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Announcements  - 
Minor Programing Change (Room Swap):
Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and the Masquerade are now all in Ballroom South.
Best Horror Films of 2015, and Youtube Channel Suggests are now in Ballroom North.
Times have not changed (and will not), we just moved  these items so they can have the best speakers.
If you end up in the wrong place, it should be obvious -- the old rooms are empty (or have a dance party going on).
Signs will be updated on the doors.
Livecon has these updates, obviously your print programs will not.
Sorry for any confusion caused.
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Lyndon White

Announcements  - 
You have until 7:30pm to register your membership to get a badge printed.
Your payment doesn't have to clear by 7:30.
You just have to have clicked the buy button.
(Obviously if your payment never clears you don't get your badge, but also you don't get to go to the convention. So...)
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+Stephen Gunnell To confirm your membership:
Go to
Log in at the top right hand corner
Go to this page:
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Lyndon White

Memories  - 
Swancon Quiz Night 2016 Comic Table Round:
These are the three placing comics from the quiz night.
Full res folder:
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No worries +Lyndon White they all look great!
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Lyndon White

Announcements  - 
Open Programming Meeting.
in 10minutes
Open Progamming MeetingRainbow Logo Shirts etc Now Available in Redbubble Store Meeting will be Opened at 2PM sunday the 18th of October Not 100% sure on the format. Write Dot Points for Ideas. Subdotpoints for discussing details We also Have
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Lyndon White

Announcements  - 
Final Program
And On Livecon:
This is the program that I just sent to the print shop.
It is the final program. Do not point out problems or changes or error in it, it is too late. I am sure there are errors, but I will handle those on the day.
Big thanks the Fe Waters​, who spent the afternoon editing it
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Lyndon White

Announcements  - 
TL;DR: Download the Program now:
The great day is upon us, the program goes public now.
Welcome to Phase III of programming.
This is the first open release of the program, and the 5th draft.
There will be 3 major releases of the program before the Con.
This is the first of those.
The second will be around Monday the 14th March.
The Third and Final release will be Monday the 21st.

The full program PDF can be downloaded from
If there are any issues, or mistakes, please get back to me ASAP (in particular, prior to 11:59pm 11/3/16)

If you have put down to be on a program item and it is not there; then that item has been cancelled.
Odds are that it failed to get enough people to run it, and didn't seems likely to work without. If you are super enthused about an idea that you were on; and think you can recruit enough people to be on it, send me an email and I will see what I can do.

Panels coloured Red, could do with some more panellists,
Panels coloured Green, would benefit from a moderator.
Panels coloured Orange could do with both.
In all cases though, these are panels that will likely run even if they don't get more people.
(These colours will not be in the final program)
Let me know if you would like to be involved with any of them.
If you see another panel you would really like to be on (but didn't hear about before).
Let me know, if it only has 3 people, depending on subject a forth might be appropriate,
otherwise, its good to have people in reserve.

Feedback on the program should be sent to me, at
Please use the keyword "SC2016Program5" in the subject line.
Feedback on the Code of Conduct, Accessibility Policy, or Anti-Harassment Policy
should be sent to
not to me. I am just the programmer.

I'ld love to hear suggested better titles, descriptions etc.
I don't mine hearing about clashes of interest,
eg if all the time-travel panels are on at the same time;
but panellists availabilities may have already stymied me to change it.
I'm also interested in what you think of the layout.
This conbook was automatically generated from the data exported out of livecon.
There is a good chance program books will look like this next year and going forward.

See you at the con
Kind Regards
Head Programmer
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Lyndon White

Discussion  - 
my great quest for panellists continues (round 3 (If your following the copies out by email and facebook))
Today we are seeking people for the following program items:
 - Apocalypse Preparation (Needs 1 more panellist)
 - Comics based on film & TV (Needs 1 more panellist)
 - Not Quiet Genre, but Fandom (Needs  ̶3̶   2 more panellists)  -- things SF fans fan-over that are not actually SF.
The full list is still online, for you to peruse, vote on, and volunteer for nearly anything (link below)
Organize anything, together. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, know what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.
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Lyndon White

Announcements  - 
tl;dr: Suggested program items are open for voting, commenting and especially volunteering to be on.

This went out by email a few days ago,
and we've already gotten some great contributions (for which I am very grateful).
Looking forward to getting even more over the coming weeks.

    Hi all,
    Welcome to Phase B of the programming. Phase B is where I ask for your help. (Crowdsourcing Go!).
    You can contribute towards the program by:

    - Voting for program items you like (
    - Commenting with suggested Improved Title (Guideline 5 words or less)
    - Commenting with suggested Improved Blurb (Guideline 147 characters)
    - Volunteering to be on a program item as a Panellist/Presenter or Moderator
    -- Items that have a full set of Panellists/Presenters, or a Moderator are marked with a dark green, or light green label respectively.
    -- The vast majority of items need people.

    Do so on

    To interact with Trello, you have to register. But it is super simple, it just wants an email, username and password. You can use a throw-away email e.g. through

If you care enough to register twice to get two votes, then good for you. I am 100% ok with this. Just try not to end up putting your self on a panel with yourself :-P.

    I request that communication on the program is done via the trello interface. It’s a lot of data to manage, so I want it in one place. I will make an exception for people volunteering to be on program items (though even then I would prefer it to be via trello).

    304 items have been suggested for the program, by many, many people. Any information not represented on the page is information that I don’t have. So if you have given me important information, and it is not reflected on the Card Board, then please give it to me again.

    Most things do have descriptions and titles. Things without descriptions indicates that I don’t know where that suggestion is going. Feel free to suggest a description that puts them somewhere.
    On Voting and what Runs.

    Voting does not directly determine what runs (or not). Predominantly what runs, and what does not, is determined by having Panellists/Presenters. If you want something to run, volunteer for it, or suggest someone else to.
    I will be head-hunting people for panels during Phase B. Voting will be used to determine popularity for scheduling.

    For reference, we have now concluded Phase 1 of idea collection. This is Phase B, and it and will be followed by phase III in Jan/Feb where time scheduling will be sorted. It concludes with Phrase Red in March where the program is actually typeset and printed (I have software for this).

    The above linked list is not the full program, it lacks the work of the sub-programmers. This means it does not show the academic program (Chris Creagh), or the family program (Andrew Williams) or the actual game playing side of the gaming program (Adrian Smith).
    Its all coming along nicely though. The Academic program in particular is looking very solid. I’m quiet excited by the program that is coming together. You should be too.

As always, my email remains open:

    Kind Regards,

    SWANCON 2016
Organize anything, together. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, know what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.
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Lyndon White

Announcements  - 
It is now possible to book your swancon accommodation at the PanPac.
Go to
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Lyndon White

Discussion  - 
So we only get so many chances at a Buffy Panel with Jane Espenson.
But which Buffy Panel to chose?
Sell me on a great buffy panel idea. Title in 5 words or less, and description in <140 characters. (This is my proposed standard for all program items)
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Ahh we don't want to scare her with a karaoke version of the musical episode, do we?
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Lyndon White

Shared publicly  - 
First Impressions of VS 11 dev preview.
1) Can move around the spalsh screan while starting.
2) Starts faster than VS 10 (I mistakanly started VS 10 first, then clicks vs 11, and it started up first, even though it was clicked last.)
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