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Google+ Activity Log
Google+ now features a list of all your actions including posts, comments, +1s, votes, blocks, and much more. You can access your Activity Log on Android, iOS, and the Web from the Settings menu.

Filter the list to find recent comments or other actions you've made (I personally find this very useful when I want to re-find conversations I've participated in) or easily remove any action you've taken on Google+ using the X on each list item. Don't worry, you'll be asked to confirm before we actually delete anything.

As usual, you can tell us what you think about this new feature using the Send Feedback menu item. Thanks~
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Nice to see a new feature added to G+, normally only get old features back.

*Edit- Just tested this seems really useful, nice update +Luke Wroblewski seems pretty hidden though so I'd like to see it added somewhere the average user could find.
I still am waiting for multi stream on ipad...please!!
Very cool +Luke Wroblewski Google+ is coming together nicely with this new interface! If we could just get access to "Events" on the web! "Fingers crossed"
+Luke Wroblewski​​​, was already there on web and Android at least (even on the old Google+ with less options), so not sure to understand

Same UI everywhere, is that the point ?
This is very helpful to easily find a thread you commented on a few days ago.

It would be nice to have some search and date filters on the long results lists. Looking for something older than a month or so ago is pretty painful since you have to load a page, scroll all the way down, wait for G+ to load another page, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat...

Is the "People you blocked" list supposed to be a list of everyone or just recent? There's only a small list of people on mind and I know I have a huge blocked (mostly spammers and bots).

I'm still waiting on someone to add back the ability for you to sort the images in albums automatically by date or reverse by date. :-)
+David R Robinson you can click on X, there is a confirmation :)

X will delete the +1, or comment, or post.... depending of the activity
Thanks +Olivier Jobert. I wasn't sure what they would do so I was kind of afraid to click them. I'd hate to delete a post on accident.
I have yet to see something "new" in the new Google Plus light. But getting any sort of update is better than nothing. Sad.
Thanks for the update! Would love to see company branding/logos come back for Google for Work customers. 
Wonder when G+ is going out of beta. 
This sounds like the most useful feature to date! Keep up the great work.
When do we get to block +1 sharing from others?
I love this, but right now my Activity Log is only showing posts and reshares, no comments or +1's . Is this still rolling out? EDIT: nevermind, I found the drop down.
+Bill Ries-Knight I think he's referring to '+1 recommendations' which are a feature that is constantly complained about. 'X +1'd this post of absolutely no interest to you' appears as a header above these posts in the home stream
+Lynsey Eve Valdez I just read the post referenced... I had no idea this was a feature... and I can see it is annoying. And intrusive.

And problematic, as well as useful.  It can be a way to discern those trollish types.  However, I prefer to just block those trollish types out of hand.

#Snoopiong  is more bad than good.

Thank you +A. Miles Davis 
I'm totally baffled by how "You can control who sees your activity on G+" in anyway tells you this feature is hidden behind it.

Great feature though, despite being so hidden.
I thought this feature was already available in the old G+ or is just new to mobile?
Great to see that. Thanks.
This is a very good feature, especially the way to easily remove our actions.. 
thanx +Luke Wroblewski this is realy nice work, and the only useful update on ages... the menu-window was awesome
so, keep it up and give's us more of this usefull stuff.
ps: the sharing button still stinking...(hint)
How far back in time should it go? Since the opening of the account or just from the introduction of the feature? I tend to think the latter is true
Glad to see some function from Buzz is finally making it into G+ ;) Perhaps we'll get some RSS/Atom soon as well?

This is very hidden away in settings. Perhaps it should be on your view of your profile.

Beware that this is also the short cut to get to the new beta desktop interface. If you really don't like that, you'll have to switch back to Classic after each visit. Maybe. This doesn't always seem to make the switch.

This badly needs a search facility (like the one Facebook has). Especially for us prolific users.

REST People! Why doesn't the URL reflect a change in filter from comments to +1 ? Did we forget all the lessons we learnt back in 2002? I want to be able to bookmark "Apps/Activities/Comments"
Found it by myself the other day. An excellent record, makes it easy to see what I've done recently. Thanks!
Needs filtering and search. If you are active in G+, scrolling like crazy only gets you back a few weeks. Impossible to easily go back a couple of years. It would be nice to shrink the timeline by pinching the screen like on Google Photos. 
1. Where is the Apps and Activity equivalent interface on G+ Android mobile app?

2. When is the G+ Android mobile app going to support "find in page", keyed to <ctrl>-F when bluetooth keyboard is attached, on each and every text page of the app?

I ask the second because there's no feasible way for me to search the previous discussion for mention of my issues.
+Luke Wroblewski I don't personally see myself using this-- I never did in the first iteration. Were people actually requesting this?

I'd much rather have a notifications system that allows me to easily filter by type of notification (ie. Mentioned you, Commented, Shared with you). I assume that's a bit more complicated though. 
+Olivier Jobert​ Thanks. That's ... buried several layers deeper than it ought be. Why not present this on the current account's Settings, or better, Hamburger menus?

Also: fucking needs search.

C'mon, what does "Google" mean?

That said, at least it's forward progress.

Ping +Danielle Buckley​​.
+Dustin W. Stout Well, some of us wanted activity review / curation capabilities. So I disagree with your first line.

That said, better control over Notifications would be just spiffy.
+Dustin W. Stout The expressed thought that this wasn't being requested. It has been.

Your personal taste is, of course, beyond reproach.
What's even worse than the obvious missing ability to search it, is that the 'search' box at the top makes you think that you might be able to search it until you click in it; what awful UI design!
+David Alan Gilbert I've commented elsewhere on the annoyance of using G+ App search and finding that my screen contents (on which I might well be basing my search) are cleared and replaced with utterly irrelevant crap.
finally I can find my first post by endless scrolling to the end. Good work. Next step improve the search box?

Very much tried to give feed back, as under, both via classic and new UI, but unable (not allowed, telling try again every time), Please +Luke Wroblewski
"Thank You very much, You have provided all at one place 'Activity Log' with our Activities on Google+ (+s, comments, Reshares etc.,)
Requested 'Engagement Log' all at one place with 'Engagement activity' on our Google+ Posts (+s,Comments, Reshares etc.,)
(Based on 'Post Activities', not based on Notifications)
Very Useful to All, Please
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