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Brilliant.  Brilliant!

Please let me remember this when my kids are old enough to use the internet.

And please don't let this post give +Mark Giddens any funny ideas.
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will either get the chores done or make your kids super hackers ;)
Karen Elaine
This is a brilliant way to motivate kids .. but since I'm single and have no kids .. how can I motivate ME? LOL
+Karen Elaine We can always arrange some sort of remote access to your router......Heh. I know the feeling though, lol
..Or hack the Neighbour's instead. I bet they change it once per year, at most...
There is always a reset button :-P
PIty it takes that much for children to obey their parents in this era.
"A few weeks ago, the kids just stopped asking for the wifi password. Irritated that the chores were no longer getting done, I investigated their room. I was shocked and dismayed to find they were on some new kind of drug called 'air crack ng'"
Smart way of letting them earn it ....:)
..... but the 'kids' are, already able to crack the password - sure thing: un-plug and remove - it comes out-of-hiding when the 'chores' are done.
morgs p
thats a long password
Better hope the Password encryption is WEP... Kids learn fast these days.
catch 22 ,kids these days would need the internet to learn how to perform these tasks.
+Jeremy Self  Our wifi encryption is WEP, I think See below, I'm clueless.  +Mark Giddens handles it and takes it very seriously.  Which is why I don't want him thinking of any smart-ass ways to use this idea against me. ;)
WEP is the worst encryption ever. Just saying.
Hahahah that's really funny!!!! :P (LOVE IT) 
Hey Kids, learn hacking asap, that's cruel and unusual punishment. God gave the dog legs, he can walk himself, and vacuum only when you start tripping over lint balls
I'm glad my parents never did that to me when I was younger!
Sorry, sorry.  This is why you handle these things.
+Jeremy Self Never hurts to check.  I'm still surprised at the number of WEP networks around me.  :)
+Anthony Boynes Our current pass, setup by my father, is 30+ with poor spelling and improper punctuation. :) It's difficult to crack even when you know what it is!
This is genius... I should use it when i grow up. but for now, i need to keep it away from my parents.
Er Vin
o wow parenting in it's final form
Just sent this to my son and the world's best D-I-L who made me an old Grandpa two weeks ago.  They may find it useful in a few years.
My password is gofuckyourself :) no one can get it :) 
Excellent stuff. Number 3 has actually been used in this house ;-)
That's brilliant. If I had kids... x-)
that is a good list but i would add wash the dishes and take out the trash
Good job.  Make the little beggars earn it.
You think kids these days aren't smart enough to get around your internet password?
Thats the cruelest thing i have ever seen
This is AWESOME!
I think that's a great idea!
Damn these moms have gotten smarter back in my day all I had to do to get through "Child Lockout" was type mom!
If you want my eyes, then come to my house. But I'm not telling where my house is.
that looks like coming from Love & Logic. Awesome!!!
so do you guys use facbook too i didnt even know that had thhis for google+ gots no idean whats going on here 
Hey how u keepin'? Ain't mind gat 2 knw u better than g+ here...stay cool...
I think I have discovered today's motivator for weekend chores!
Sounds like a great plan to me.  They need to be responsible before hooking on the net.
Of course this all assumes you have kids who don't know more about your wifi infrastructure than you do. ;-0
You don't try to crack WPA directly.  You'd social-engineer a situation to reveal the admin password.  Maybe you can switch the router out with an identical one with same SSID but different admin password (because you wouldn't know what it is).

Then make mom & dad reveal the admin password.  Maybe make it so mom & dad's computer won't boot (nothing drastic, maybe disconnecting motherboard power-on switch, disconnect pin 16 on ATX power supply, etc.) and they have to use your computer (which you hopefully can install keylogger software) ... or you can watch over the shoulder and offer your help.  That might work too.

But really, that's a lot of effort ... you're already IN the house.  You have all the physical access you need.  Be creative ... maybe plug your own AP into a LAN port on mom & dad's AP.  That ought to work ...  Or you can use something like a ShivaPlug to make it less obvious (it looks like a typical wall wart but is a full ARM-based computer with Ethernet and 802.11).
That is child cruelty. You could never get away with it legally!
Darn ! My kids use direct cable connection to the hub.
Lol thats kinda mean id make them do more!!
yeah . how hackers are made :))))))))))))))))
totally my mom does not do that to me though im such a good kid
Your kids will remember this when they are looking after you when you're pensioners
+1 if you found this post via one of the 200+ people who shared it.

