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Lynette Young : Where creativity meets technology

Digital Media & Marketing • Published Author • Professional Keynote Speaker • Google+ Trainer • Geek • Doctor Who Fan

Lynette Young has been helping professionals and companies thrive on social media platforms and digital publishing since 2006 when she founded her company Purple Stripe ProductionsHer goal is to make the technology invisible to both her clients and their customers, instead focusing on an immersive brand and storytelling experience that moves the needle forward.

With a expert-level understanding of the popular networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, Lynette makes a point to keep her clients from becoming stale and out of date by constantly creating and curating content on fringe and niche networks. Platforms such as Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, iTunes Podcasts, Kickstarter, Vemio, Instagram, and SlideShare help her clients reach where others don’t. Multimedia content is of top importance and Lynette is highly proficient with all aspects of social media technology and rich online media such as podcasts, streaming video, and blogging, multi-screen content (mobile, desktop, tablet) as well as cross channel marketing and publishing.

She is comfortable heading up an in-house team or working with agency and client staff to build the best possible solution for her clients to meet goals. Equally effective with both executives and developers, Lynette builds connections and breaks down walls between staff, departments, clients, and vendors. She enhances and augments the participation and involvement of executive, public relations, marketing, advertising, legal, human resources, product development, customer service, and executive in all social media endeavors she champions. She has worked with clients ranging from family owned local retail businesses to Fortune 500 firms directly.

Lynette’s expertise gives her a distinct advantage as an engaging and informative speaker and corporate trainer. Her specialties include social media, online community engagement, and digital communication trends.

Lynette is one of the most followed women in the world on Google+ with over 1.5 million followers. She strives to illustrate the unique and powerful voice women have online and work with companies that want to reach them.




Key Articles / Videos:


Most of the content I publish on Google+ is related to my business and work I do with professionals, brands and companies to help them bridge digital communications & business bottom-line results.


Lynette's new book Google+ for Small Business (Que Press) is available for now.


Never let your best be your only. - Lynette Young

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Ex-roller skating queen. 42 years young with (sometimes) purple hair, raising two kids & keeper of one husband.
  • Rutgers – New Brunswick
  • Manville High School
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May 16, 1971
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Lynette Radio, Lynette Day, Lynette Wozniak
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Lynette Young

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Cat Excavators Jenga. Whoever came up with this idea for a video is brilliant.
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Lynette Young

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What an amazing accomplishment! Two women in their 70s fly in a plane for the first time in their lives. Just so sweet!! An & Ria's #First  flight.
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Lynette Young

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Pretty dang awesome interview with +Jessica Kupferman and +Scott Stratten. TOTALLY worth a listen & subscribe.
Rosy cheeks a flush with irritation at marketing #fails and bad business practices. Polite Canadian demeanor. Insanely hilarious sense of humor. He’s my ideal guy, right? This January I got [...]
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+Jessica Kupferman to be honest I was on the fence about +Scott Stratten for a long time. I have always appreciated and respected his intelligence and message, but was not so sure about the 'chest-thumpin' way he presented everything. I've seen him speak a good half dozen times but only recently turned a corner on finally getting what he was all about. Presenters like Scott and +Gary Vaynerchuk bristle me a bit, I always thought I was the 'wrong audience' for them - but I AM a huge fan of the cussing <grin>
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Lynette Young

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Be the good you want to see in the world...
This is such a great idea. After you wipe the tears of joy from your eyes, please press SHARE and get this project some attention and love, okay? 
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Just in time for April Fool's Day! Hmm, since I work with my husband I think it best not to take his beloved Red Swingline Stapler and put it in Jello!
There’s always at least one person in every office that is known for pulling pranks. With April Fool’s Day coming up, you may be interested in what that person may have up their sleeve or what you can do to get them back this year. Read More We also know that there is a fine [...]
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Make a tissue ,,,, roll in his desk ,,,, mybe that easy ...
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This is the single most important piece of advice and information to read if you are a brand involved in any way with influencers - NOT "just" bloggers... thanks +Marcy Massura & +MSLGROUP 
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Thank you for the super kind words Lynette!
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+Marketing Land : Study: Per Fan Engagement On Google+ Narrowly Trails Facebook, Nearly Doubles Twitter

