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Never ever pay full-price for an ebook again!
Never ever pay full-price for an ebook again!

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I've noticed something unusual in the ebook price alerts going out from Luzme.

The old 'cheap' ebook price point used to be £0.99, and before that, it was £0.20.

But now, it seems to be £1.99.

The Martian, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, The Devil in the Marshalsea, and more. All dropped to £1.99 whereas before I'd have expected £0.99.


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18 Times J.K. Rowling was the undisputed queen of Twitter

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Thoughtful piece on the future of books

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Got another mention on +Lifehacker  today :) 

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This piece I wrote for TechCrunch is getting some attention.

I've analysed last year's sales data to see what price people actually pay for ebooks. A big difference between the USA and the UK!

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I’ve recently uploaded a new release to Luzme (v5.1)


V5 brings a new design; and I hope you like it.

Please take a minute to check your settings; you have total control over which stores you follow, so if you’re getting alerts for stores or countries you don’t expect, then please just go to your settings and switch them off.


One of the main behind-the-scenes benefits of this new design is that it’s going to be much easier to add new countries and stores, so please let me know what you’d like to see.

v.5.1 adds the first of the new countries, Germany. 


There’s also been a change to the way I’m handling author alerts; previously I was sending out a weekly email which repeated all the future releases from your authors. I got some feedback that this repetition was annoying, rather than useful, so I’ve changed it. Now you’ll get just the one email for each book release when we first notice it; (and perhaps another on its week of release, I haven’t decided about that yet)

Keep the suggestions and feedback coming; it’s really helpful!


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+Mark Coker just released a new survey of real ebook data based on actual numbers from Smashwords. Really useful data here...

"New Smashwords Survey Helps Authors Sell More eBooks"
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