FML for not seeing it sooner.
might use it against my mum!
this is why i love having a RADIUS server: everyone has their own username and password, and i can disable access to individual users as i please, so the kids cant share the password and i dont need to change all of my passwords
great idea however time consumming to change password with internet provider is  worth it.
+Karen Elaine Bachelors & Spinsters don't need motivation, that gene is intact- so play on! 💃 
Just wait for the day they learn to change the password. Then you'll get their list of demands. 
Arth G.
My trick is not having kids. My mother in law isn't a fan, but oh well.
Ken Gee
THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! Im so going to do this 
lol my parents never change their wifi password :)
That's the day they learn how much it costs to pay for their own internet connection. 
+Jeremy Bland God forbid the little shits leaching off you for 18 years actually learn how to do anything to take care of themselves or contribute to the household, huh?  :P
Funny! I'm glad I'm not alone......but my solution is to send the gaming consoles to my sisters house
This is a hell of an idea. I can't decide between feelings about this: horror that I will now need to use it (3 kids between 5 and 7) or happiness that I will have such a straightforward "carrot" to use for motivation. As +Terry Goosey pointed out, it could motivate them to become hackers. Oh well - that does seem to be a growth industry!
Brian B
Good idea or great idea?
Sul al
hhhh Parents make their kids so angry because of these lists.
This need to be implemented in my house immediately brilliant indeed...
it must b more difficult to guess like
" eat ur hair"
I've used our routers QoS and time of day settings to "punish" the kids. Works really well.
three simple steps for all day access to online pornagraphy? not a bad deal from wang's perspective
cmd< users< admin< net< password< reset< enter new password... screw chores three ya go kids... now go learn things
What about wash the dishes, and the cars!
And then you spend all day entering the new password into every WiFi connected device...
Brilliant! ! Wish I'd thought of this 5 yrs ago...
mean!! we kids dont need to do it! 
U will needa b really careful with wat kina router u hav tho. They usually have a WPS button on the front and all u gotta do is press the button on ur adapter an the button on the router an ur hooked up. My folks dont try this bt the internet at our house is in my name so voila ;) 
I'm a kid. This makes me terrified. :) JK, it's super funny. 
+Daniel Rose Law of Unintended Consequences.  Much easier to selectively filter out individual mac addresses via alternative firmware like DD-WRT.  Of course you'd then have to allow only specific mac addresses to connect to begin with (or you can leave that part out and encourage the kids to learn to spoof mac addresses if you want to encourage them to figure out how things really work).  It's fun to teach your kids to hack (in the good sense of the word, of course).
Here's a free tip for you parents: use WPA2 with a strong passphrase. Otherwise your kids will learn sooner or later about Aircrack.
Instead of changing the wifi password all the time, couldn't you just enable MAC address filtering on the router?  Enable their devices if they do the chores.  Disable if they don't.  Of course, keep the router password secret.  Seems simpler than changing the password all the time, and then having to apply the changes to all devices, including your own.
That's really just inviting them to learn how for crack your wifi, great idea though. :P
In my house it's more like ..... Do you want to continue living in my home? Then do your chores before I get home. But then again I have a 15 year old. Plus my mom didn't even post a note, my brothers and sisters knew to get our things done before she came home.
And before people insult there parents cuz they think they make them work too much or they think this idea is super cruel, watch how much they do for u an how much stuff they buy fr u an etc. and also ur room and board. They deserve sumthing in return and alotta respect. Kids these days have very little respect for there parents and it pisses me off t see spoiled brats yelling an throwing tantrums wenever i go shopping cuz there mom is trying t not giv them watever they want bt eventually she givs it t them jus t make them shut up. :/
My parents just beat me if I didn't do my chores... Needless to say, it worked.
I know there r a few exceptions where parents simply are negligent an irresponsible bt as a large majority theyre not......
my mom don't know to change wifi password.. hehehe!
More like ...

"Want today's wifi password?
1. Make my bed
2. Walk the dog
3. Give me my allowance
4. buy me a new computer"

As though parents understand the Internet better than kids.
I see many a parent giving themselves the facepalm for not thinking of this.
Just be sure to also lock up the wifi router and hide any loose network patch cables..... ;)
So they can't go and reset the password from the router?  Even if the router has a password, you can reset that too with a physical reset.  So the only thing is hiding the router lol
This is so full of Win they need to postpone the Olympics... Nobody can Win... This has consumed all the Win in the world...
Then the parents wake up one day, naked, wallets and identities ransacked, kids missing, and all they find is a note on the fridge from the kids

"Mom, Dad, Kevin Mitnick says he is our real daddy and we'll be staying with him from now on."

