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How To Suck Less on Valentine’s Day Professionally (and Personally)

So, on this overly retail-heavy guilt-ridden day expressly designed to demand love and appreciation, I share with you my thoughts on how to make your Valentine’s Day suck less – both personally and professionally – and it comes down to just ONE thing...
On this overly retail-heavy guilt-ridden day to express love and appreciation, I share with you my thoughts on how to make your Valentine’s Day suck less both personally and professionally...
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Lynette Young

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"Pinterest advises that there still is a way to make money from the service, such as being paid to curate a board or participating in paid social-media marketing from a board" -> which is like 1/10000000000% as much money. Yeah, who's gonna pay those top affiliates 5-figures a MONTH (every month) to 'curate' a board.

I will, as always, defer to what +Missy Ward feels on the subject, but I think it STINKS.
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go someone else.  some other sites will surely pop up offering those services that pinterest yanked.  
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Lynette Young

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I've gone to +Peter Shankman's ShankMinds before (early on when he first started hosting them) and they are well worth the time and money.
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Lynette Young

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Never let your best be your only...
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السيارا باؤاياؤيايؤايلث ي تب بةبايغي لي يتولي بالتثبيت ياؤتراؤتسي بلابل ؤ التساوي يأتي ير يترتب ةءالي التي سافروا ي ليالي ي سكربتات ياياتي أيار ي تياترو التيار اساسايا ةيتايتب بالياباني ايايايت تبلةلوب اللي ياياتي تلاوات لآل إلى لنا ولو الو و أول ة لو أبا ىاع إلا إلا تاو إلا أوتو اللة ا ت لغة نوع أوتو تنا 
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Lynette Young

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Weird but one of the reasons I love Doctor Who so much is that it pertains to real life so closely.

Hobson's choice = choice between something or nothing.

Morton's fork = choice between two equivalent options.

Dilemma  = choice between two undesirable options.

Seems very fitting.
One of the best #PeterCapaldi quotes from this season...
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Lynette Young

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Got online in 1988. Haven't been disconnected since. Ran a for-fee BBS in the early days where we sold fiction stories (don't ask) & drink recipes (we were underage). People would mail us a $5 bill in the mail for monthly access. Every month I'd go through a Lotus 123 spreadsheet to mark who stayed on and who got kicked off.

The whole racket was run after hours in my job's server closet - also doubling as the actual janitor closet. During the day the equipment was used by employees to access the Internet (via Rutgers) and email (most of which they wanted me to download, print, and postal mail to them!!!) Everything sat idle at night, so we snuck in our own homegrown machine and ran a BBS. I think the whole thing lasted for nearly a year before it was too much to manage.

I remember the World Wide Web being born (HYPERLINKS FTW.) I remember the very first computer virus. I also remember the three dozen or so of us in 2004 that started podcasting and foolin' round with something called RSS to swap MP3 files... but that's another story.

O.M.G. I'm old. Get off my lawn.

(PS - Collecting $5 per person, my partner and I cleared about $400 cash EACH per month. Entrepreneur in training... Hell yeah I think so.)

The internet is IRL. It always has been.
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i love u
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Go home Amazon, you're drunk. (I wrote the book they are recommending to me - cracks me up!)
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This is where amazon always get it "right" :D
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#dailychallenge Pick a social network you rarely use & spend ONE HOUR tonight browsing... 
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Lynette Young

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Oh. My. GOD. This is likely the most important video you will ever watch in your professional career. Stop everything. Shut up. Watch this. No excuses. EVER.

+Gary Vaynerchuk ... just breathtaking.
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Lynette Young

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Go home Monday, you are drunk. I gave you all I had & you're still kickin' for more. Tuesday is now creepin' in on your territory.
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Lynette Young

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These things. ALL of these things. So. Damn. Powerful.
“I’ll never know and neither will you of the life you don’t choose.
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I actually bought the book "Dear Sugar". She's a fun read.
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Lynette Young

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Who's ready for 2015?! This past year has been... different. BRING ON THE NEW YEAR! Let's rock this calendar. It's on like Donkey Kong. Get your mojo out peeps!
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2015 , VERY Nice year!
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Director of Marketing Technologies
  • Mingl Marketing
    Director of Marketing Technologies, 2015 - present
    Lynette is acting as the Director of Marketing Technologies at Mingl Marketing Group. Mingl is a Philadelphia PA area marketing consultancy focused on integrating inbound marketing, social media and email campaigns into traditional marketing strategies across a broad range of B2C and B2B industries. Our signature client offering is a Marketing as a Service (MaaS) product and combines marketing automation software with content creation and campaign management into an integrated lead generation program.
  • AWeber Communications
    Content Marketing Manager, 2014 - 2015
    My passion is working to help business owners learn about and use AWeber’s email marketing solution in a productive and profitable way to grow their own business. I strive to develop quality content with the goal of helping business owners become better email marketers themselves.
  • Purple Stripe Productions
    Owner, 2006 - 2014
    Social Technology Strategist & Women SMB Entrepreneur :
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Digital Media & Marketing • Published Author • Professional Keynote Speaker • Google+ Trainer • Geek • Doctor Who Fan

Lynette Young has been helping professionals and companies thrive on social media platforms and digital publishing since 2006 when she founded her company Purple Stripe ProductionsHer goal is to make the technology invisible to both her clients and their customers, instead focusing on an immersive brand and storytelling experience that moves the needle forward.

