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The more affordable approach to great Support. Inexpensive, reliable, and prepared!
The more affordable approach to great Support. Inexpensive, reliable, and prepared!

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We edited our pricing table!!!
In order to celebrate this we offer you 3 month of free support.
Just sign up and enter the promo code:
You will receive 3 month of free business support!!!

So visit our website and subscribe to our awesome
service for free!

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++ Linux-Support für #Startups ++ Lychee Linux bietet Startups die Nutzung ihrer kostenlose Distribution an und zusätzlich individuellen Support bei allen Fragen rund um das Betriebssystem Linux. #startups   #startupsckin  

Countdown!!! We are finishing our development cycle and will soon release Lychee Linux in a new Version. There will be many features added. We hope you can stay patient until you will see our new release! ;)

We are eagerly working on our new product which will be perfectly integrated into our service and Lychee Linux! Stay tuned to get more information on this soon!!!

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Our site is back online now!!! :) So have a look at our service ;)

You may noticed that a lot is happening on our site. We are currently switching to our new and faster servers!!! We will post when we are finished and you can visit our site again!

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Over 500 downloads, thanks guys!!! We love you!
For those who did not have the time to download Lychee Linux just do it now. Furthermore we also got our first mirror where you can download all images :) Link to the new mirror:

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Lychee Linux is now official member of the open invention network! We want to support such a great organisation which makes patents available to the community!!!

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Get one free month of support by replacing Windows XP with Lychee Linux!!! Send us an picture of you deinstalling Windows XP!

Sign Up if you have not done this before ;)
If you had problems signing up try it now please :)

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Great review by Softpedia!!!
Thanks guys!
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