"Also, 'ilovemyvwbeetle1973,' seriously? To think we respected you."
logging this under awesome ideas
Thats funny i wished i would definitely use that one 
Sue T.
That's priceless. Course until they have their own computer, if that's allowed it will only work for so long. Then it'll be their phone.
Vdddvdddvdd Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa vvvvvdvvvvvdvvvddvd boom
If they are smart, they'll reset it to the factory settings and make their own password :P
lmao OMG this is tooo funny hohohohehehe
HA! Implementing this at my house!
That is definitely a good idea. Changing the WiFi password on everything and getting them to earn the password. 
this is brilliant!! IF I ever have kids i'll be doing this. 
Oy.  Teenagers. Why were they allowed onto +Google+ again?  Because they're clearly contributing oh-so-much valuable content and discussion... :)
I believe the value of the information they get from unfettered access to the internet will be almost infinitely more valuable to them during their lifetime, than being conditioned to make their bed. Sorry. (And, I do have kids I could do this to)
Brilliant and imaginative.....
A topic that could be taken up at Ted
This is gonna work at any part of the world.....
hahahahahah so you want to teach your kids to hack?  shyt if my parents did that when I was younger I would have a job in computer security and my parents would never have internet again til they apologised
Or maybe you could assert your authority as a parent without resorting to threats or de facto removal of privileges?
Love it! I think I will have to try this one on my kids :-)
Were not all bad (or vulgar) :-P +Lynda Giddens
I'm 15. I already have a job writing for a technology news site, I make a full commitment to it and also have been working in Android app development. Through my escapades I've increased my writing skill tenfold, learned how to edit video rather well and also been in contact with CMO's from various android supplier companies for review units.
I'm having a great time, and it wouldn't be possible at all without my connection to the internet.
I'd consider myself an entrepreneur and I'd like to think that I contribute a little bit to the part of the Google+ community that I interact with.
Honey, you wanna have sex?  Take out the trash, mow the lawn, and get some stamps at the post office.

Nah, I'm good.
There are kids who can't overcome wifi security set up by their parents? What the heck are they teaching in schools these days?
So, +Brian Mangan , what you're saying is you would have found a way to support yourself and pay your own internet bill? Guess more parents do need to try this. 
Ok , kids today love tech stuff , k? But when they see us using our tech stuff , they want to do it , too. But the Proper age to let kids use stuff like that , is about 9-12. Buy the proper age to GIVE them their own is totally out of the question , that spoils your kids , and when they get to sucked into things like that , they don't get enough exercise or they go on too much that they will get glasses , but if you really are go'in to get your kid something like that the age they should be is : 13+
Trust me , this works , so feel free to try this , if do , you will be makin the life of your child healthier . :) 
Cruel and unusual punishment :)
WPA2 is actually kind of tough to crack.
Brilliant.. But my kids Will find a way to get d password.
I like this... I'm definitely going to try this at home...
this is freezzyy!!!!! i have no child i only can do this to my parents
Its a great idea, it allows kids too do normal everyday things ... they spend way too much time playing video games and playing on the computer 
Lol well Withall the kids all they want is to be on there electronics for all the One Direction apps and stuff! Brilliant post very good.
I like this a lot going to use this one one my kids and grandkids..
I know you're not all bad, +Myke Batez. :)  To be fair, most of the adults on Google+ are no better, it just seems this post attracted more teenagers than usual. :)
i would hack that ish... not to mention my mom isnt even smart enough with computers to do that
That's ingenious! By 12 years old one of your kids will win a 'Pwnie' award for cracking WPA2 encryption.
Al Hunt
4. Give Billy next door 25 cents for his wireless password.
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And then the child proceeds to tether there phone to their computer for internet....
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Never thought of this.not a bad idea
NOOOO!!! Y U POST THIS!!! I hope my dad doesn't find this😰
That is awesome. Until they just plug in the cord. 
It's all fun and games until they discover wired ethernet.
Haha I'm a dumb shut I was trying to work it out lol now I get it duh lol good one ;)
Totaly a new way to moitavate them little little ones windy n wet days n pell the veg help other dutys were do i stop random wisdom ...
Totaly a new way to moitavate them little little ones windy n wet days n pell the veg help other dutys were do i stop random wisdom
finding new ways to keep those brads were they belong
under your control.
modern motherhood, awesome! 
I'm saving this for life
Psht, disable the lan card, uninstall the drivers, set a rule for that company's software to be never installed again.. oh so many ways to shut them down.

And this will truly be effective in child rearing, will remember :)
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Hahah what a nice idea.. when i was little the treat is ice cream... time is changing
Lol I'm doing that when I have kids!!! 
I use a linksys with dd-wrt firmware. I'm able to use Mac filtering, and wpa2 along with the fact that I have turned off dhcp and use non public ip range. This all on top of a software plugin that makes the router an access point proxy with a password system similar to what the hotspots use.

So a wifi thief would have to guess my ip range, set up a static ip in that range, clone a Mac address, crack my wpa2 encryption, and guess a 16 character proxy password. Lol got tired of neighbor sniping my wifi for gaming.

