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Hello all!

Looking for some help with Distance Learning pedagogy - in particular strategies to develop a sense of community as well as structuring a more interactive and engaging approach to course design. It would be really nice to peruse courses. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer. 

Hello All! We are from Kamloops, BC Canada and we would love to connect with you via a Mystery Skype in the very near future. I have Socials 8, 9 and 10 classes. Look forward to hearing from you! :)

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I have a group doing a Genius Hour project on peer pressure. They created a Google Form survey that we are hoping you could have your classes complete. Thank you for your support! :)

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For those of you who are curious about the pedagogical effectiveness of Genius Hour, I recommend reading this post. It is very thorough and comprehensive. It also includes excellent research-based resources.

Started Genius Hour with my classes today with great results already! In our brainstorming session, students came up with the following potential ideas:

1. develop potential outcomes as to what happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

2. develop potential reasons why people change their behavior within certain groups

3. determine the effect on a historical event if a key element was removed e.g. WWII - if the machine gun did not exist

These are just some of the great ideas my students came up with today - this is going to be exciting. :)

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Does anyone know where I could find quantitative research on the effectiveness of Genius Hour or passion-based learning? It will more than likely be linked with student motivation. Qualitative research is also appreciated. :)  Thank you!

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Thought I'd share a couple minutes of a 45 minute presentation by a student of mine who shared her horse etiquette expertise. She really showed her knowledge and passion for her horse! :)

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Another very good resource by +Joy Kirr  for those looking to start Genius Hour in their classes.
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