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Should I circle you?

Good morning y'all!

If you follow me and I don't have you circled back, you're missing a lot of my posts.  Usually anything personal or on the topic of sex or other controversial issues I'll limit to my circles to avoid asshattery fallout and give people a safer place to discuss things.

So if it sounds like that would interest you and I don't have you circled, introduce yourself and I'll check you out!
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I had you in my local Austin group for some reason, but added you to my entertainment circle.
Hmm. I actually think I'd like that. But hello. \o/ I'm bad at introductions. I write, engage in the occasional controversy myself, and like reading controversial stuff. (I can't remember exactly where I circled you, but you're in my LGBT circle, so woot.)
Hi, I'm new here. This post offends me because there is something weird in your coffee. ;)
Totally go with the add for me.  In other news... +Rikki Kuykendall has me thinking... I want to make hard lozenges out of pressed confectioners sugar in letters to put in my coffee!!!
+Matt Crane - Yes!  You're in one of my higher reading circles so I make sure to catch your posts. :P
+Tejas Richard Yes.  When you recommend people to me, it doesn't usually turn out well.  But since you RL know this fella, I think the chance is worth taking.
Hi!  I am Rachel and you should circle me back so I can see your interesting posts.  I like to post silly things, and sometimes serious things, that I find on the internet.  I think we will get along just fine since you posted a lovely photo of coffee, which is my favorite beverage.  
Oh, an add me to the blunt sex circle if you didn't I love smoking blunts during sex!  (kidding, but seriously add me)
Oh, that was just one time! And it turned out ok in the end.

No, it was two times!  Not that I'm keeping track or anything....
No one has ever accused me of having better judgement. I lurve +Tejas Richard and the crew of circus monkeys he associates with. ;)
Hiya +Rachel Buchanan!

I need to reorganize my circles now to accommodate all the new people.  I rarely ever circle people, so it's nice to infuse some fresh blood in my stream.

Hrmmmm... that doesn't sound right.
Wifie started using "lurve" a few months ago from one of her mommy message boards. I told her it sounds like some kind of std.She makes a point to use it even more now.
Hello :) I'm Tracee. Nice to meet you. Trying to expand my horizons and meet people that I probably wouldn't otherwise cross paths with. 
We are good at expanding things, tracee.
I like controversial or at least thought provoking... Just added you as part of a circle of 100 amazing women that someone shared. New to google+. So do a lot of stalking and commenting on other peoples post. You should add me just for the the diversity ... Not into some of the things you're into, but i am opinionated and not too judgmental. I also believe in live and let live.. As long as u don't step on my shoes. Well that me in a nutshell. Tc for now. 
I like seeing the words
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in certain situations.
Not sure I'm into blunt sex (hmmm???) but anything else goes . . . as far as I'm concerned I don't have to read anything I don't feel comfortable with . . .
Game developer, startup tormentor, cantankerous bastard. I am unstoppable & immovable simultaneously. I will stare coldly @ you. I run +Axham Games.
No worries, +Pat Smyth!  The #BluntSexTalk circle is more a place for frank discussions about sex which is why I make it opt-in only.  I do post a lot about sex to my circles though, too (and publicly) -- usually more about how it relates to feminism, sex-positivity and safer sex than anything titillating though.
Tim Ebl
I would love to get in on this. Intros tho? Don't know what to say.

I'm into Sci Fi, pirates, I'm currently building cannons in my spare time, interested in steampunk, and half ways through a pipe fitting trade course.

And I'm boycotting boycotts. Too much negative. Support is where it's at. 
Pirates!  We like pirates around here. :D
LOL Well I think my horizons are definitely being expanded!  :D 
Don L
Your public posts are always a good read so I'll put the request in to be added to any private circles.
Not worried +Lynda Giddens . . I think what I meant to say was that I only comment when it's something I feel comfortable commenting on. If I have nothing to say I don't comment . .:-)
Hi +Lynda Giddens, a quick introduction (though I'm not quite sure what to say!).

I generally post on the subjects of food, technology, maker-culture, general geekery and anything else that makes me laugh, think or that strikes a chord with me. If any of the above appeals to you then please do take a look through my stream and circle me if you feel like it.
Hi +Frank Beaney! Your comment somehow escaped my notice. Sorry it's taken so long to circle you in return!  :)  After reviewing your profile, I'm interested in any of the circles you've listed.  There are very few times I'll choose to opt out of someone's circles based on topic. :D
No worries, Lynda! I've put you in my Everything circle.
Hi +Frank Beaney ! I noticed that you circled me :-)
After looking over your profile, feel free to put me in all the circles!
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