From teeshirt to tech

Google and all the other tech companies really need to get their head out of the sand when it comes to how women are valued in tech fields. This is dead simple people - while there are plenty of men that are making change, the fact is until there is an equal number of women in positions of decision and influence the up-and-coming women in tech will be marginalized.

I have about 600 ideas and solutions right now that could be put into place now and in the near/long term future to give women in industries and at events more equal footing when they find themselves in the gender-minority. This isn't about wanting to take anything away from others to gain traction ourselves, it is about making the pie bigger so more women can get a slice. Holy hell my head hurts for thinking and dealing with this for OVER TWO DECADES.

PS / EDIT : The title that the +WIRED site pulls for this article is total garbage. Thanks for making it look like the 100 women in the sea of 6,000 men at #io12  where throwing a fit over fashion. #headlineFAIL  

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