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355 followers - is a new online marketplace that aims to change the way we buy and sell online… is a new online marketplace that aims to change the way we buy and sell online…


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We are very pleased to announce that is now live!

Luvo is a brand new marketplace that aims to make buying online easier, less time-consuming and ultimately tries to secure you a better price than if you went looking yourself.

No more searching for hours trying to find the best deal. Simply list what you want, and let the sellers come to you with their best current deal.

It's totally free and easy to create your listing.

What can be bought on Luvo? any product or service really. So next time you are looking for some new Tech, wanting a new kitchen fitted or even looking for that special holiday - then just tell Luvo.

But Luvo is not just for buyers. If you have something to sell and a Luvo user is looking for this, then you too can make them an offer.

And now for a favour please...

So now that we are live, we could really do with your support to help promote and kick start the site as it's naturally quite lonely over here just now. Please check us out, give us any feedback and also consider listing your next purchase with us.
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Find out a bit more on how Luvo will help you secure a better deal (with a lot less effort) when you come to make your next purchase.
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We have pulled together this video to explain how Luvo will work and how it will make buying and selling online much easier to do.

why not give it a view and help us by give us a +1
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Post has attachment is a new online marketplace that is due to launch in the UK in June 2017.

With Luvo, buyers can share the exact details of what they want with a range of retailers. Sellers are then alerted when there is a new lead for them to make an offer on.

Buyers can then choose the best offer out of all the offers they have received.

For Buyers
Don’t spend hours online browsing through sites that don’t give you exactly what you want. Post your exact requirements on and let the sellers come to you.

- Review the supplier offerings
- Choose the best offer for you
- Simple and easy and costs you nothing

For Sellers
Search for buyers seeking your products or service, then put together your best offer.

- A fresh funnel of hot leads
- Making an offer is free
- Small fee is only payable if the buyer selects your offer
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Ok, yes we have been a bit quiet of late, but things will be changing very soon. Expect plenty of excitement early 2017.
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Just like to say a big hello to our recent followers, welcome to LUVO
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Significant piece of functionality just completed by developers. Looking good :)
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After 2½ years since application submitted, we are finally pleased to announce that we have successfully registered the trademark LUVO®.  
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Just waiting on decision from OHIM regarding our trademark application for the word LUVO. Application submitted over a year ago and Kia motors objected as felt that our application for LUVO for our online ecommerce site would lead to "confusion" for their trademark for uvo which is for an in-car entertainment/navigation system

Hopefully the decision goes in in our favour and we can continue developing the brand
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page just created, more to follow soon
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