With a expert-level understanding of the popular networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, Lynette makes a point to keep her clients from becoming stale and out of date by constantly creating and curating content on fringe and niche networks. Platforms such as Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, iTunes Podcasts, Kickstarter, Vemio, Instagram, and SlideShare help her clients reach where others don’t. Multimedia content is of top importance and Lynette is highly proficient with all aspects of social media technology and rich online media such as podcasts, streaming video, and blogging, multi-screen content (mobile, desktop, tablet) as well as cross channel marketing and publishing.

She is comfortable heading up an in-house team or working with agency and client staff to build the best possible solution for her clients to meet goals. Equally effective with both executives and developers, Lynette builds connections and breaks down walls between staff, departments, clients, and vendors. She enhances and augments the participation and involvement of executive, public relations, marketing, advertising, legal, human resources, product development, customer service, and executive in all social media endeavors she champions. She has worked with clients ranging from family owned local retail businesses to Fortune 500 firms directly.

Lynette’s expertise gives her a distinct advantage as an engaging and informative speaker and corporate trainer. Her specialties include social media, online community engagement, and digital communication trends.

Lynette is one of the most followed women in the world on Google+ with over 1.5 million followers. She strives to illustrate the unique and powerful voice women have online and work with companies that want to reach them.




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Most of the content I publish on Google+ is related to my business and work I do with professionals, brands and companies to help them bridge digital communications & business bottom-line results.


Lynette's new book Google+ for Small Business (Que Press) is available for now.


Never let your best be your only. - Lynette Young

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Ex-roller skating queen. 42 years young with (sometimes) purple hair, raising two kids & keeper of one husband.
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How to Professionally Suck Less on Valentine's Day

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The Harry Packer Mansion was referred to my husband and I by a friend and we couldn't be more pleased with the time we had! Do not hesitate to call them right now and book a weekend stay. There doesn't seem to be a 'bad' time of year to go! We stayed in a Carriage House guest room (there was only one room left as we decided last minute we needed a getaway) and it was surprisingly new and well appointed. My husband and I had ever stayed at a B&B once before and were left 'eh' on the experience. The Harry Packer seems to fit more of an inn feel (each room with their own bathroom for example) and may have raised the bar on expectations of other establishments! No televisions - GOOD! - because a weekend getaway isn't meant to sit holed up in a room watching the same shows I could see at home. Spending time at the Harry Packer is an invitation to detach from our everyday lives (but hey - there is WiFi in both the main house and the Carriage house so we did stay on top of work obligations). Arriving in the nick of time on Friday night for the Murder Mystery experience, my husband and I were warmly greeted by one of the owners, Bob, and quickly served a drink from the Libations Lounge operated by the owner's son Taylor and his wife Kristin. Along with four other couples, my husband and I were expertly guided through a great mix of historical people and facts and a nice touch of fiction to create a very well written story. Over the course of Friday night, Saturday morning after breakfast, and Saturday night before/after dinner we weaved ours own ad-lib stories in with the "Inspector Bob"s tale of family money and murder. Turns out I wasn't the murder - whew! - but no spoilers here! I hear the story is a bit different each time. Walking around Jim Thorpe we ran into many other couples that were eager to chat up the local food scene and most had already been to the Harry Packer to stay and highly recommended it (without knowing we were already booked there). The visitors and town alike seem to love the effort and care that Bob, his wife Pat, their son Taylor and his wife Kristen put into the property. Most people we bumped into had done the Murder Mystery and were eager to chat about plot differences (AFTER they made sure we were done with the experience). I can tell you that my husband and I WILL be returning to Jim Thorpe and staying at the Harry Packer Mansion again. It is ALL because of the hospitality that the Handwerk family has to their guests. NOTE - When in Jim Thorpe be sure to take the Asa Packer Mansion tour next door (but AFTER you finish the Murder Mystery), eat at Crave, Broadway Grill (get the cheese plate oh my!), Molly Maguire's and shop up and down Race and Broadway.
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Our tour guide Jim was friendly, funny and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the tour to get an idea of things to do and see around San Diego!
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Ancient Arts Healing Center is my go-to place for a bit of pampering after hours of sitting at a computer desk! The environment is relaxing, the staff wonderful and the owner Tamara is very knowledgeable. My favorite thing about getting a massage at Ancient Arts Healing Center is that they are very attuned to any needs you might have at that moment during a massage and work through it. I wouldn't go any place else for a massage!
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I've been getting my nails done for 20 years & have been going to Prestige since they opened. Their prices are average for the area (and less than what most spas charge) and I've never had a bad experience. If you want relaxing, go to a day spa, this nail salon is in a mall next to a grocery store. If you want quality work and don't have time to sit around all day - go to Prestige.
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