I was recently asked what social actions in Google+ I thought were worth worth tracking. Outside of trackable links (a 'given' but not always common marketing sense) I felt that shares were worth a bit less than +1's and comments. Why? For pretty much the same reason 'subscribers' in an email list or RSS feed are a beginning sign of interest - but actual reads/listens or comments on a blog are worth more (to me) because it indicates and shows actual human interest. Sharing a piece of content alone doesn't equal the same strength of engagement (again, to me). I value conversation over reach.

So, marketers, what social interaction / validation to you measure from a social media network community?
Here’s more evidence that smart marketers shouldn’t neglect to include Google+ in their social media mix: Google+ generates nearly as much engagement per follower as Facebook and nearly twice as much as Twitter. The surprising results come from a Forrester Research study of the social profiles of 50 global brands on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, […]
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I would agree on comments... You know (hope) the person has read and reflected. But hey.. I'm just dipping my toes in Google + so still tons to learn ;)
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Here's my latest email newsletter featuring +Chris Brogan's new book and +Social Media Examiner's Social Media Marketing World reviews on +Lee Odden & +Pat Flynn's talks. Be sure to hit the subscribe button!
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Hey thank you! That's very kind. : ) 
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30 Marketing Thought Leaders, 1 Awesome Online Event

Calling all agency & in-house marketers looking for expert help with influencer outreach! Here's a great (free) event for you! I'll be presenting "Three Powerhouse Secrets to Make the Most of Google+".

Besides my presentation, 30 top authors and thought leaders from the online marketing industry will come together to give presentations on Advocate, Influencer, and other cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. (Held on April 8th 2014)

Other presenters include +Marcy Massura (MSL Group), +Lee Odden (TopRank Online Marketing), +Stephanie Scott (+American Airlines), and +Laura Fitton (+HubSpot).

To register:
Follow along on G+ & Twitter #OutreachMarketing
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Social Media Marketing World 2014

There is something magical about meeting people in person that you see all the time online. I'm in San Diego again (and brought the cold weather sorry!) to spend a few days with some of the top social marketers & exchange ideas. I am offically overwhelmed at how amazing and excited all the attendees and speakers are to help each other. Meeting people like +martin shervington has been a total 'fangirl' moment as well! (He's brilliant.)

As I walked around the various networking events, attended a few sessions, and chatted in hallways and over drinks... it dawned on me that other industries do not always 'enjoy' the same level of friendship between strangers as digital marketing folks do. I genuinely love what I do and love helping others be better at their own 9-to-5.

For me, the only pitfall is having to narrow the scope of the types of clients I work with (I focus on woman-forward companies/brands, tech & lifestyle brands -- and the agencies or in-house that serve them). Seeing the diversity of careers, brands and people at #SMMW14 really does make me want to help everyone succeed! I want to reach for the stars and DO EVERYTHING, and it becomes really hard to stay focused. Concentrate Lynette, concentrate!

I'm going to be growing my team really soon and I had hoped to use Social Media Marketing World to help find talent & a few more clients, but it has just been too much of a whirlwind to meet everyone I'd like to. So if you are at the conference and want to chat, come find me on Twitter or after my talk!

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It was great to meet you Lynette! 
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Here’s more evidence that smart marketers shouldn’t neglect to include Google+ in their social media mix: Google+ generates nearly as much e

Episode 90 - Scott Stratten Gives Me the UnInterview - Jessica Kupferman

Rosy cheeks a flush with irritation at marketing #fails and bad business practices. Polite Canadian demeanor. Insanely hilarious sense of hu

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The book Virtual Freedom provides specific how to strategies for delegating tasks, training employees and leveraging entrepreneurial ability

Social Check™

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OptinMonster allows you to convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

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What I'm Reading: Out of Office by Simon Salt - lynette {radio}

Today I received my copy of Out of Office: How to Work from Home, Telecommute, or Workshift Successfully (Que Biz-Tech) by Simon Salt. I ful


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Lynette's Twitter Glasses - lynette {radio}

EVERYONE asks where I've gotten my glasses from... now you can find them too!


