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Public Community Member Lists
Starting today, public Community member lists will no longer display suspended users. We've also adjusted the ordering of these member lists to make them less of a target for spammers (whom we'll continue to aggressively suspend when we identify them). Going forward, we'll make improvements to Community member list ordering to make it work better for both members and moderators.

These changes are now live across all platforms (Classic, Web preview, and our Android and iOS apps).
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Please, add support for zooming in/out on pictures. The right sidebar always appears whenever refreshing the page, this is so annoying. Please, fix it and if I hide it, it should stay hidden. Thanks.
Nice improvement! Spammers and fake accounts were severely degrading the G+ experience in communities.
+Luke Wroblewski this is highly appreciated updates for owners and moderator of communities, Moreover it is an enhancement for user's security and  important for Google+ user who reports statistics against those unknown users.
by the way new joining members will no longer be worry when getting started to join, no more unwanted comments or bothering followers will be from now on.
Thank you for your hardworking,
Appreciating your cooperation.
That update was a long time coming. My hat is tipped! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Absolutely lovely! Thank you! 
Now this is an update I can applaud!  Great job.
how about putting the members back in alphabetical order. was easier to police.
+Danko Whitfield sadly this is what enabled the abuse in the first place. Spammers would attempt to game the member list alphabetically. 
Too many spammers and fake accounts are ruling g+ at the moment.
Why not make it so we can order the members in multiple ways - alphabetical, date joined, maybe some other one. think big!
Don't know why, but I have had it for a while in my community!.. maybe because I was yelling +Luke Wroblewski? ;))
anyway, this was realy needed and brilliant work!
+Luke Wroblewski Now Google+ users which they have a numerous of those SPAM on their followers list, or communities owners who have much of unknown members, It will no longer need to review them, this update has saved the time for removal of unwanted or those unknown accounts.
Moreover next time Google+ user will keep update by reporting profiles to prevent any of these profile from being follow or join a community.
+Luke Wroblewski Three bugs on mobile web: native Zoom isn't possible to see photos in detail, click on a notification item doesn't set read status, keyboard overlaps text mention of a person in a comment.
Sara d
+Luke Wroblewski  Moving posts to a different category is not working in both versions G+ Web
The problem started yesterday
What is the advantage of this not suspended user list? I'am glad using a feature for banning users
+Luke Wroblewski​ Interesting, some thoughts.

1. Moderators can still see full member lists, including invites, suspended, and banned, correct?

2. Moderators don't have equivalent access across different G+ implementations. If I'm going to assign categories to posts, I have to do this from the desktop client. Android app doesn't support this.

3. Gaming what regular users see and can do to address what spammers are abusing is something you want to be really careful about. Far, far, far better to identify, target, and disable spammers' (or other abusers') ability to disrupt others. Some examples from Reddit.

1. Reddit's post reputation increments only for submitted links, but not self posts. I'm not terribly concerned about this, but it does affect my own karma there as I largely post bloggish entries as long-form text (with, admittedly, modest readership). But the reason for this is telling: users were submitting garbage self-posts ("essays") and seeing them voted up by mutual admiration societies / circlejerks. Rather than fix the problem by identifying those users, Reddit removed karma for self-posts. Now it's Imgur and lolcats which get high karma.... Be careful what you incentivise for.

2. Reddit similarly has issues with "vote brigading". Sometimes legitimately, sometimes not. I see the problem as multi-faceted (and wrote a long bit on moderation systems:, but briefly, rather than address the failings and architectural problems in the voting system, Reddit have plastered band-aids all over it. The result is a system which continues to be arbitrary, capricious, subject to abuse, and frequently frustrates both users and mods.

Maybe your answer should be to provide useful features that are capable of abuse only to accounts which have long-term demonstrated good behaviour? Power-user features are something you earn through demonstrated good citizenship, not an automatic feature.

That ought cut spamming abuse significantly.

Otherwise: far more useful moderating features would still be highly appreciated. Here, Reddit's systems are generally a good model to follow, though a better ticketing system for tracking behaviours would be helpful. I continue to find G+ communities largely useless, except highly constrained private ones.
i'm sorry this disagrees with people smarter than me but it was much easier to spot spammers and potential spammers when the members list was alphabetized. spammers aren't the brightest lot and for whatever reason they would make their name so it would appear at the top of my list...and i could check their page, confirm my suspicion and delete/ban them from my community BEFORE they even got a chance to post! now i have to wait for them to was better before you fixed it.
I hardly ever see spammers anymore.
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