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Road Trip to Type-A Parent Conference

I'm leaving this morning on a road trip with my gal-pals +Dresden Shumaker & +Cecily Kellogg and heading to the +Type-A Parent Conference. I'm speaking on Google+ (of course) and plan on using the entire trip to decompress, relax, have fun, make new friends, and yes.. get some work done! I realized this morning the last time I did a trip like this with friends was 20 years ago for Spring Break to Florida. I seriously wonder what my 21 year old self would say to the current-day 41 year old me....

While we aren't planning on sightseeing during the drive from Philadelphia PA to Charlotte NC, there are a few pit stops to make first (hello Apple store - my laptop battery exploded out the bottom & needs to be replaced!!)

Gas tank filled, tires rotated, car washed, suitcase packed,  tech charged, and super hero cape at the ready... Charlotte here we come!!

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You're 21-year-old self would still be wrestling with the idea of what booze to bring as a travel companion. Age has the benefit of clarity. 
And did I really just type you're? Good gods...
+Evo Terra /dork/ you KNOW there is an edit function on comments, right? Hide the shame... hide the shame... ;)
Can't edit on mobile. And it's a sign of weakness. 
pilot travel centers have the best toilets and lousiest food.

take US13 down to norfolk than us 58 to i-85. nice easy route.

take i-40 west to blue ridge parkway, to northern virginia and wiggle you way back to philly from there either through dutch country/gettysburg or i-66 through dc to 95.

happy motorin'
Sounds like fun. You should video your trip and make a teaser-trailer for posting on Google+.
What exactly happens at a +Type-A Parent Conference ?
A lot of lists get created I would suspect...and some neurotic vacuuming, no doubt. What else?
Tech charged... And left on the kitchen table. D'OH!!
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