Mod clothes abound, but don&#39;t pin us down. We have indie, vintage-inspired, retro &amp; one-of-a-kind vintage!

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Top 10 Questions about Disney’s Magic Bands. Top 10 Questions about Disney’s Magic Bands 1. What in the world is a Magic Band? A. Magic Band

PM Digital

Leading Digital Marketing Agency

B &amp; W Auto Body

B &amp; W Auto Body hasn&#39;t shared anything on this page with you.

The Harry Packer Mansion was referred to my husband and I by a friend and we couldn't be more pleased with the time we had! Do not hesitate to call them right now and book a weekend stay. There doesn't seem to be a 'bad' time of year to go! We stayed in a Carriage House guest room (there was only one room left as we decided last minute we needed a getaway) and it was surprisingly new and well appointed. My husband and I had ever stayed at a B&B once before and were left 'eh' on the experience. The Harry Packer seems to fit more of an inn feel (each room with their own bathroom for example) and may have raised the bar on expectations of other establishments! No televisions - GOOD! - because a weekend getaway isn't meant to sit holed up in a room watching the same shows I could see at home. Spending time at the Harry Packer is an invitation to detach from our everyday lives (but hey - there is WiFi in both the main house and the Carriage house so we did stay on top of work obligations). Arriving in the nick of time on Friday night for the Murder Mystery experience, my husband and I were warmly greeted by one of the owners, Bob, and quickly served a drink from the Libations Lounge operated by the owner's son Taylor and his wife Kristin. Along with four other couples, my husband and I were expertly guided through a great mix of historical people and facts and a nice touch of fiction to create a very well written story. Over the course of Friday night, Saturday morning after breakfast, and Saturday night before/after dinner we weaved ours own ad-lib stories in with the "Inspector Bob"s tale of family money and murder. Turns out I wasn't the murder - whew! - but no spoilers here! I hear the story is a bit different each time. Walking around Jim Thorpe we ran into many other couples that were eager to chat up the local food scene and most had already been to the Harry Packer to stay and highly recommended it (without knowing we were already booked there). The visitors and town alike seem to love the effort and care that Bob, his wife Pat, their son Taylor and his wife Kristen put into the property. Most people we bumped into had done the Murder Mystery and were eager to chat about plot differences (AFTER they made sure we were done with the experience). I can tell you that my husband and I WILL be returning to Jim Thorpe and staying at the Harry Packer Mansion again. It is ALL because of the hospitality that the Handwerk family has to their guests. NOTE - When in Jim Thorpe be sure to take the Asa Packer Mansion tour next door (but AFTER you finish the Murder Mystery), eat at Crave, Broadway Grill (get the cheese plate oh my!), Molly Maguire's and shop up and down Race and Broadway.
• • •
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Our tour guide Jim was friendly, funny and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the tour to get an idea of things to do and see around San Diego!
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Ancient Arts Healing Center is my go-to place for a bit of pampering after hours of sitting at a computer desk! The environment is relaxing, the staff wonderful and the owner Tamara is very knowledgeable. My favorite thing about getting a massage at Ancient Arts Healing Center is that they are very attuned to any needs you might have at that moment during a massage and work through it. I wouldn't go any place else for a massage!
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I've been getting my nails done for 20 years & have been going to Prestige since they opened. Their prices are average for the area (and less than what most spas charge) and I've never had a bad experience. If you want relaxing, go to a day spa, this nail salon is in a mall next to a grocery store. If you want quality work and don't have time to sit around all day - go to Prestige.
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reviewed 3 years ago