G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot

31. Learn the Inner Sanctuary meditation technique

You probably have not heard of the Inner Sanctuary Meditation technique. 

Until now, it is has been a fairly guarded secret. The only ones who knew of it are those adventurous souls who trekked from around the world to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia to learn it in small classes at a place called Delphi University, which teaches a number of unique processes for heart-centered transformation.

The thing that is powerful about the Inner Sanctuary Meditation technique is its structure. 

In the course of this meditation, you build a a structure in your mind - an Inner Sanctuary. This new space you are building has rooms for:

• releasing negative energy
• restoring your energy
• reconnecting with joy
• gaining insight
• recharging your mind and heart
• visualizing and creating what you want in life
• a space where you can connect with Spirit

Over time, connecting with and working with the energy in each of these space becomes second nature. You can literally become a master at transforming energy and thus the way you move in the world with this technique. 

I have practiced both formless and structured meditation (see #7: Do a Vipassana Meditation Retreat for a more formless meditation practice goo.gl/g2pzl) and the Inner Sanctuary Meditation has been the most powerful - bar none - for affecting real changes in my life and helping bring inspiration and turn my ideas into something real in this world.

And helping me to feel awesome and inspired. 

Up until now, this process is usually taught in person in a five-part class, usually over a weekend. There is nowhere that you can learn it through a digital product. 

One wealthy client who flew me to her home in Costa Rica for a week to conduct a private week-long seminar on all kinds of topics realted to health, energy, and transformation, still contacts me to this day and says, "Out of everything that you taught me that week, the Inner Sanctuary technique has been the most helpful and I still practice it every day."

But because I believe this is an important time for more people to learn and utilize this powerful technique, I am in the final stages of creating an audio program where you can learn and practice this technique. 

If you are interested in learning this technique, sign-up for my newsletter at www.luthercale.com.

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You will also receive instant access to my free report The One Thing You Need to Do to Reboot Your Life plus two mindmaps, one with key factors for longevity and another with key factors for happiness (as researched in people and groups that live the longest and are the happiest in the world).

I'm really looking forward to getting this out there!

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