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  • I met my husband online way before it was cool. In 2000 he moved from TX to GA so we could give dating a shot. I'm thankful for that daily!
  • I like intelligent conversation and debate. If I disagree with you, it doesn't mean I dislike you.
  • Professionally, I'm a data analyst and technical writer specializing in technical training documentation and tutorials.
  • I've blogged since 1999 about various aspects of my life from scripting to entertainment to an ordinary personal journal.
Also, I kind of like lists.

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Lynda Giddens

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"the new women’s movement is about shutting down critical discussion about both men and women"

This is what I think of every time I hear or see the term "mansplaining."  The term exists to shut down conversation in an aggressive way.

This article is exactly why I cringe at being called a feminist, even though I support many many issues taken up by the feminist movement.
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Feminism should not be a "thing" for its own sake. To make a  argument that the cause of feminism to ensure equality and fraternity at the same level to that of which males have typically enjoyed is not only valid but should never have been at issue. However, as this is not and has not been the reality ( for a variety of reasons hampering such a world to exist) the reasons for feminism as it was (and can be) had to (and in some cases still is) radical to have been able to bring forth our current state of progressivism (so to speak). Although my detraction to this that to be a woman should not be the end all be all of causality for the why  members of the female population  should be leaders or more integral to the power system structure as it currently exists. I believe that not only the current power structure must be changed to not "accept" but to be "forced" to acknowledge a more meritocratic form of not just progress for women but for humankind as a whole is for individuals to be given the ability to have unhindered equal access to environments that foster personal growth and development. From there,  individuals can will to influential positions not based on gender but accomplishment,credentials, and broader egalitarian but meritocratic for the greater socitarian well being. In essence, women should not be regaled as a "token" of diversity and as proof of progress (which is just the same structure of the same system that made women suppressed in the first place). This is merely a false juxtaposition of language which while superficially seem to be dissimilar but are really a  part of the same whole. Real social advancement comes when women and men are not longer judged or promoted by and on their genitalia but by their qualifications and ideals.
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Lynda Giddens

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I don't understand Gary Oldman. I think he might be anamorphic.
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Nobody remembers he was in that Hannibal Lector movie, because he was in such gruesome makeup you couldn't see his own face.
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Misandry doesn't exist?

Ohhhhhh...  one of those people.... found on Reddit:

'"Misandry" doesn't exist, no offense but what you're saying is nothing but MRA bullshit. But you're right, I am a misandrist, a proud one. And there's nothing to be ashamed of being one either since misandry doesn't get men raped, killed, trafficked or paid less like misogyny does for women. That's institutionalized discrimination for ya!'

Ohhhhh.  Okay.  Marginalizing, objectifying, stereotyping and treating people poorly on the basis of their genitals is fine and good as long as the majority of people aren't doing it.


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Its alla bullshit.
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Lynda Giddens

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Jesus Christ. Pick one -- ONE -- of the ten nearly-identical selfies you just took to post. Why are you posting all ten!? At least seven of them are blurry! Come on... you're making Facebook cry and that's damn hard to do.
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I was in a restaurant and literally saw a woman take pictures of herself four a half hour
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Lynda Giddens

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Okay, eff you Google voice. Just because I want to send a text over 320 characters, it doesn't mean you need to be a smart-ass about it.
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I like GV smartassery.
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Lynda Giddens

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Do you talk to your partner about sex?

Sexual communication leads to greater sexual safety and sexual satisfaction, so why are so many couples afraid to talk to one another about their likes and dislikes?

This is a great article about talking with your partners about your sexual proclivities and indirectly touches on our sex-negative culture, why teen abstinence programs statistically do not work as well as candid sex education, and why verbal consent is so important.
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I thought Mountain Goats was some kinky sex act I'd not heard of.

+God Emperor Lionel Lauer I understand your opinion about the website, but it is a rarely good sex-positive article within a mainstream publication. 
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Lynda Giddens

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Stuff like this is why I just can't accept that Google is evil.
Gmail now Encrypts every single Message and will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection to keep NSA out of your inbox.
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Then they should go to another email server.....
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Lynda Giddens

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However many ladies are online to feed their egos, there are even more people out there throwing around comments about her appearance and sexuality which are entirely unwelcome.

This meme kinda irritates me because it assumes that women want this sort of attention, and they're only maintaining an online presence because of it.  The opposite is true far more often.
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Exactly the reason why so many women avoid using their image in the avatar.
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Lynda Giddens

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Yes, this, all of it!  Especially #5 and #6.
Hi, it's us, Introverts. We just wanted to write a quick note to everyone to clear the air. We have put together a list of things you should know!
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Well, that seems like a hasty conclusion. Maybe they don't realize they sound ambiguous to you.
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