from people I'm connected with in my social graph

I have other ways of getting this information or finding a place, I was looking at this as an experiment to use Google+ Local ;(

Five minutes into my search for a place for dinner, these are my first reactions. Should I hit Yelp or Zagat in the meantime? Where do YOU recommend I go?

EDIT: I found a place...

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Let me know your price point and I'll suggest a few places you can book, maybe even on (so easy!). 
Waiting for it to grow some flesh locally (South Africa).  It is up to the users and business owners.  Hope Google addresses you concerns soon though.
I love OpenTable. I was wanting to try/use Google+ Local to get it done, but it seems I have to go to my 'old standby' of either sending out a Twitter message or hitting Yelp.
dont worry.. it's not completed yet!! It is a common habit of Google to introduce the products unfinished!! and for example you can take Google+  din't you notice few good changes from the initial framework of Google+??? Google always introduces things unfinished and then keeping the river's of there products in mind they make excellent changes in them!! which is of~cause liked by the users!! that's the way Google works!!!
I like what I see so far, but your right I found myself having to go back to Yelp for lack of content. But as people like us add our experiences it should get better.
/me watches this conversation..
Imagine if GLE (Google Local + Google Events) was able to show you movie schedules and sell you seats to your mobile device which you'd then show to the scanner at the theater.
Honestly I really like it. My only problem is I could not find a menu.
I'm sure it is! Mobile payments is the new black! And I'm pleased with Local, folks, very impressed. Unlike FB, this can only go up.

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I have started using Google + local and have written a few reviews already. 
I like it so far with one pretty major exception.
If the place you want to review is not already in the system, I can't find a way to add a new business.
So if I go to a new cool furniture store down the street or brunch in my neighborhood, if that place is not in the directory already I can't find a way to add it.
Have you had the same problem?
Oh and I agree searching for specifics is difficult. 
+Chris Cole I believe you can do this, but it wasn't obvious how. Let me see if I can look again and how I did it. I guess not, I must have created a new review for an existing address.
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