Overkill I know but you can never be too safe at protecting your network.
Love it! I have teenagers and I'm totally implementing this tactic. Muhahaha!
I think of how funny it would be if all kids went on strike......and the parents wouldn't even know how to do any of those things anymore themselves...
lmao! If the kid's smart enough he'd print out a list of the base default passwords for the popular routers today and hack it. Sure it's work, but at least it's fun work. 
That's awesome...and so sad it's necessary these days.
Was a time when mom used to say "I'll tell dad" and that was enough. These days...
if they manage to bruteforce the wep they deserve to have it too.
When your kids are old enough it will be you asking them whats the password.
I have a friend whose kids are all moved out.. He changes the Netflix password when it's been too long since they've called their parents.
i cant beleiv meh dad found this now he is changing our wifi 2-3 times a day
Great idea! Works for husbands too I guess?!!! many amazing picture .... i like 
Just another thing to make sure my Mom never EVER sees!
Nice!...I can just hear these kids answering the question: "what do you want to be when you grow up?" -a Hacker.
I'm find this from now on! This is fantastic!
+Casey Duckworth You realized that my eight year old brother has already compiled his first Java application, cracked the neighbor's WiFi when we moved here, and is currently working on building an #Android game?
Actually, unplugging someone who's been plugged in sincethe day they were born can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. We studied it in one of my classes at school.
clever but i just steal the neighbors internet so bitch clean your own shit imma go play my CoD
RiRi E.
Very smart. My Mom needs to do that #!
most children never listen to the parent. So, this is the rules to get a wifi password.
My mum needs to do that but i wont let her :P
I cannot believe this post.  What happened to it is ridiculous.
Please don't give my mom any ideas or even how to do it lol
Let me sum up the comments:

1) Great parenting!
2) Kids are too smart for this
3) Parents suck! They should walk their own fucking dogs and shit!
4) Please dear God, do not let my dad see this post.
5) Why didn't I think of this before! This is being implemented immediately!
6) <insert something derogatory toward me here.>
This could eventually work on sports fans....No house work no access code to the game .... Not good!
I think there are too many young engineers on G+ for this to really be effective.
Omg so funny! But fortunly my dogs lazy and my bed u always made (I never sleep) my rooms clean kinda...... 0.0 oh sh$t!
That could backfire depending on the kid...The smart kid could change the password to the router, and bargain with the account holder.. You don't clean my room, walk the dog and give me a top up on my allowance...
I'll continue to change the password to the internet...
omg i will have to do my thing as a mom  my kis willnot get wifi if they don't do their chores i am a mom!
So doing this when my wife and I have kids.
what if i am left with no energy after doing all these ?
Carl O
use the cat5 cable
Good thing my mom doesn't use Google+ LOL!
Wish I could +10 this one!! I think I'll add it to my parental arsenal!
Bribery, the greatest parenting tool ever!
Sanoo ki ptaaaaa......!~~~
Brilliant, not a bad idea to have.a daily "no internet" time slot anyway to encourage the use of verbal communication in the family....
hopefully they never realize that they can just take the cat 5 cable and plug it into the computer
Ha, brilliant indeed! Of course they are going to do everything to hackl into it -  so if you really want this to work,  make sure you secure the router both physically and with a really strong password. It is easy enough to reset it to factory defaults if they have access to it.
Internet cause so many strange people around the world become friends, but the family strange to each other....
kids, once you got password from mom, 1st thing to do is to change the password and dont let her know it.. Lets find the way...
wat is dis
I thought it's the wife's message to a husband
My lot would hack in then lock me out!!
You should hide the router first. There is a reset button on it.
OMG>>>that might possibly be the solution I have been looking for!!! YOU ARE GENUS!!!
Oh wow... the new allowance!
Thats what my dad does.... Although it is you want the computer, do you math, and violin, and.....
Jeff L
Awesome! And good idea!
Learn to look after yourself early in life, otherwise you will end up as a dole recipient. You will live a meaningless life and be a burden on the society !!!  Get it you dumb ass !!!! :)))) D
If they break the password you should exempt them of the chores, as they clearly deserved the access for using their brains :)
lol, how the world has changed since I was a child. This would definitely have been a good motivator though.
hiiiiiiii monica how r u
Instead of changing the pass code just add there computers to the Mac filter which you can choose to block or receive internet. Tasks done? Filter lifted :)
Please Be Aware that There are exceptionally smart Kids these days.....I hacked my Friend's Facebook account when i was 13 & started to Design Websites when i was These Password Changing & Filter Software don't make sense anymore! :P
Want today's Wi-Fi password? Figure out how to use aircrack-ng.
Great Idea!
Never seen my son tidy his room so fast as when there is Netflix at stake.
omfg i would do that  for the password thats nothing
You guys, all you parents are the reason why this era is so fucked up! You don't know how to teach a good lesson, all you give them is consequences why don't you let us find out the consequences our selves and learn a life lesson? Instead of you Babying us and wiping our own asses tell your kid to suck it up!
-love, to all the overprotective creepy ass parents on here!
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