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Lux Sauna
Lux Sauna is the top of the line luxury sauna.
Lux Sauna is the top of the line luxury sauna.


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Friday, May 27, 2016; announces finalizing a distribution deal with Hi-Q Fitness for rights to promote their new patent pending FitBomb far infrared sauna for fitness, recovery and weight loss. has been a major innovator of far infrared sauna technology in the health and fitness business since 2004. has been a market leader boasting more than 20,000 Luxsauna infrared saunas sold worldwide.

The new owners of wish to remain at the forefront of the health and fitness category and suggest the new patent pending FitBomb is the perfect vehicle to expand the reach far beyond the traditional far infrared sauna, detox market.

FitBomb allows to attract a far more vast market segment both commercially and for personal in-home use.

Combine a healthy diet, FitBomb helps your body stimulate the healing power that can put you in the best physical condition of your life! More importantly, FitBomb helps to mitigate The biggest challenges of aging adds Mr., Floyd.

As we age – our muscles shrink - Up to 8% each decade in a process called sarcopenia. A destructive effect that makes the simplest chores grueling; walking, climbing stairs even lifting groceries become an arduous task. And the evidence is fat and sagging skin replacing once firm chest, arms and thighs.

For anyone over 40, FitBomb is Good News. Scientists discovered a protein that is proven to build muscle. Incredibly - activating this protein is as easy as sitting in the new patented Hi-Q FitBomb.

Regardless of your age, physical limitation, handicap or fitness level, you can now trigger your body to build muscle, detoxify, burn fat and even heal itself.

According to David Floyd – managing director of Hi-Q Fitness and inventor of the FitBomb as well as author of several health books; “the FitBomb is a health and fitness breakthrough for anyone Regardless of age, physical limitation, handicap or fitness level. In addition to years of research revealing massive health benefits derived from the far infrared heat technology, the new FitBomb additionally helps trigger your body to build muscle, burn fat and even heal itself”.
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Contact: David Floyd – 303-912-3424
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When you are looking for a sauna there are many factors to consider.  The type of heating is a big concern for many.  For example the old style hot steam saunas can cause damage to your lungs.  We use infrared heating to relax your muscles and it doesn't cause the temperature of the air to rise to dangerous levels like steam will.

You drive a beautiful new car and live in a waterfront home.  You should also have the best sauna.   #sauna   #luxury  

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Designed to nicely accommodate 2 people, the LuxSauna SolarSpa Infrared Sauna is popular with families and single customers that prefer to have plenty of room in their sauna to stretch out and relax. This flat wall unit comes with all of the features combining the best of both our Carbon Boost Technology while featuring a double window front to provide both function and full aesthetic appeal. Digital panels provide ultimate control of the time and temperature.

In order to prevent CHD or fight it once it has already become a problem, you need to engage in some activities that will promote a healthier circulatory system and improve blood flow. Such activities include eating a more balanced diet, cutting back on alcohol consumption, lose weight, exercise and abstain from smoking – any activity that opens up arteries and improves blood flow. Of course, all of these activities requiring subtracting from your lifestyle – not adding to it. In addition to these measures, there is now another way to treat the effects of coronary heart disease and provide health benefits to people with hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary disease. This healthy and natural option of CHD sufferers is the Lux Saunas Infrared Sauna. #heartdisease   #heartdiseaseinwomen   #sauna  

The far infrared heat penetrates deep into your body, Melts Fat at 104℉ and forces your body to eliminate fat and cellulite around your waist, hips, buttocks, even under your eyes - where you need to lose it.
#weightlosstips   #sauna  

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