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We can provide advice and recommendations to maximise your PPC campaign.

We can provide advice and recommendations to maximise your PPC campaign. We have extensive PPC knowledge and currently manage many of our long term clients PPC campaigns.

If you are looking to implement or improve your current PPC campaign then please give LVMedia a call on 0161 428 9998 or visit us at: to see how we can help you.

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We can help you get your website noticed and attract visitors to it. We specialise in organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising and blog marketing.

We can develop shareable content to enhance your online presence and drive customers to your site. We also use ongoing web analysis to keep a close check on all your site-generated interest and activity.

We have managed SEO campaigns for a number of large companies and have helped to increase their rankings on the search engines. We use on-page and off-page techniques including backlinks and blog writing. Our copywriter writes engaging content and avoids spammy pointless text.

If you are looking to implement SEO or improve your current rankings then please give LVMedia a call on 0161 428 9998 or visit us at: to see how we can help you.

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A big thank you to Sixothree Marketing who have made these lovely lanyards for LV Media ready for BNI.

They look great, we appreciate it.

Thanks guys!
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LVMedia offer pay monthly packages to suit everyone..

We work with our customers to deliver unique pay monthly websites for them with our pay monthly website design service.

We offer a good quality pay monthly site at an affordable price - SPREAD THE PAYMENT OVER 12 MONTHS!

Visit for more info..

Feel free to drop LVMedia a message or call us on 0161 428 9998 if you are interested in pay monthly website design.

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LVMedia is a Web Design and Web Development team based in Cheadle, Cheshire.

We work with our customers to deliver unique pay monthly websites for them with our pay monthly website design service.

We build and design beautiful and functional e-commerce websites that work. We have created websites that turnover millions in sales each year.

Have a look at our work and get in touch to see how we can help you make your plan an online reality...

Give us a call and we can see how we can help you – 0161 428 9998

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Take a look at some of our previous clients who we have had the pleasure to work with whether that be in pay monthly web design, ecommerce or seo...

History Club Manchester -
Darren Robinson Photography -
Supreme Imports -
Synerva CBD Oils UK -
Elena Dolce -
UF International -
Independent Together -


Enquire today by contacting us on 0161 428 9998 or visiting our website:

We look forward to working with you 😊

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We just want to give a big shout out to some of our happy clients who have used some of their time to give us a 5 star rating and have wrote a positive testimonial on Google Reviews.

Thank you for continuing to support us, we appreciate it!

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What Information Must You Include On Your Website?

Sometimes form can overshadow function, and many websites suffer from this: sure, they look great, but what they’re designed to do seems to have been lost along the way.

Regardless of how your website looks, there are certain essential pieces of information you must include on it to help it work for your business.

Your Identity – Who You Are

Do people know who you are? When someone clicks onto your site, will they understand what your business does? This needs to be clear within seconds of someone landing on your site.

It seems some businesses fear simplicity and stating clearly what they’re about – but in most cases, busy people haven’t the time to solve puzzles or investigate mysteries. They just want to know, and your site should tell them.

Where in the World Are You?

You may be wanting to think local but act global, but it’s helpful for people to know where you’re based and what areas you cover, even if you have designs on being international.

This is about trust as much as anything: the more people know about you, the more they are likely to trust you, and therefore use your services or buy your products.

This is also very useful for SEO, allowing you to appeal directly to people in your area looking for services or products like yours. Which brings us to…

What Do You Do, Exactly?

Don’t rely on your name and a simple statement of your business giving people enough information about what you do.

Be clear, don’t be coy: list your services, and make it clear what it is about you that singles you out from the competition. What makes your business unique?

What Should Your Visitors Do Next?

Design your site with your visitors’ end actions in mind. Be clear about what you want your site users to do. This may be about contacting you for a chat or downloading something specific – through a landing page. Or it may be that you want people to order directly from you.

For any of these things to happen, your site must bring your visitors to this point, through careful use of images and text.

The call to action is essential, because otherwise your visitors may simply move on elsewhere, because you’ve not done enough to convince them, or given them sufficient information to make a decision.

Is Your Site Attractive?

A good website combines form and function – it looks good but it also works well. One without the other risks losing customers, or failing to attract them in the first place.

LV Media specialises in web design in Stockport, Greater Manchester and beyond. We understand how to design and build websites that work for business. Give us a call.
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Is Your Website Designed For The Customer Journey?

Many of the journeys customers go on may now be digital, but they’re no less real. The customer experience is vitally important to good web design and to the success of a business’s website.

Understanding how to make the most of your website requires you to understand the customer journey, to map it out and know the crucial points along the way where the customer interacts with you.

Just like a physical journey, a digital journey has to allow the user to clearly navigate their way to get to their desired destination.

Web design has to make this possible, and at the same time, attract the site visitor in the first place.

Using Feedback

Physical customer interaction is relatively straightforward, because it involves a face-to-face exchange. In the digital world, this kind of up close contact is not possible, so feedback has to come from other sources.

These sources include:

click-through rates from search engines;

website analytics such as bounce rates;

responses to website offers;

customer reviews;

customer emails; and

online survey
To improve the customer journey, you need to continually analyse this data so that you can make informed decisions about your website and your online communications.

Good Website Design

A good website design will ask the kinds of questions of site visitors that makes them want to find out more.

This is far more profound than choosing an attractive layout with headers and footers – it is about understanding your audience’s issues and problems and addressing them through your website.

If your design focuses on the site visitor, then you are massively increasing your chances of bringing them along on the customer journey, to a satisfying conclusion.

You want your website to help visitors find the right information, and when they’ve done this, to then take action.

Who Are Your Customers?

Your web traffic will consist of different people and different kinds of potential customers. To understand how to make the customer journey suitable for each, you have to picture the persona of your site visitor.

This is going to involve more than one type. You have to consider things like their goals, what drives them; also, their challenges and pain points, and obstacles they might face to purchasing from you.

You then have to put design and content together to address these things.

If your information is designed around the various needs and desires of your visitors, then you increase the chances of them converting into customers, prospects or subscribers.

You must speak their language, empathise with them, and be clear about how you can help them.

Your website design and build should come from this understanding – discovery before design.

At LV Media, we specialise in web design, serving Manchester and the North West. We work with you to ensure your customer journey is captured in how your website looks and functions. Contact us today for more details.
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